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‘Sinister monk’ now distributing leaflets in Brighton comparing gays to paedophiles

  • Jock S.Trap

    “It states that gays suffer from a mental disorder or have been sexually
    abused as children. It then goes on to denounce Pride Marches.

    Pathetic and just wrong but just say that comment was true.. at least we know how they treat people with mental health problem and/or child abuse.

    They are disgusting. Religion = HATE!

    • David Greensmith

      Gay people have a mental disorder claims man who believes magic is real.

      • Barry Scarfe

        Yes, it is rather ironic that a person who believes in an all-seeing deity who lives in the sky can also believe that he knows better than thousands of esteemed scientists (whose job it is to find out FACTS about how the world is) who have proved the point that a RANGE of sexualities in human beings exists and that all of them are ‘natural’ and innate to these humans.

  • Lewis Brand

    I hope the police catch this guy

  • GulliverUK

    It’s incitement to hatred, the police should be investigating and pulling out all the stops. That deranged delusional Christian bigot needs to sent to jail – it’s just not acceptable to target specific groups who are a protected group, because of past persecution, and cause harm and upset to everyone.

    Religion is the root of hate – has anyone ever read the Bible? I’d rather watch one of the SAW movies – less blood-thirsty. I’m glad I don’t live in Brighton, because I’d be out looking for this guy and then detain him myself and hand him over to the police. It’s disgusting behavior, vile, vile religious nutters. On the other hand …. this sort of horrible behavior will make people alert to the extremist radicalised Christians who spew hate. Unfortunately that means good people who happen to be Christians will end up being associated with the likes of these bizarre weirdos.

    • Pete uk

      I completely agree that this is incitement to hatred and I hope the police have taken note. This has no basis in Christianity. There are sixish verses which some people interpret to mean that gay sex is wrong and no other comments on homosexuality.

      The bible does tell is to love and accept one another without judgements and warns against the sin of judging others. The monk should read his bible more.

      • Mark Y

        The problem with all religious text is that, on one page it says peace to all, then on the next page it says kill those who do not believe. The bible, koran, whatever text it is, they’re so contradictory that you can read it over and over and over, and it will still lead you to whatever answer you want to find.

        The best advice is not to read the bible more, but to realise that the book has no relevance to the modern World and leave it on the library shelf collecting dust where it belongs.

        • Carl

          In religion it is never peace for all, is peace for all who adhere to the rules. Love is never unconditional. That is why it is the ultimate instrument of control .

    • clive

      It will be interesting to see how the police respond to this in comparison with the incidence about 3 years ago when some men were distributing literature around a mosque in Derby suggesting the death penalty for homosexuality.

      • GulliverUK

        Early 2012, three of them, one got 24 months, and the other two got 15 months
        I don’t see how this can be anything other than a custodial sentence. A line needs to be drawn. Incitement to hatred has to be stamped out. The guy who got a £280 fine for saying gays should be slaughtered should be in prison. Sentencing is far too lenient – and I’m usually someone who really wants to find ways to keep people out of jail, with community service, education programmes, etc, but in this case, causing fear to a whole community has to be dealt with harshly.

  • Halou

    They’ll be doing this next.

  • David Russell

    I just wish that these hung-up heteros would stick to their ‘vaginalism’ and leave devotees of ‘homosexualism’ to get on with living their lives and minding their own business.

  • doug

    There must be CCTV cameras all over Brighton like everywhere else.

  • rapture

    “sinister monk” sounds like one of those orthodox Russian rasputin types. Just on Thursday, I unfortunately met another primitive Russian comparing gays with paedophiles.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Here’s hoping the man who ran after the bigot managed to get a look at his face so he can pass it on to the police. Let’s hope he’s found, arrested and prosecuted for incitement to hate and if and when he is, just wait for Christian Concern and their hateful ilk to protest.

  • Barry Scarfe

    This loon and bigot is no doubt a self-loathing homosexual or bisexual. I have always been highly suspicious of the REAL sexual orientations of those who rant and rave about homosexuality or bisexuality. REAL 100% straight men and women don’t give a flying one about the sexuality of other people.

