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Daniel Radcliffe: ‘I can’t get enough of going nude on film’

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  • Jeremy Wright

    Come on, I know we’re a bit light on copy normally but stretching out everything Daniel Radcliffe has said in the last 24 hours into two articles, you have to be kidding.

  • David_Gervais

    We can’t get enough nude Daniel either.

    • Steven Gregory

      Few things are as delicious as a naked guy with a great attitude.
      This reminds me of a critic many years ago talking about all of Ewen McGregor’s nude scenes, saying “We’ve seen a mile of McGregor six inches at a time, and I’m not complaining.”

  • jamestoronto

    Radcliffe’s latest movie is running under the title “What If” in the US and the UK but in Canada it is playing with its original title “The F Word” with the “F” being “Friend”. He commented on this recently while he was here premiering the movie a couple of weeks. The movie was filmed in Toronto.

  • Steven Gregory

    He has such a wonderful attitude about everything. He’s young and fit: he should go naked in every film, he’ll look back with pride.

    • Jeremy Wright

      So you are saying every vaguely handsome socially liberal actor should strip off. I doubt porn actors all feel the same.

      • Steven Gregory

        No, Jeremy, YOU are saying that.
        My comment is simple and specific to Radcliffe, and made with a spirit of fun. You’re trying to turn it into something ugly. Why?

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          Steven, it was you who said “he should go naked in every film”. And I agree with Jeremy. Radcliffe should NOT aim to “go naked” in every film. That would soon jettison his career as a serious actor. Some plots call for nudity, but most plots don’t.

          • Steven Gregory

            You agree with Jeremy? Where did he write “Radcliffe should NOT aim to “go naked” in every film?” I made a breezy comment — are you really interpreting it as a mandate on Radcliffe’s career moves?

        • Jeremy Wright

          As Jesus_Mohamed states below it would compromise him. And you did say he should be naked in front of camera because he is young and fit. Besides from the fact that it is purely subjective, there’s no harm in imagining the form, we all used to manage that perfectly before. I don’t object to nudity but the demand that he get his kit off all the time does seem a little extreme really.

          • Steven Gregory

            The “demand?” That is purely your mangling of my comment, and it is extreme because you made it that way.
            You are a jackass.

          • Jeremy Wright

            Words like “he should” imply an obligation dear. It’s taking the interpretation which is implicit in your writing: if you’re not sure, don’t write mangled English. Thanks.

          • Steven Gregory

            Oh gofukkyourself DEAR. You keep trying to find implications and intention that simply wasn’t written.

  • Binedra

    I don’t understand why Daniel actually had anal sex in the making of Kill Your Darlings, when it was not shown in the film?

    Anyway, I love Daniel’s work and support for Equality!!!

    • I doubt that he actually had anal sex — that was more a director’s comment to provide motivation for his character’s reaction to being penetrated.

      And there was a fairly steamy sex scene in the film with Radcliffe on the bottom.

      • Binedra

        I do recall reading articles in which Daniel said anal sex hurts a lot when doing it for the first time and that the director had to walk him through it. I saw the film and loved it, but the sex scene was nowhere steamy as it did not capture anything that would suggest they actually were having sex; hence the reason I asked why bother to have actual sex? I guess he did it as a way of researching the role, like how some actors would assume the role of a homeless person to become more sensitive to the role they’re playing.

        • My take from reading about that comment was that it was what the director told him. I guess it depends on how much of a method actor you are.

          The sex scene would have been steamy if it hadn’t been intercut with other scenes. The effect was to break the mood completely.

          • Binedra

            Yeah; for me it wasn’t properly woven into the storyline, it was more like incidental.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    That’s true about nudity in general. The shame of nudity is a socially induced gymnophobia. I’m not sure of its origins, but it smacks of a religious way of proving your social class. Children are taught there is something inherently evil about human genitals, as well as the evil contained within “swear” words.

    I’ve participated in several World Naked Bike Rides and not once has any one of any age, participant or spectator, had their eyes explode out of their head. First time participants often mention how mentally liberating it is and they overcome any shame within the first 10 minutes; precisely the same for novices at a nude beach.

