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Radio host: Ebola was sent by God to wipe out homosexuals

  • Pablo

    Yeah I’m sure the families of the 90% straights it killed appreciate that heartfelt comment.

  • ian123

    That will be why it started in those progressive gay friendly countries in Africa then eh?

  • ian123

    another one who looks quite tortured and crazed? A pattern is emerging

  • Brian Martenis

    Hilarious! It seems to me that Christian Missionaries are being infected first. How does he explain that? I honestly do not believe that God works like this. Dis-ease is a human creation. To see it as an act of God takes a very mean, judgmental, deluded human mind. I feel very sorry for him and hope they can find a cure. Guys like him there is no cure for. Just don’t listen. Stay away. He might be Satan! Ha!

    • Sam Steel

      Disease is a human creation? You’re almost as mental as the radio host…

  • Rob

    Stop reporting and glorifying these freaks. They add nothing to society but hate. I dont believe in there dribble and I’d rather have lgbt news that is relevant. American freaks that shout in gods name for there own beliefs is old news.

    • Pablo

      Can’t do that, Pinknews thrives off of negative press, they need to click bait to get traffic.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Wrong. PinkNews keeps us all up to speed with the enemy – and the enemy is powerful and if we all, including YOU, don’t deal with it then it will have its way. Start taking action!

    • David H

      But if they stopped I would have aim my sarcasm in other directions. We get hours worth of entertainment from these idiots!

      On a more serious note, they’re also a barometer of what equality is achieving. The more ludicrous and outrageous their claims become the more they are clutching at straws as they try to stigmatise us in the eyes of the general public.

  • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

    no way… this cannot be real! this is just… I mean… like… there is not even one single logical thing in all the stuff that he said… this guy needs treatment. the length that some of this lunatics will go to spread their hate… not just hate… I mean it’s just really, really disgustingly evil! and to think they have followers and people and children listening to this crap just really disgusts me.

  • Fur Beasty

    Clearly he is the evidence required to put homophobia in the Index of Mental Disorders.

    • sde20

      Homophobia is a mental disease that needs to be classified and cured. It has no beneficial advantage for the human species.

  • Eugene

    Wow! Just wow! I could write an essay about this freak of nature. He has certainly spread “God’s love” far and wide with his yearning desire to wipe out millions of people from all sorts of groups. Is this what loving “the sinner” means to him? He has made it quite clear that if he were allowed to he would build gas chambers to murder millions of people around the globe. With that kind of hatred no group is ever safe.

    I wonder if those missionaries that caught Ebola are gay, atheist or some other kind of “undesirable”.

    Does this common fool understand the irony of being opposed to abortion while supporting post-natal abortion of children, teenagers and adults who are gay or atheist.

    Does this imbecile not think that very human being will die, whether by Ebola or some other means? Is he somehow protected from the grim reaper? Is he holier than the rest of humanity? How about this quote from the Bible he claims to be familiar with: “It is appointed unto all men to die…”

    The Nazis were gay? That is the most incredible statement. Is this man deliberately stupid, does he think only with his insecure little head or did he bump his head really hard? What a complete load of trite.

    I think the United States should make it legal to slap people silly if they choose to be this stupid.

    • tom_beauchamparnold

      The missionaries that caught Ebola were medical doctors helping the desperately sick.

      In other words, they were doing something that Jesus would actually approve of.

  • DTNorth

    Funny then why it is wiping out black Christians.

    • GulliverUK

      Designed by God, doesn’t work properly, poorly thought out, not what we expected from a Supreme Being.

      Christians have also said HIV/AIDS is a punishment from God on homosexuals. But 1.5m in Uganda are HIV+, vast majority are heterosexual black African men, women and children. 39m already dead from AIDS in 33 years, more will die, many in homophobic Africa, mostly heterosexual men, women and children. AIDS and Ebola don’t discriminate, but discrimination stops effective treatment of HIV/AIDS in Africa’s LGBT – meaning the problem will never be solved, because there will always be a part of the human herd which isn’t treated. Christians are affected in Africa just like everybody else.

      • Steven Gregory

        So much for “Intelligent Design.”

    • sde20

      Not just black Christians, ignorant homophobic black extremist Christians. The poverty and lack of hygiene is actually the incubator of these new mutating viruses.

  • Mark Y

    I seriously think that he should be sectioned, he clearly has mental health issues.

  • ewan

    Can’t they change the record – that’s what they said about hiv

  • Keith in SALFORD

    Another fringe Christian nutter.
    Good for a laff but that’s all.

    Does the daft k.hunt really think that the same God, who, if he exists at all, is busy creating a billion universes every billion billionth of a second….is bothered one bit about what two men do with their ‘bits’?

    Only in Amereeka,eh…?

    Would that that were true but we have exactly the same nutter here on Market Street Manchester.

    Only 30-some but as batty as a barmcake ranting and raving about the Lord.

    Why can’t they get a life TODAY and stop worrying about jam which MIGHT come tomorrow?

    Is ‘cretin’ spelt like this with a ‘c’ or is it with a ‘k’…


    Laffable pratts.


