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Feature: Five famous women history outed as lesbian or bisexual

  • Pet

    Is this piece a VERY late April fools’ day? If not, where’s the list?

    • Steven Gregory

      Beneath the
      9 reader comments
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      there is one more bar that reads “Pages: Next Page”

  • Millie

    You have to click “Next Page” at the bottom for each one :-)

    • Paula Thomas

      Sorry. But where is ‘next page’? Can’t find it!!!!

      • atalanta

        It’s below the Facebook and Twitter links. You have to go… all the way down ;)

        • Balance

          No, it’s ABOVE the Facebook and Twitter links (unless they’ve moved it since then)

        • tbss

          Most girls are straight not bi sexual

          • James Quinn

            So what you are saying is some girls are indeed Bi Sexual or full on Lesbians then right? Which brings up the question what is your point?

            Pagan jim

      • Jean – Paul

        it was easy for me to go from one page to the next…

      • tbss

        Most girls are straight not bi sexual.

        • James Quinn

          Then some are correct? I don’t understand your insistence of point out the obvious.

          Pagan jim

  • Debra

    I can’t find ‘next page’ either

  • Lisa Jennings

    Great little read.

    • tbss

      Kristen stewart is straight not bi sexual like this heterophobic article is implying.

      • Pat

        go away troll

      • AdamRavenWolf

        Actually, Ms.Stewart has openly confirmed that she is not straight and that the images of her on vacation with a young female “friend” was exactly what it looked like…..a dating couple.

      • Rachel Ambrose

        She’s Bi and that doesn’t come from this article. It came from national news coverage of it when she came out.

  • Guest

    What a remarkably crappy layout. If you still can’t find where the story goes, here is where to find the “Next page” link:

    • Steven Gregory

      And of course the photo won’t post:

    • Sevrin Caswell

      Agreed, multiple page articles are waste of time, and a relic of dial up internet!

  • Elizabeth Veldon

    some of those women where bisexuals actually.

    so, yea, biphobia again…

    • Rehan

      Yes, though it would be interesting to know the degree to which they’d have been so if it’d have been possible to live independently as a single woman or in a female couple. The Queen of France, for example, wasn’t really given much choice in the matter (and incidentally, I think it’s mistaken to describe her as having ‘fervently remained a virgin’ since it was more a matter of her husband being unable to perform as expected).

      • Elizabeth Veldon

        possibly so but, for instance, virginia wolfe had every opportunity as she lived in a sexualy open community of artists

        • Rehan

          True, the Woolfs appear to have had a pretty satisfactory marriage. But even among the Bloomsberries there wasn’t really that much scope for women to live in couples, was there? At least I can’t think of any who did, offhand.

          • Viscount_Adam

            No, they would have had to go to Paris for that, and rent a place from Gertrude Stein and have brownies made by Alice!

        • tbss

          Most girls are straight not bi sexual so quit spreading false information.

          • Elizabeth Veldon

            what in god’s name are you on about?

          • Guest: This is a given that most girls/women are straight. We are looking at bi-sexual and lesbian women. They are more than you would suspect. Throughout history lesbians and gay men have married but led separate lives to keep society happy.

      • Viscount_Adam

        It’s true her husband was not able to perform for quite some time, but they were also just children still when they wed, and not well-developed ones.

    • tbss

      Most girls are straight not bi sexual deal with it.

      • Pat


      • AdamRavenWolf

        Get your facts straight “Guest”…..even science can back up the claim that most women are inclined towards sexual relationships with other women. Almost every “straight”, married woman I know has had at least one intensely sexual tryst with a female lover. And, while I was in college, it was quite common for the girls to pair up during the year….and believe me….they weren’t studying for English Literature…..

        And before anyone decides to jump on me saying that I am just a straight guy with a lesbian fantasy…..I got news for you…..until I was 24, I identified and lived life as a butch lesbian… I am an openly pansexual, polyamorous trans guy who still has close ties to the lesbian community.

  • josotho

    I would have had Sappho somewhere, just to make it feel more than a look at the last 200 years…

  • Lady Tanya

    i got told off for posting that Marilyn Monroe had been Bisexual a few times on a Marilyn Monroe facebook page, 1 woman did not like what i said ,, so what if she was ,, she was adored by lots of woman

    • tbss

      Marilyn Monroe was straight not bisexual. The men forced her to have lesbian sex and she did not enjoy it. She preferred men not women.

  • Adam Lowe

    Emmeline Pankhurst is a huge figure, and she was bisexual.

