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James Franco attacks ‘homophobic’ gossip website for implying he’s gay

  • TomSatsuma

    Not sure why ‘homophobic’ is in scare quotes… I totally see his point.

    Spreading juicy gossip about someone being gay implies that being gay is something people should be ashamed of.

    I highly doubt Franco is going out with this guy – he seems comfortable enough on the subject of homosexuality that he’d just say if it was the case – but even if he is… it’s not a “gotcha” moment.

    • David H

      I think Franco’s biggest issue is the invasion of privacy. It’s all too common, because he lives his professional life in the public eye, tabloid trash like this assume that his private life should be the subject of gossip and speculation too. There are some celebs who enjoy courting the media (e.g. Katie Price) which is fine and their choice. James is 100% right to criticise Gawker, his private life, whether that be relationships or friendships, is his business and his choice to decide what he makes public.

    • Rick

      What is the difference between this latest Gawker article and the recent fake one, written by Franco himself, in which he speculates about his brother being in a gay relationship? How do we know his brother didn’t write the Gawker article as a sort of a revenge?

      This whole issue portray James Franco as a hypocrite, I’m afraid. He is that actor who made a career out of treating being gay as a joke punchline. I don’t care if he is in a closet and can’t come out. He gets what he deserves.

      • TomSatsuma

        I’ve never read, nor heard of that other Gawker article – so I’m afraid I couldn’t comment.

        “He is that actor who made a career out of treating being gay as a joke punchline.” I’m afraid I don’t recognise that description at all.

      • The references to him being gay in movies (and there’s only one I can think of) are actually not about being gay, but being hounded by the media as if it’s something to be ashamed of or hide from.

  • Pablo

    Straight people problems.

  • lee

    never heard of him and who cares who he has a relationship with

    • jamestoronto

      Sorry you haven’t, he his a beautiful man.

    • Kaibelf

      I can assure you, more people had already heard of him 10 years ago than will ever hear of you in 100 lifetimes.

  • John

    Well done to the media and gay people who make it impossible for straight people to strongly support gay rights and play gay roles without being incorrectly labelled gay. It’s nothing but gossip and conjecture and it’s annoying to me as a gay person. A constantly repeated lie can get annoying even if it isn’t offensive.

    What’s the point? Is James Franco some raging homophobe? Is there a reason he needs to be outed even if he is gay? No. Then stop it for christ’s sake.

  • jamestoronto

    Some stupid web service needing headlines for some very diluted chain of reasoning. James Franco is a very beautiful man, a very sexy man and a unbelievably wonderful actor.

    That does make him automatically gay. I am a lot sorrier than most.

    But all of that does not make it so. Gorgeous allies are not necessarily gorgeous bedmates, But like I say, II WISH!! I WISH!! I WISH!!!

    James, Sad you are not .But live your life as you would and should.

  • Honestly when are we going to realize websites like Gawker are the problem?

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