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Human rights minister Baroness Warsi resigns from government over Gaza

  • Enom

    Good riddance.

    • Rumbelow

      What a blow, how I’ll miss Baroness Warsi who fought so hard and so selflessly for gay human rights…Erm, didn’t she?
      Government human rights minister…no?

  • James Orpin

    I suppose it was inevitable that she would eventually get one issue correct, you can’t be as wrong and useless as her all the time. Good riddance

    • thelostdot

      Hamas cannot be allowed to use human shields to stop the attack of targets. That way lies the victory of Islamic extremism and the death penalty for LGBT people.

      • Sim Morris

        Stop blaming Hamas for the fact terrorist Israel has absolutely no respect for human life.
        Israel is targeting schools and hospitals.
        Israel has declared itself a pariah state with its disgusting butchery in Gaza,

      • Mae Rogers

        More importantly Israel should not be allowed to continue to kill those shields.Israel has their “Iron Dome”Palestinians have graves and destruction.The battle seems a bit one sided to me.It almost seems like Hamas is simply giving Israel multiple excuses to cross the border and kill.The only innocents in this situation are,as always people who care not a whit about anything more destructive than living out their lives.Funding of both Hamas and Israel must end.Take away outside funding,perhaps they’ll find a way.As long as it is profitable for the two entities in actual conflict.What incentive does Hamas or Israel have to seek peace.

  • Read

    You missed the bit in her letter where she wrote one of things she was most proud of was combating ‘the ever growing persecution of Christians’.


  • Raymond G. Whitham

    One more Bigot bites the dust!

  • Mark Y

    She will not be missed.

  • Roku

    In all others papers she’s being praised for having principles. Shame these principles dont extend to gay people. She’s a disgusting unelected bigot. Glad to see the back of her.

  • Fur Beasty

    Her inconsistent support for human rights reveals her as advocating only for her own self-interests and in that way she fitted in well with many of her Tory colleagues who openly despise universal human rights and would see the UK leave the ECHR.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Well done, Warsi,you’ve done something decent for once in your miserable life. Thankfully, she declined Cameron’s request to carry the marriage bill debate through the Lords and probably could have brought about its demise. That he even asked her considering she abstained in second reading is appalling. What was he thinking of? Why on earth we have a Minister for Faith in the 21st century is truly mind-blowing. For what? People choose to be religious, no different than a hobby.

  • GulliverUK

    Good news. She was no “human rights” minister.

    Unfortunately, they’ll probably replace her with someone 10x worse, like Nadine Dorries !

    • Rumbelow

      The obvious choice as a replacement really.

  • ChrisGriffiths

    Good. Awful woman. She was only promoted because she was a Muslim. There is no place in a Christian society for a Minister of Faith. The soon as HAMMAS are obliterated the better. Muslim groups taking over every where and bring death and destruction.

    • You do realize you’re talking utter tripe, right?

    • Angela_K

      “Christian society”? In your dreams!

    • kenthomes

      You mean the sooner the terror state of Israel is sanctioned for their blatant war crimes the better!

      • thelostdot

        Hamas have put civilians next to military tatgets, and used them as human shields. The Israeli’s have tried to hit military targets but not been unable to because of this. Hamas are the war criminals not Israel.

        • NT

          So you listened to the Israeli Government and swallowed every word. The UN says different – they lying?

          • thelostdot

            No, consider what will follow around the world if Hamas are allowed to get away with bullying Israel, and not punished for putting civilians in the way of danger. Every nutter around the world will use civilians as shields, and we cannot leave evil to triumph just because they use human shields.

  • While I agree with her position on this, I’m glad she’s gone and I think she should have gone sooner. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that her “dedication” to rights and equality was significantly biased, she seemed to be more interested in being a lobbyist for her own special interests than actually doing the job for ALL citizens.

    We don’t need a Human Rights Minister who believes that only “certain people” need protections in our society and around the world.

  • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

    Good for her finding such a dramatic beautiful way to resign making her look soo moral and a good person. Just sad that she as human rights minister only did her job part-time pick and choosing what human rights deserve protection and what human rights she didn’t do or say sh*t about just because she doesn’t like or care about. She was an abomination at her job so amazing you brits got rid of her. We gay people do not forget!