    • Keith in SALFORD

      Joseph Ratzinger and Keith O’Brien being two case which immediately spring to mind.


  • Barry Scarfe

    So gay people are “unnatural” (I see the nutter’s leaflet hasn’t heard of the fact that some people bat for both teams!) apparently! Let’s deconstruct that rather bold assertion for one second! If gays are “unnatural” why have they been in existence since time began (surely his ‘god’ would have created them then?) and why have people with homosexual inclinations not stopped being homosexual when the law (even in this country) once mandated a death penalty for them? If you are facing being hanged for being what you are you would surely seek to choose to change your very nature as being subjected to the death penalty is the most severe criminal sanction any government can impose on somebody.

    • Guest

      God created men as heterosexuals but some of them were tempted by the devil into homosexuality. That is why homosexuality is unnatural and a sin.

      • ciaran

        Homosexuality is found in hundreds of animal species plus humans were not created we evolved.
        So the cut the patriarchal nonsense, there is not one shed of scientific evidence to prove any god or religion even exists in fact it tends to prove otherwise.
        Religion is patriarchal nonsense created by men to benefit men and oppress women and homosexuals, Notice how lesbian sex is never mentioned ? I wonder why its only male homosexuality men seem to hate?

        • Barry Scarfe

          Yes, that is rather curious, isn’t it? Many of your most insane ranting homophobic and biphobic men ABSOLUTELY LOVE to seek-out lesbian porn on the internet. Seeing a buxom blonde babe with an equally buxom blonde or brunette babe getting it off together REALLY TURNS THEM ON but what they are seeing is LESBIAN IE GAY sex so they SHOULD BE REPULSED by what they see but aren’t! I can’t abide hypocrites!

          • Rob

            Just like my father and 8 out of 10 men!

      • Carl

        How do you explain then the thousands of religious gay priests that obviously have accepted “Jesus in their hearts” – why have they not been “cured” of their alleged sin? If they so easily chose to be gays, then surely they can choose to be straight again once they become priests.
        Religion is nonsense, it is only an instrument to control people by telling them what they can or can’t do according to their leaders’ fears and ignorance.

        • Barry Scarfe

          I agree. Religion is the greatest controlling force in the world. It really is amazing what unscientific palpable nonsense you can get people to believe in using religion and how you can control others.

      • Barry Scarfe

        Seriously, you don’t REALLY believe that, do you? Homosexuality has always been present in around 1% of humans with around another 5% who are attracted to some members of both genders ie the bisexuals. If if is “unnatural” then imposing the death penalty for being a homosexual or bisexual as this country used to do (and which utterly wicked Islamic states such as Iran still do) WOULD have killed both sexualities off.

        • Guest

          I just explained religious point of view on homosexuality. A view that is protected by Article 9 of ECHR

          • Carl

            The right to believe that the Earth is flat is also protected. That doesn’t make it true, does it?

          • Bobbleobble

            No, you explained the patently ridiculous viewpoint of some religious extremists in relation to homosexuality. And whilst the ECHR may protect the right to believe whatever you like you are not entitled to manifest that in a way which causes harm to others. Article 9 is not absolute.

          • DTNorth

            Despite its ECHR protection it is still a load of sh!te.

      • white squirrel

        according to the xian myth
        homosexuality is unnatural and a sin
        which leads to hell
        according to the xian myth
        hetrosexuality is also unnatural and a sin
        which leads to hell
        so given the end result is the same according to the xian myth
        why does it even matter

  • Cal

    “Sinister monk”. Is there any other kind?

    • Steven Gregory

      Oh dear, I thought the headline read SISTER MONK.

      • Cal

        Where has your handsome photo gone?

  • Ali Cat

    “It states that gays suffer from a mental disorder or have been sexually abused as children.”

    And who were they sexually abused by? Their fathers, uncles, grandfathers, family friends – all good decent straight family men! Yet we’re the paedophiles? Stupid as well as deluded!