  • jamestoronto

    For anyone to take up this horrifying outbreak of an almost always lethal disease and the untold suffering and pain it has brought to thousands of human beings, and reduce it to some insanely, stupid comment and HOPE that it will continue to obliterate humanity at such a pace as he wishes is so, so disgusting I cannot even express my revulsion in words that are acceptable on the web.

    Pastor, if it is true as you say, and as your god has told you, that ebola was sent to eradicate non-Christians, then I dare, defy, demand that you go to West Africa (specifically, Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone) and administer to the righteous Christians on their death beds, a Biblical HANDS ON (i.e. no gloves and no face mask) over the brow, face and hands of the dying

  • Barry Scarfe

    America certainly does have its fair share of total freaks and wack-jobs, doesn’t it?This being the case, it may be wise if our country downgrades its diplomatic relationships with that country. Just how INSANE can you be to believe in this crap? The more these so-called religious loons spout their unhinged and moronic beliefs the more people will turn their backs on religion once and for all.

    • GulliverUK

      They have to deal with it. It would good if the government could find a way to make it impossible for Evangelicals, Catholics and others to export hate to this country. We have some religious types who like hating on the homo, like The Christian Institute, Christian Concern, Christian Voice, but nothing we can’t deal with. But when those are funded and/or supported by others, like the Catholic church, Evangelical Alliance, even Justin Welby and the people who have his nuts in a vice (like they did to poor Williams), then it is a real problem. When they band together, groups that won’t normally consider talking to each other, like Christians and Muslims, they could cause a problem. I support I should add the very homophobic Muslim Council of Britain (who certainly don’t represent most Muslims, they don’t even represent most mosques by membership).

      Not so bad now, but these groups tried to stop all equality legislation over the years. They failed, but we weren’t well enough organised – it was pre-twitter, facebook Google+, petition web sites, etc. On the whole I think we got here slowly as people got employment protections, came out, people got to know them, then incremental increases in rights were far less of a problem – only fringe (but very loud) religious groups were really opposed. When most people realise they know someone who is gay, and that gay person is ok, likable, no threat, perhaps even funny, then people won’t just accept blanket discrimination without thinking it is wrong. People who reveals themselves, because they were brave or didn’t need to fear losing their job any longer, put a face on the LGBT community, and it was a great face.

  • MarkN

    God needs to put his glasses on perhaps…he missed San Francisco and Brighton by quite a margin….

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Oh hell … not another pin brained “God is punishing us” nut! It’s amazing that the amount of public money spent on education still produces such abysmal ignorance.

  • CHBrighton

    This man’s deity must have poor eyesight if it’s trying to plague gay people with Ebola..

    • jamestoronto

      Just wait, the very minute it is revealed that ONE gay person has ebola, the religiously insane will automatically label this a gay diseases in spite of how many straight have sadly died. Just as AIDS ran rampant amongst the STRAIGHT population of Africa, the “divinely’ inspired were quick to call it a “gay cancer”

      The religious nut jobs will ALWAYS blame us.

      BUT —

      Will they ever say that their god is punishing thees governments for being so homophobic and for allowing so many anti-gay laws to prevail??

      Will it ever occur to you that your deity is punishing you for your hate? (Not my personal belief but…)

      Get ready for the upcoming hurricanes headed towards Hawaii; they will be attributed them to that state’s adoption of same-sex marriage a few years ago (he must be really busy as it is kind of late). Of course the violent hurricanes that hit North and South Carolina had nothing to do with their vicious anti-gay legislation. And when super storm Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, the hardest of the North-east states, was that your god’s judgement of the Governor’s failure to recognise equal marriage?

      Alaska has been rumbled almost weekly by earthquakes lately. The state has in place a lot of very anti-gay legislation. Is this divine warning.? Think…is your god warning you OR is he about to abandon you when the BIG ONR comes.

      OR will humanism survive? As it usually does!!!!

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    We are all aware of the extent to which Christians have fallen into an evil rut, in order to justify their bigotry towards the gay population. Thankfully there are real Christians around, some of which I know.

    But I certainly will not engage in any attempt to reason with these evil creeps, since it would be a futile effort.

  • Daniel Spence

    During the black death the churches promised that if Christians came to church they would be saved from it. This actually caused the plague to spread more rapidly. So, no, having “the blood of Jesus is upon you” will not save you from Ebola, and might in fact to the exact opposite.

  • GulliverUK

    Another thing struck me. I just read this and she talks about how African bishops have become a bigger part of western denominations which have expanded in to Africa, and they tend to vote against the inclusion of LGBT, which means western denominations face a dilemma when trying to change their doctrine. Let’s be clear, Africa was never Christian – we exported Christianity to them, and the dogma and values of Victorian English society, and other countries also did that. As religion takes hold there, it dictates like Victorian values dictates here back in the 1800s and 1900s. As we move, or at least try to move forward in the west it is the stern religious values, combined with the culture war that grew from the 60s and 70s, which is now preventing the west making progress. I know this because I’m currently have an almighty fight with Sainsburys over the Bailey report (that anti-gay bigot who runs the Womens’ Institute). The Womens’ Institute was not always anti-gay, they were tolerance even accepting, helpful to parents with gay children, but that all changed when they started to expand, and when they got to Africa – it all changed, and they became anti-gay.