  • Katie

    Oh dear, the Baroness will have to get down the job centre now and sign on. Or maybe she can just send around one of her servants to do it? Shouldn’t be mean really, should I? I’ve heard she’s most distressed at the ‘death penalty’ treatment of LGBTQ Palestinians living under Hamas rule…er…well, no I haven’t actually…:( Still, now she’s unemployed under Tory dogma she really does have to be ‘actively seeking work’ otherwise the Daily Mail will label her ‘feckless’ and she’ll have more to fear from the IDS as opposed to the IDF…

  • Pablo

    Yeah, the human rights she fights for includes religion and religion only. She doesn’t care about LGBT people and she doesn’t care about non-religious people. Good riddance.

  • Fordicus

    Surely this doesn’t mean she has resigned from her job as a peer. She has just left the party but presumably will continue in her job as an independent peer. Not much of a change.

    • David Greensmith

      Yep. She’ll still be snout deep in the trough like all the others.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Though I applaud her resignation, not soon enough, we have more to fear with the appointment of anti-equal marriage foe Nicky Morgan who has been given an politically convenient exemption for implementing the equal marriage law. So transparent what this government is up to. It’s all about the 2015 election and a pathetic attempt to counter UKIP and would be defectors from the Tory party. I suspect right winger Tory strategist Lynton Crosby had a hand in all of it. It’s up to all of us to make sure they don’t get a majority on May 7th, 2015. Send them packing.

  • David Greensmith

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Cal

    She has always been in the grip of her vindictive and backward faith, which is totally in conflict with her political responsibilities. Maybe now she’ll go and do what she really wants, like firing rockets into Israel.

  • Sim Morris

    She’s a bigot (although only 2 months ago the pro-Tory Pink News website was writing lovingly about her without once referencing her homophobic extremism.)
    But she is 100% correct on this.
    Britain ought to be ashamed that our government is sitting back while terrorist Israel is slaughtering innocent Palestinians in their thousands.
    Boycott, divestment and sanctions are all that Israel deserves for their disgusting crimes against humanity.
    And the Israeli Army needs to be declared a terrorist entity like Hamas – it is far more indiscriminately murderous after all.

    • Moutica

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    • thelostdot

      Terrorist Israael is not deliberately attacking anybody. Hamas put military targets next to civilains and use them as human shields. Hamas are the war criminals. Consider the consequences if Israel are punished for this and not Hamas.

      • Sim Morris

        Israel has slaughtered 2000 people – the majority of whom are civilians.
        This is in response to the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers.
        There is absolutely no justifciation for Israel’s murderous slaughter of so many innocent people, Then again terrorist Israel does not care about human life and never has,.
        The Israeli Army if far more murderous than Hamas could ever dream of being.,

        • thelostdot

          Israel targeted military targets to stop themselves being bombed. Hamas put civilians in those military targets. Hamas are the war criminals.

  • gertieonherknees

    Good bye, keep in touch……………….NOT

  • stephenmole

    She was only ever a tokenism shitebag appointment with her 15th century interpretation of religion.

  • davidhill

    Baroness Warsi is clearly a woman of principle and unlike David Cameron and others, clearly knows right from wrong.

    Indeed, the conflict will be unending unless we start to look at the constant war in new ways of solving it and not just political solutions with no long-term basis for peace and development for the people of the Middle East. For these political failures have continued infinitum as history has shown through the continual death toll of the long-term so-called political solutions ever since Israel became a sovereign state in 1948.

    Promoting Peace and Innovation through sustainable development (IX) – A solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Newropeans Magazine – 2007),nl/

    Dr David Hill
    CEO, World Innovation Foundation

  • kane

    anything that draws attention to war crimes in gaza is welcomed

  • rapture

    If she’s really that bothered with Tory response, she should renounce her peerage also, no didn’t think so. Next reshuffle she was out of any role anyhow, and she knows it, so easy “sacrifice” to make herself look good. Horrible fiend.

  • Benjamin

    Shame on you Warsi! This is for refusing to oppose the gay marriage bill like all the people of conscience in government did, when are you going to learn to stop sucking up to these gay bigots. They don’t care about you, they want to spit on your face you dumb muslim idiot. This is what happens when you’re a coward and don’t stand up for your principles. Disgusting.

  • JackAlison

    Oh im sure she has a strong network in the islamic world. Perhaps her good buddy the sultan of brunei can offer her a ceremonial post as “human rights commissionr n ministr 4 faith n inclusion” while over seeing stoning of gays n other undesirables that upset the invisible fictious character allah from ancient book that now must be followd in the 21st century

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