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James Arthur wants to make ‘long term commitment’ to Stonewall following homophobia row

  • Mark Y

    Ahhh, I feel sorry for him. I can’t stand his music, he sounds like a constipated cat being killed, slowly, but poor fella sounds like he means he’s sorry. Maybe I’m just a sucker for someone who apologises, again, and again, and again, and again…..

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Not music related, but similar in concept. I was tortured in public school (US meaning of public school) to the point that I finished secondary school at a safe private uni prep school. The year after I graduated I was driving along a rural snow covered road when one of my torturers from public school recognized me from behind four years later and forced my car off the road by knocking me from the side. He drove by laughing and giving me the finger. I couldn’t get my car out of the ditch and when the cops came and tried to get me for drink driving, (this time I wasn’t) I just said someone forced me off the road. They investigated and found the 4×4 that had matching damage to my car. When they brought the guy in I was asked to identify him. I looked into the jail cell and saw my former torturer who said, “Jon, help me please”. I so wanted to see him in big trouble, he was charged with reckless driving and driving to endanger, both heavy charges for motor vehicle violations. But he looked so pathetic and so small in that jail cell. I refused to identify him. So was I also pathetic for finally getting acceptance from this guy? Or was I just happy to be the bigger man because this time I had the upper hand? The ending is that we never became fast friends, but later, the next summer we ended up together at a pot party in a local forest and had a great laughing time together and spent a couple hours discussing our previous school years and parting that time with a bit more understanding of each other.

      • Cocteaut

        Personally I would have sent him down. Its called Karma.

        What goes around comes around.

        Its one of the ways we learn the error of our ways.

        Perhaps you have given him license to still be a d!ck……

        • Jon (Malaysia)

          Thank you for your insight. I’d like to think my actions put a positive spin on my own Karma. I’ll leave his Karma to him and I’ll probably never know how his life has been as this incident occurred circa 1971, I would guess he’s probably dead considering his poor driving, booze and drug use and generally ignorant attitude about life. By telling this story I was just trying to walk the mile in James Arthur’s shoes. He’s realized that he’s destroyed his existing career? He’s sorry? He’s trying to make amends? I’d give him a chance to let his future actions speak. We can all evolve.

      • Steve Karper

        I presume he was young – hate hadnt yet hardened his mind

      • Cal

        Very interesting story. I would not have made the same decision as you. Justice over karma for me.

    • David H

      I’m with you. The whole thing got massively out of hand (admittedly his own fault), but he’s apologised in a way he believes will be productive – which is more than a lot of people in similar positions have done.

      What he did was wrong, he’s admitted that and apologised for it. Who the hell are we to not accept his apology graciously. Every one of us has made a mistake or said something inappropriate at some point in our lives. The important thing is to learn from it; he seems to have.

      We either accept that at face value and give him the chance to prove himself or we risk becoming the kind of hate-filled bigots we’re always condemning.

  • atalanta

    This saga is an object lesson in how not to handle this sort of criticism. Mr Arthur has come across as self-absorbed, stupid, defensive and entitled.

    The worst part was Mr Arthur’s response to criticism from Lucy Spraggan, when he texted her saying, “Is it coz you’re a gay rights activist you had to say something as extreme as ‘people kill themselves every day over words like queer’ are you for real? You not think you’re being a bit over the top? Do you want attention or something?” That message showed that James Arthur had no interest in the experiences of LGBT people or in learning from his mistakes.

    But he has finally done something right. Actions are the best kind of apology. I don’t know if there is any genuine contrition behind Mr Arthur’s suggestion or simply a desire to retrieve his lost career, but sometimes real change can emerge even from the most selfish of motives. If he goes through with this and works to show people that homophobic language is harmful and unacceptable then I will no longer turn off the radio when he comes on.

    • Steven Gregory

      James Arthur was dropped by the Simon Cowell production machine and now realizes he is nothing: no concert bookings, no media appearances, no forthcoming albums. He’s not offering anything to Stonewall, but hoping he can hitch a ride back to some sort of music career.

      • Steve Karper

        Your chances that he is truly repentant are minimal. There have been several cases recently like him

        Generally these people are what we call in the states Benedict Arnold, who btw got hanged

      • MKMXM

        Well if the music doesn’t work out, maybe he’ll get an office job with Stonewall.

      • Grace hardy

        He was not dropped by Simon Cowell. They parted ways by mutual consent. Anyway, Syco is only a tiny offshoot of Sony to which he is still signed. He has plenty of concert bookings, both in the UK and Europe, and he has just come back from a European tour where some of the venues held 25,00 people (sold out). He is writing his second album right now and is due to have talks with other record labels who are keen to sign him up in the next week or so. It’s a shame people are allowed to post ‘information’ that hasn’t been researched. It only spreads more hatred and confusion.

