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Feature: Five famous women that history outed as lesbians

  • Pet

    Is this piece a VERY late April fools’ day? If not, where’s the list?

    • Steven Gregory

      Beneath the
      9 reader comments
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      there is one more bar that reads “Pages: Next Page”

  • Millie

    You have to click “Next Page” at the bottom for each one :-)

    • Paula Thomas

      Sorry. But where is ‘next page’? Can’t find it!!!!

      • atalanta

        It’s below the Facebook and Twitter links. You have to go… all the way down ;)

        • Balance

          No, it’s ABOVE the Facebook and Twitter links (unless they’ve moved it since then)

        • tbss

          Most girls are straight not bi sexual

      • Jean – Paul

        it was easy for me to go from one page to the next…

      • tbss

        Most girls are straight not bi sexual.

  • Debra

    I can’t find ‘next page’ either

  • Lisa Jennings

    Great little read.

    • tbss

      Kristen stewart is straight not bi sexual like this heterophobic article is implying.

  • Guest

    What a remarkably crappy layout. If you still can’t find where the story goes, here is where to find the “Next page” link:

    • Steven Gregory

      And of course the photo won’t post:

    • Sevrin Caswell

      Agreed, multiple page articles are waste of time, and a relic of dial up internet!

  • Elizabeth Veldon

    some of those women where bisexuals actually.

    so, yea, biphobia again…

    • Rehan

      Yes, though it would be interesting to know the degree to which they’d have been so if it’d have been possible to live independently as a single woman or in a female couple. The Queen of France, for example, wasn’t really given much choice in the matter (and incidentally, I think it’s mistaken to describe her as having ‘fervently remained a virgin’ since it was more a matter of her husband being unable to perform as expected).

      • Elizabeth Veldon

        possibly so but, for instance, virginia wolfe had every opportunity as she lived in a sexualy open community of artists

        • Rehan

          True, the Woolfs appear to have had a pretty satisfactory marriage. But even among the Bloomsberries there wasn’t really that much scope for women to live in couples, was there? At least I can’t think of any who did, offhand.

          • Viscount_Adam

            No, they would have had to go to Paris for that, and rent a place from Gertrude Stein and have brownies made by Alice!

        • tbss

          Most girls are straight not bi sexual so quit spreading false information.

          • Elizabeth Veldon

            what in god’s name are you on about?

          • http://stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com paulakey

            Guest: This is a given that most girls/women are straight. We are looking at bi-sexual and lesbian women. They are more than you would suspect. Throughout history lesbians and gay men have married but led separate lives to keep society happy.

      • Viscount_Adam

        It’s true her husband was not able to perform for quite some time, but they were also just children still when they wed, and not well-developed ones.

    • tbss

      Most girls are straight not bi sexual deal with it.

  • josotho

    I would have had Sappho somewhere, just to make it feel more than a look at the last 200 years…

  • Lady Tanya

    i got told off for posting that Marilyn Monroe had been Bisexual a few times on a Marilyn Monroe facebook page, 1 woman did not like what i said ,, so what if she was ,, she was adored by lots of woman

    • tbss

      Marilyn Monroe was straight not bisexual. The men forced her to have lesbian sex and she did not enjoy it. She preferred men not women.

  • Adam Lowe

    Emmeline Pankhurst is a huge figure, and she was bisexual.

    • tbss

      Doesn’t mean squat most girls are straight not bi sexual

  • Jean – Paul

    // All human beings are equal. ///

    Who would possibly argue with that today?

    • Mark In FLorida

      Anyone who spent 10 minutes walking down a crowded city street. They are completely unequal from 0 to 100.

      • Jean – Paul

        … or anyone who believes in the certainty of multiculturalism… (which I do not) …. the most I could say is that in a perfect world, all human beings would have the same human rights, i.e. equal opportunity.

    • Viscount_Adam

      Millions of backwards, religious people, actually.

  • Viscount_Adam

    None of these are surprises. It’s quite a bland and uninteresting list really, all the old chestnuts, but they’ve been well and truly roasted over the years.

  • Kerry Melt

    “Great read”, have I said never, on the interwebs. So many fools can’t actually write out here, let alone something interesting. Kudos to Ms. Rosetta. Well done.

  • Kaytu

    #bisexualerasure by Pink News editor for article where 4 or 5 “lesbians” more likely to be bisexual? Nothing new but still disappointing. E J Rosetta seems to be aware of the issue but Pink News subeditors do the headlines. :-(

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