    How can Christian denominations change here, those like the Church of England, if they are constrained by African anti-gay bishops – to whom we exported, and American exported, homophobic values? I’d love The Pope to just tell those African bishops flat-out to stop it, but he doesn’t. Welby is now beholden to the African churches for numbers, yet one of the reasons people are leaving the CoE in droves is because of the anti-gay stance. It all seems very catch-22 – doesn’t it? No Church of England or Catholic bishop in this country would dare to make such an outrageous and absolutely bonkers claim as this radio host — but Catholic and Episcopal bishops in Africa, in Liberia, are saying exactly this now, whipping up hate against gays, just like in the 12-13th century, when they did the same again gays and Jews. I remember when Welby did two recent things, he a) asked Nigerian bishops to remember that people who were gay were children of god and should be respected and not discriminated against, and they told him to f**k off, and b) he said that the CofE had to be homophobic over marriage or Anglicans in Africa would be hunted down and killed. These are indicative of a massive problem that churches are acting like corporations – trying to get new customers any way they can, sacrificing others in the process, and sacrificing their own ethics too.

    Catholic/ Episcopal spreading hate

    • RW

      Be fair. Obviously he hasn’t taken his medication.

  • Riondo

    He has wandered away from some institution where they forgot his medication. What a poisonous, gibbering lunatic.

  • Mae Rogers

    Hmmmmmm,What was the affiliation of the infected men brought to Emory Medical Center?.Or for that matter the foundation who transported them here?

  • David H

    So the supreme being, who could simply erase all homosexuals from history if he had that big an issue with them, utilises a pretty random modus operandi that strikes indiscriminately – kills as many Christians as non-Christians, statistically is almost certainly going to kill more straight people than gay people.

    I’m thinking this plague really doesn’t have its origins with the almighty, or he really doesn’t have that high an opinion of his chosen ones…

  • Keith in SALFORD






  • Aron Sasportas

    “The religious persecution of the ages has been done under what was claimed to be the command of God. I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do to their fellows, because it always coincides with their own desires.”
    (Susan B. Anthony, 1820 – 1906)

  • mike hunt

    TO bad they made crucifixion illegal—-man of god right!!

    Religion in general is mean, intolerant, ugly, hateful, spiteful,

    and responsible for countless deaths via holy wars and

    hate-fueled incidents.

    • Aron Sasportas

      Sigmund Freud held that religion is a collective neurosis.

  • lord thorpe

    If he’s right I think God is being just a little bit lazy and slap-dash!
    Sending a plague that would affect all sorts is not the way I would do it.
    If I was an egocentric, omnipotent magic being sitting in the sky I think it’s hard to go past the good old fashioned thunderbolt. Any one who annoyed me ZAP-SIZZLE that’s the way to do, it and earn real fear and respect, in my opinion. Hope God reads pink news!

  • Tristan

    Stupid pr*ck! What a stupid thing to say. Religious intolerence is the real plague

  • Andy Diamond

    Another proof that overly religious people are crazy, uneducated, dangerous and the most ignorant people on this planet. That is just my opinion – and once again I believe in God and I pray every day.

  • Lewis Brand

    call the men in the white coats

  • Alex

    If that’s the case, God’s aim is dreadful.

  • Steven Gregory

    What a hideous moron to be making light of an emergency that has been called out-of-control in Africa by epidemiologists. Maybe it will be the cure for religious stupidity as people see prayer does nothing and science will have to produce a solution.

  • Ashamed!

    I feel sorry for this man, he is delusional … & know that theories such as these is why the world despises, borderline hates, Christians … because of crazy-nut-unbiblical-theories like these. We are not all as this man is (but there are many unfortunately) some of us walk among you, we do not dare to speak for God or know what He hates or who He is eradicating but what we do is live and love unconditionally – as it is commanded of us in the bible.
    PS. It is against the law in most African countries, not all most, to be gay/ lesbian or bi! You are beaten, shunned & jailed for even thinking that you are gay never mind acting on it!!!! So why would God start His crusade in Africa?

  • Lee Hobson

    Well his aim must be a bit off then

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Just like the rest of these Religious Nuts, just want to be noticed, poor fools! But, what a World we would live in without them.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    I suppose this sicko has given up on AIDS to wipe out the gays? I don’t think these evangelistic Christians are a threat to society, but they do churn our stomachs with their filth. One day the world will be rid of them, but meanwhile we have to run into them here and there.

  • white squirrel

    A disease that can potentially wipe out humanity would indeed wipe out homosexuals
    nor would xians be spared
    but if ‘god’ exists then it shows yet again that is has no regard for ANY humans

  • Martin R

    This guy is one sick f**ker. Treat him with the contempt he deserves.

  • Steven Gregory

    It it must require a lot of Christian faith to come up with such vile idea and let it out of your mouth.

  • vic

    Gay leather uniform fetish much?

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