        • Steven Gregory

          He is not trending well: he has no upcoming Western European dates and no development planned for the U.S. market. What record labels are now clawing for him?

          • Grace hardy

            I admit that three of his eight upcoming dates in August and early September are in Eastern Europe, but my point was that you were stating that he isn’t busy at the moment. But to give you his dates as you asked for them:
            Estivale Open Air festival, Switzerland – 2nd August
            Prague, Czech Republic – 3rd Aug
            Riga, Latvia – 7th Aug
            Vilnius, Lithuania – 8th Aug
            Brussels, Belgium – 10th Aug
            V Festival, UK – 17th Aug
            Market Rasen UK – 30th Aug
            Gibraltar Music Festival, Victoria Stadium – 6th Sept.
            I have only heard rumours as to which record labels are interested in him, Island Records being one, but I don’t approve of spreading rumours as others seem to. I only know that there are two and he is meeting with them in early August, so we will have to wait and see.

      • curvey cosmos

        He left syco because he wanted to be an artist , not a pop puppet .He has written a mixtape since departing from syco , hes nearly finished his 2nd album , he has record label talks soon .Hes been performing at sell out shows ! Iv been to three and the crowd were loving him ! Even holding up love hearts to show love for him !hes a very busy man and never stops working …Oh this sunday hhis performance at the world music awards is aired .They are saying his performance is amazing .Hes a phenomenal live performer .

        • Steven Gregory

          Wow, you’re quite a fan.
          On the other hand, plenty of people — including me — think he is a tool.

    • curvey cosmos

      Lucy spraggon is a back stabber .She deleted part of her text and put his response , she was laughing at him and goading him and her response to me when I asked her to make ammends now …was “I dont give two f**** about you or James …now f*** off !! Nice way to talk to a 50 yr old woman on twitter !! Shes vile !

  • UK_Peter

    His charity work in general is outstanding. Yes he did say 1 wrong word. But he didn` t want to be homophobic. He was just angry and picked a wrong word. His voice is heaven. There are lot people who enjoys his music. Some don´t… But this article is not about music. It is about James Arthur as a person, he really really is sorry for that 1 word he said. I really do like this man.

    • Andy Diamond

      I am not even from the UK, so I have only read about this. But from what I’ve read it was more than using one word. I read he had a history hate language and discriminatory language. Well, sometimes people are not meant to stand in the spotlight. The thing is: He does not want to be a homophobe because of what people think of him. Still this is what was on his mind. Still he used that word and reflected what he was thinking. I don’t think his thoughts have changed very much – I think he has just become much more careful because he realizes what effect words can have.

      • Jake

        He basically made an album that he didn’t 100 percent believe in because of the label. before x factor he was an artist and he felt like he was robbed of that when he signed to syco. He didn’t have control over anything that would be a horrible thing. he aint in music for money he is in it because he is an artist, his story of mental health and poverty in his life he can relate to millions of people around the world and has already changed lifes. he visits kids with mental problems, kids who are disabled all the time. He helps loads of charities. Yeah he said one bad word and lashed out a bit because he felt trapped and like everyone was being fake in the industry which at the end of the day that’s what the industry. He great human people need to give him a break. all these people having ago at him don’t look into him past x factor. He has songs about equality and being an outcast that he wrote before x factor that know one knows about except his fans. He is a good guy.

        • Ra

          He is not the great human I would let hangout with my kids. I’d give him a break, but keep that ignorant mouth and mind out of my kids lives, and regardless how much charity he does.

    • Jonathan

      “He was just angry and picked a wrong word”. You do realise that he actually had to sit down and compose that particular piece of work?? That isn’t going to take a quick 5 minutes….

      • Grace hardy

        He composed the whole rap in 15 minutes when he was drunk with a couple of mates. He was replying to a rap by Micky Worthless who had called him names like faggot. In his naivety I don’t think he realised that so many thousands of people would access it . To him it was just a reply to a rap challenge. I’m quite convinced that he is not a homophobe.

        • Jonathan

          If you believe that he wasn’t fully aware of how many people would access it then you, yourself are incredibly naive.

          • Grace hardy

            Perhaps so. But I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Unlike some, I am not a person who is ready to hate without the facts (not what I read in the gutter press).

          • Jonathan

            Are you curvey cosmos? All your comments are James Arthur related…just like theirs…

  • johnflondon

    I’ll watch with interest what happens here. We surely must accept that people do change their positions, otherwise there would be absolutely no point at all in any political activism.

