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Artists paints a Disney world of LGBT characters, here are our favourites

  • Ben

    Awsome :D

    It would be great to see a Disney movie with the 2 lead characters falling in love. I know there would be loads of complaints. But I think Disney should do it and then put a quote on the movie saying “Don’t like it… Don’t watch it”, simple as that.

  • JackAlison

    this must be the last straw for all those american family christian associations that boycott disney over their gay days at disneyland orlando florida. i love it

  • Rumbelow

    It would have been wonderful growing up gay and having images like these that you can identify with from a young age, kids growing up straight have always had their heterosexual fantasies as well as real life role models to identify with. Seeing the two handsome princes kissing and Daisy and Minny kissing brought it home how much we gays have been excluded and missed out on images of romantic affection that would reflect our fantasies and our reality.

    • anon

      When I was a young child I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid, because I interpreted it as an allegory of transgender transition.
      Fish to girl, boy to girl. Same difference really.

      I could really have done with more LGBT role models as a child.

  • Totally thought The Beast was making out with his human self, then realized it was Tarzan, I never noticed how much Tarzan and Prince Adam look alike.

    • David H

      Glad you pointed that out, because I’d made exactly the same assumption.

  • snaz pizaz

    yep – all white and american………..

  • All good except what’s up with the Pinocchio thing he was a kid right o.O?

    • PretenderNx01

      Well, so was Peter Pan :p

  • Daniel

    Clickbait articles about “Disney characters if they were x” are a cancer on the internet.

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