    • tbss

      Doesn’t mean squat most girls are straight not bi sexual

      • Samantha Moore

        Actually, according to SCIENCE, most people, not just women, are a little bit bisexual. Strictly hetero or strictly homo people are pretty rare. So get the hell out with your asinine trolling.

      • AE

        sorry about your gf dude, must have been a real shock

        • Minoesh

          Hahaha, best response ever! 😀

  • Jean – Paul

    // All human beings are equal. ///

    Who would possibly argue with that today?

    • Mark In FLorida

      Anyone who spent 10 minutes walking down a crowded city street. They are completely unequal from 0 to 100.

      • Jean – Paul

        … or anyone who believes in the certainty of multiculturalism… (which I do not) …. the most I could say is that in a perfect world, all human beings would have the same human rights, i.e. equal opportunity.

    • Viscount_Adam

      Millions of backwards, religious people, actually.

  • Viscount_Adam

    None of these are surprises. It’s quite a bland and uninteresting list really, all the old chestnuts, but they’ve been well and truly roasted over the years.

  • Kerry Melt

    “Great read”, have I said never, on the interwebs. So many fools can’t actually write out here, let alone something interesting. Kudos to Ms. Rosetta. Well done.

  • Kaytu

    #bisexualerasure by Pink News editor for article where 4 or 5 “lesbians” more likely to be bisexual? Nothing new but still disappointing. E J Rosetta seems to be aware of the issue but Pink News subeditors do the headlines. :-(

  • Marijane Gray

    Monroe should not be on this list. The accusations of lesbianism are
    all from a single source, a discredited tabloid trash author named
    Darwin Porter who doesn’t cite sources and conveniently comes up with
    quotes from people who are deceased and can’t refute them.
    Take Marilyn’s OWN words:

    “”People tried to make me into a lesbian. I laughed.”–To WJ Weatherby in 1960

    “A man who had kissed me once had said it was very possible that I was a
    lesbian because apparently I had no response to males-meaning him. I
    didn’t contradict him because I didn’t know what I was……Now, having
    fallen in love, I knew what I was. It wasn’t a lesbian.” —in her 1954

  • Marion Schuller

    There is some considerable evidence rhat Marie Antoinette was not entirely willingly a virgin but rather that the Dauphin (later Louis XVI) had a vastly either undeveloped or malformed penis.

    • Sandy Ketcham Bolton

      They were also very young and probably neither knew what to do. If he wasn’t able to perform, she was not likely to know how to ‘encourage’ him.

  • John Hughes

    Interesting article but it seemed a lot of the evidence was from some old letter or someone else’s book.

  • R.Michael Fierro

    Just a quick little historical fact this article doesn’t seem to understand. Regarding Marie Antoinette: “In those days, lesbianism was known as “The German Vice” – it’s not really possible, given that she’d been dead for 21 years before there WAS a “Germany” Until Confederation in 1815, they were City-States. During her reign, The Prussian Army (which would later become part of Germany) was 75% homosexual, but women were not amongst their ranks.

    • qv

      And that was just the Deutscher Bund; not really Deutschland until 1871.

  • TheMrDeadHead

    the type in your articles is practically illegible

  • qv

    “History” didn’t out E Roosevelt; the article itself points out it was widely known at the time.

  • Rachel Ambrose

    Sally Ride- Astronaut. Kathy Lee Bates, writer of America The Beautiful. Both lesbian.

  • Rachel Ambrose

    I’m waiting for Taylor Swift to come out. Well, yes I can admit, I’m hoping. Serious rumors have been abound about her. Why do you think she goes through boys so much? Tring to be something she’s not. Or she’s totally freakin psycho.

  • SquatCobbler

    Bisexuality is nothing more that self indulgence. Marylin was a hetero and so was Liz Taylor. NO WAY in hell did they want a relationship with anyone but a man, especially married men. Men were their ‘everything’. They just had sex with women sometimes because…….why not…. Bisexuality is such a hoax. BUT…if you dont think about it in the same way you would homosexuality, you get to be called a bigot.

    • Footie_Fan_98

      *sigh* Oh do go on ranting, using outdated views from 30 years ago.

      No seriously, go on! I haven’t heard it before, honest /sarcasm/.

      On another note, bisexuality is a thing. It’s not ‘being greedy’, it’s just how people are built. (Bisexual people aren’t attracted to everyone all the time)
      Yeah, it’s different to both heterosexuality and homosexuality, hence why it has its own word.

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