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Brighton’s ‘Oldest Gay in the Village’ praised by David Cameron

  • Laura

    The PM is desperate to get those gay votes, isn’t he. Perhaps he could get the majority of his MPs who voted against gay equality to change their minds first.

    • Sim Morris

      Or sack that appalling bigot Nicky Morgan from her position as Equalities Minister.
      Cameron clearly has nothing but contempt for us if he thinks a homophobic extremist is a suitable equalities minister.

      • Andrew Robinson

        Alright mate, you’ve made your point now.
        Time for a lie down.

    • Andrew Robinson

      The loss of his core Tory voters through bringing in equal marriage far outweighs any LGBT votes he’s gained.
      As you can see from people like Sim Morris on this comments section, most of the LGBT community will never vote Tory anyway. And Cameron knows it.
      So no, I don’t see him as being desperate.

      • Barry Scarfe

        I don’t think most Tory voters care. They might say they do but when push comes to shove they will still put their vote in the box next to the Conservative Party candidate. As for the small number who do and who think it is worth changing their vote over it they will go to UKIP but UKIP is a joke and will come a cropper in May next year.

  • john

    I’m a bit confused. I thought the govt had changed the law so that people could apply for old gay convinctions to be quashed but that they had recently rejected this to be applied posthumously?

    • Frederick

      The gov’t did change the law to allow old, spent, victimless gay convictions to be quashed, but only some of them. None of the more recent convictions for gross indecency and soliciting since the SOA 1956 qualified for ‘disregarding’. The Ministry of Justice said they could not tell if children were involved. In more recent decades, that assersion is rubbish because men would have been charged under different legislation, at least since the 1960s. Good luck to the 91 year old in getting his conviction quashed, but if Cameron is serious about gay votes, he needs to get ‘disregarded’, quashed, or both, all gay offences whose convictions were obtained by homophobic entrapment by police where the abuse of children and vulnerable adults were not a factor. These criminal convictions for homosexual behaviour hold careers back and prohibit such gay men from volunteering or working with children and vulnerable adults. Stonewall and other gay friendly charities should get on the case if they are serious about ameliorating the effects of anti-gay persecution. Lynne Featherstone said, following the advice of Sunita Mason’s commission, that the more modern convictions of gay men via legislation prior to the SOA of 2003 were not discriminatory. But they were- They were obtained by the ‘pretty policeman’ routine and, despite the legislation attached to their criminal law envisaging that people of every sexual orientation could be presecuted thereby, they were used overwhelmingly to prosecute and destroy gay men.

  • Sim Morris

    David Cameron is the leader of the Tories – the party of homophobic hatred in Britain.
    A majority of Tory MPs believe we are 2nd class citizens.
    David Cameron has only contempt for the LGBT community – how on EARTH does he think it is OK to appoint a homophobic extremist like Nicky Morgan as Equalities Minister.
    No LGBT person in their right mind should vote for UKIP or the Tories – when it comes to our community they are equally appalling.

    • Gerry

      But at least the Tory leader supports equal marriage and helped to make it a reality.

      • Sim Morris

        That’s utterly irrelevant considering he is leading a party of bigots and is rewarding those bigots like Nicky Morgan.
        it is an indisputable fact that the Tories remain the party of homophobic hatred in Britain, and despite Cameron supporting equality, we only have equality in spite of his party.
        No LGBT person should vote for a Tory while the majority of their MPs are bigots.

    • Andrew Robinson

      “David Cameron has only contempt for the LGBT community”.

  • Stephen

    So far the comments only mention how homophobic the gov’t is. The story here isn’t about the govn’t. I see no praise for this hero of the LGBT community. He’s lived through crimilization, he’s lived through hatred and homophobia & he’s lived through HIV and come out the other end to tell his story. Good on ya mate. We should all be proud of him. We have it easy compared to his generation.

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