    • Guglielmo Marinaro

      Don’t forget those who were abused by monks and other clerics.

      • Ali Cat

        You’re right, I forgot all those abused by vicars, priests, monks etc.

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        And those abusers definitely are “sinister” monks.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    “Homosexualism” a word coined by right wing religious nutters in the U.S. They have their tentacles and literature firmly entrenched in the UK and elsewhere. They’re the ones fuelling Christian Concern, CORE Issues. C4M and other hate groups.

  • Jeff Jankowiak

    The author was just nice to hand the flyer back to the monk. I would have posted the flyer right down his throat.

  • white squirrel

    he gets his bible wrong too
    according to the the ‘fall’ myth as given vaginal sex is also agianst ‘god’ and having children is stated as a punishment for ‘sin’
    the myth clearly states that ALL forms of sex are unatural
    assuming you believe it

    • tom_beauchamparnold

      Which means, apparently, that life on earth itself is unnatural. And yet God supposedly created it.

      Nope. Still doesn’t make any sense.

      • white squirrel

        nor will it ever
        ‘god’ itself is unnatural
        also – if intercourse is the ‘punishment’ for Eve’s original ‘sin’
        why do animals have sex?

        if creation and not evolution were true then only humans should have genitalia or have offspring
        why would ‘god’ punish animals for something humans did?

        the more you look at it the less sense it makes

  • white squirrel

    bet he is celibate and maybe flogs self or takes cold baths
    would explain his obsession with genitalia and their uses

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Sounds like an Opus Dei member who are known for self-flagellation among other things.

      • GulliverUK

        Actually I was thinking he sounds like misfit !!! :d

  • Katie

    Bet he’s not really a monk; just a hoodie who could only attain a GCSE in Religious Studies. – obviously at Grade F.

  • Michael

    There are so many errors in this item I am amazed I read to the end. If the ‘sinister monk’ cannot give a name to him/herself but hide behind a silly name he is no real religious.

  • white squirrel

    “It [is] abundantly evident that the brain has evolved for reasoning, and not for bible reading. A bible is in fact designed solely for defecation.

  • white squirrel

  • white squirrel

    ‘sinister monk’
    throws accusations of ‘mental illness’

    the role of the ‘preacher’ has to be questioned

  • bob

    “‘Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” Leviticus 19:27

    im pretty sure this guy sins on a weekly basis, he must be put to death!

  • susan faccone

    Why do people say that children are being “indoctrinated” into being gay? Just goes to show how ignorant these people are. I think religious groups are projecting. It is them who indoctrinate children into the religious sect. I don’t know any gay person who indoctrinate anyone, let along a child. You don’t see any gay person passing out tracts about being gay. You don’t see any gay person “witnessing” to others about being gay. Just think about what religions do and think about what gay people do. Any comparison? If you find a comparison, you are definantly mis-informed.

  • WierdHabit

    “It [is] abundantly evident that a penis is made for a vagina, and not for an anus. An anus is in fact designed solely for defecation.” Is written on a document posted through letterboxes (with nothing to prevent the possibly children will pick it up and read it) by a guy dressed as a monk who also denounces paedophilia…
    Does anyone else see the irony?

  • Steven Gregory

    A Catholic MONK warning against pedophiles?

  • Rob

    I would love it if every single gay person decided to sue this ‘monk’ for Defamation!

  • Grace

    I had this guy turn up at my house in Hanover on the day I moved in. He was dressed in dark robing, facial hair and a balding head. Probably not much older than 30. People should get a picture up of him around Brighton so they can name and shame him. Sick man.

  • Father Time

    What a load of nonsense all this is, being abused, coaxed into being gay, targeted by wicked men.
    I knew at the age of 8 years old that I found men and their bits attractive and now 77 years later I still feel the same. And I have never, in all those years been attracted to youngsters.
    Paedophilia however, has been with the human race ever since man walked upright and will still be here until the earth is turned to dust, as one day it will do.

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