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Gay Games adverts attempt to reclaim the phrase ‘that’s so gay’

  • one.second

    Brilliant campaign.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    Love: That’s so Gay.
    Gay love is a myth, a phase, it’ll never last.

    32 years
    Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti (sculptor, painter, architect, poet)
    Tommaso dei Cavalieri (nobleman)

    30 years
    Leonardo da Vinci (artist, inventor)
    Giacomo Caprotti (Leonardoís apprentice)

    19 years
    Alexander the Great (known world conqueror)
    Hephaistion (Alís primary cavalry commander and right-hand man)

    14 years
    Edward II (king)
    Piers Gaveston (prince)

    20 years
    James Buchanan (U.S. 15th President)
    William Rufus Devane King (Vice-Pres. under Franklin Pierce)

    53 years
    Gore Vidal (statesman, author, actor)
    Howard Austen (?)

    15 years
    Cary Grant (screen actor)
    Randolph Scott (screen actor)

    44 years
    J. Edgar Hoover (FBI chief, transvestite)
    Clyde Tolson (FBI special agent)

    43 years
    Jack Edward Larson (actor, librettist, playwrite, screenwriter, producer)
    James Bridges (screenwriter, director)

    35 years
    Raymond Burr (actor, philanthropist)
    Robert Benevides (Burrís business partner, philanthropist)

    30 years
    Truman Capote (author, playwright)
    Jack Dunphy (author, playwright, dancer)

    20 years
    Graham Chapman (medical doctor, writer, Monty Python fame)
    David Sherlock (writer)

    10 years
    Walt Whitman (poet)
    Peter Doyle (streetcar conductor)

    10 years
    Sir Laurence Olivier (actor)
    Danny Kaye (actor, singer, comedian, humanitarian)

    9 years
    Oscar Wilde (author, playwright)
    Lord Alfred Douglas (?)

    4 years
    Abraham Lincoln (lawyer, U.S. president)
    Joshua Speed (merchant, editor)

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  • Neil Rhodes

    This campaign is wonderful and needs to be displayed across the U.K. because use of the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory really winds me up. I encounter quite a few 16-20 year olds in my line of work and ‘that’s gay’ is something too many of them seem to say with infuriating regularity.

    Ashamed to admit, I’d never heard of these Gay Games before today. More marketing needed, or just me being ignorant? Or both?

    • Ian

      Never heard of them? Perhaps more media marketing needed. Compare the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the soccer World Cup, Wimbledon tennis.
      I’ve been led to believe whatever televising they may receive is likely to be restricted to the US.
      They might claim greater attention and coverage if sportsmen/women of the likes of Tom Daley and Matt. Mitcham competed; are they?

  • Mark Y

    Reclaim? When was the term ‘that’s so gay’ something that gay people said? Stupid ad campaign. They’re not reclaiming anything, Bad PR company.

    No need to resort to repeating insults for a brilliant sporting event. It’s better than that. The only people who are listening are gay friendly people, having an insult repeated back at them. It’s like stockholm syndrome.

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