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Thousands converge on Cleveland, Ohio for 9th Gay Games

  • Ian

    It’s a pity that television coverage is, I’ve been told, restricted to the US.
    Would there be wider broadcasting interest [cf. Olympics, Commonwealth Games, the World Cup in Brazil and tennis at Wimbledon.] if sportsstars like Tom Daley and Matt. Mitcham were taking part; or are they?

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Are these games open to non white, I mean non-gay people too?

    (Did you see what I did there? I’m feeling particularly self righteously smug today)

    • abqlistening

      Actually, yes it is open to non-gay athletes.

    • Mark Y

      Oh I see what you did. So clever. Showing us that gay people are bigoted for having gay games, we’ve excluding straight people! (even though we haven’t) How silly of us, gay people are so bad. I mean gay people haven’t been treated like dirt for the last thousand years globally by straight people. We’re not still imprisoned, tortured and executed for being gay around the World by straight people, we’re given equal respect around the World by straight people.

      Seriously, you are such a fcking stupid bastrd it’s unbelievable. So pathetic.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        Good, my criticism has hit home. Yes it is unwise to have ‘gay games’. It stands in the way of full inclusivity, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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