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US: Virginia Attorney General asks Supreme Court to rule in gay marriage case

  • Leonard Woodrow

    What a sad state of affairs when the courts have to be asked to rule on a subject that only needs the application of a little common sense, which seems to be conspicuous by its absence in Virginia.

    • SFM

      You seem to be missing the point that the Attorney General in Virginia SUPPORTS marriage equality. He’s only asking that the Virginia case be taken first and then affirmed, striking down all marriage equality bans. I’d say he’s showing great “common sense”.

      • Leonard Woodrow

        And you seem to have missed the point that I was referring to the lack of common sense on the part of the courts who rule against it, and saying how sad it is that people like this sensible guy have to appeal to them to use their common sense.

  • Mark Y

    Oh ffs. Just make equal marriage law throughout the USA. It’s embarrassing.

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