    I often wonder how endlessly perverse a person must be to see sexual titillation with every nude body. If it were accepted as the natural non-issue it should be, there’d be nearly no porn, much less teen sexual experimentation (disease and pregnancies), waste of fresh water and energy on the manufacture and cleaning of clothes, and people will be forced to actually see each other more as equals (all on the same team).

    Being raised in a multi-generational naturist family, the rest of the world looks paranoid, shamed and oversexed while choosing to be ignorant about sex education and the human body in general. As with everything else, just follow the money and power to see why we’re forced into being a society of clothes-compulsives.

    Laws against nudity – I just don’t get it. Why? Why not a law against noses and toes? It’d be just as arbitrary.

    • The origins of the nudity taboo are fairly easy to trace: it comes from those societies with hierarchical priesthoods, specifically Judaism: innocence is marked by nakedness, sin is marked by shame. We are, since the Fall, born sinners, and so have to be ashamed of our bodies.

      The fact that the original sin had nothing to do with sex or anything physical is sort of revealing, I think, in that the result of it is to be ashamed of our physicality. There’s something really warped about that.

      • anon

        I didn’t get that memo.
        When I take my clothes every day to inspect my gains in the mirror, I always say “Who’s Awesome”

        • Good for you. Sadly, I’m of an age when my reaction is “Who used to be awesome?” I don’t rush to put on clothes, though.

      • Rehan

        Yes, but pretty much every single pre-modern society had hierarchical priesthoods. In this instance Judaism is probably worse than most of the other ancient religions, but not by much – I don’t know of any recorded Indo-European society that didn’t have a taboo against nudity to some extent. Ancient Hellenic societies might have been all right with male nudity in gymnasiums, but in a domestic environment only slaves went naked, and only female prostitutes were ever depicted completely naked.

        • Actually, hierarchical priesthoods are pretty much a product of the ancient Middle East, and seem to have been intimately tied to the concept of the king as divine. It was about power and control. Other societies either don’t seem to have had them or they were imported.

          Most societies have taboos against displaying genitals (except in certain, usually ritual, circumstances), but that generally has to do with magic and power; taboo is not the same as shame, and magical power is not something to be displayed openly. And in some societies, “hiding” them is actually a means of emphasizing them — penis sheaths, for example, which can sometimes reach ridiculous proportions. (For that matter, consider codpieces in late Medieval and early Renaissance Europe.) As for the custom of wearing clothes in general, consider the environment: there is a wide variation in degrees of clothing one’s nakedness, depending on the climate, some of which has been carried over to other environments as a matter of custom. Various degrees of nudity were common in many aboriginal cultures, especially in the tropics, until Europeans showed up.

          • Rehan

            Very true, but I was really referring to civilisations, cultures with writing and monumental buildings. I don’t know enough about most recorded societies in history to know whether covering genitals was a matter of shame or preserving magic (an interesting idea in relation to ancient societies of the Indian subcontinent), but when it comes to hierarchical priesthoods – and of course it was to do with power and control! – I can’t really think of any civilisations that lacked them, except possibly the Harappa cultures: even the pre-Columbian American societies appeared to have had very powerful priestly castes, quite independently of Indo-European traditions. With apologies for going off at such a tangent, could you point me to some?

    • If nudity really were evil then I would have been struck by lightning on numerous occasions this weekend.
      I believe a law against nudity is only a necessity to protect against scenes of a sexual nature, because wandering around butt naked really shouldn’t be crime.

  • If it hurts, you’re not doing it right.

    • Jeremy Wright

      Most profound :-)

    • BobAKABuffy

      Or the other person isn’t!

  • HellOnHighHeels

    Not gonna lie, I can’t get enough of him nude either. Good on him for his attitude to nudity, there’s nothing wrong with the human form (well, certainly not his) in all its glory.

  • Jeremy Wright

    As Jesus_Mohamed states below it would compromise him. And you did say he should be naked in front of camera because he is young and fit. Besides from the fact that it is purely subjective, there’s no harm in imagining the form, we all used to manage that perfectly before. I don’t object to nudity but the demand that he get his kit off all the time does seem a little extreme.

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    He’s such a cutie!

  • Craig

    We can’t get enough of you going nude on film either, Daniel. My, hasn’t he matured into a handsome and seriously talented actor?

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