    • Steve Karper

      Sri but thei issue is two fold

      one to give the people in the middle a chance to think about things, educate them and point out where vile hatred shows its face

      Second to give the silent majority the feeling they can come out and support gay people without fear of retribution.

      That is part of the reason that gays marrying is becoming a non issue to so many people eg in the USA recently…………………

  • curvey cosmos

    James Arthur never was homophobic , thats the sadest thing of all , have any of you listend to the rap micky worthless sent him on youtube ? Its vile , James retaliated used a lyric that said queer , then the hate sprillralled out of control .We have been telling everyone for the past year that this witch hunt needs to stop , but it seemed as if they enjoyed targeting him and hateing him , its been horrendous to watch as he trys to carry on performing sell out shows in Europe , but all the time knowing that uk media wont let this go Good on you James , hopefully finally people will open their eyes and accept you for the gifted talented man you are .

    • Jones

      Referring to someone as a “f**king queer” is not homophobic?

    • Rumbelow

      Gee curvey cosmos, your total of 63 comments are all James Arthur related, I guess you are a seriously protective fan of his?

      • Cocteaut

        Or his “dirty little secret” boyfriend!

        • Grace hardy

          What a very strange remark. I didn’t think being gay was illegal in this country, so why a ‘secret’. And if he does have a boyfriend, how can he be a homophobe. Make up your mind!

    • Andy Diamond

      Of course: People who use homophobic language are not homophobic. Just like people using racial slurs are not racists. *shakes his head in disbelief*

      • chaz

        this generation people use racist language all the time because of society that don’t mean they are racist they just don’t know the meaning. Wiz Khalifa fans all use the word he said it is the way you say it to someone that determined weather it is meant to be racist.

        • Ullrich Braun

          It is not how the words are meant by the speaker, but rather how the words are heard by the listener. And yes, words have impact and you are responsible for that impact.

          • Andy Diamond

            You do know very little about racism, do you?

          • Grace hardy

            The thing is, this was a rap battle, and unfortunately rappers often use words that they would never use in everyday speech. I’m not condoning it, but I am just trying to put it into context. I can’t see James Arthur using such language normally. After all, his best friend Rylan Clark is gay.

        • Adults judge people on their attitudes, how they behave, how they treat others. This is why such homophobia and racism is normally associated to immature or mentally incapable people.

          I hate to be the one to break this to you, but adults (successful, sociable, well-rounded adults) do not use such language.

          Take a look around the world, think about this for a moment, consider the people who use such language and where they are in life. Look at how those people are depicted in cinema, on TV, in music. It’s not aspirational in the slightest, these people are drunks, druggies, on the poverty line, barely surviving. This is not a coincidence, it’s a result of poor education, a lack of respect for themselves and others, and the result of not being a decent person in society.

          If that’s what “this generation” wants for itself (and you are not speaking for all, I know plenty in your generation who have goals in life and understand how to be a normal decent person in society) then we’re going to end up with an entire generation of useless twits who’s biggest achievement in life will be becoming a manager at Burger King.

    • I’m assuming because of your use of language that you’re very young. In which case, your naivete is somewhat understandable. I’m also assuming that you’re not LGBT, therefore you have little understanding of the impact language has on forming opinions and how this then impacts the many thousands of people who experience homophobic abuse and violence in the streets of this country every year, in colleges, in schools, in workplaces.

      You see, you already see him as a victim and the LGBT community guilty of a “witch-hunt” for something HE did. That’s just more evidence of the impact homophobia and racism has on youth. The very idea that you see him as a victim in this proves the point that this kind of attitude (his attitude) causes homophobia. You’re defending the perpetrator of hate speech.

      When you get older you might understand. Until then, you’re going to defend people who do and say things that directly influence how people are attacked for nothing more than who they love, because you don’t understand or see the damage this kind of “normalizing” of hate speech does to people.

  • Daniel Spence

    Who cares? Everyone will have forgotten his name in like two weeks

    • john

      They were saying that a year ago lol, don’t think he is going any where

      • anon

        First I’ve heard of him. I don’t follow TV talent shows though.

      • Daniel Spence

        Pretty sure he’s only still around because of articles like this and not his one song (which sucked)

        • Grace hardy

          Only one song? I agree the radio stations would like you to believe this, but go to YouTube and you will find scores. And surely you can’t have forgotten his self titled album that shot to number 2 as soon as it was released. He was just pipped to the post by his hero Eminem.

          • Daniel Spence

            “And surely you can’t have forgotten his self titled album that shot to number 2 as soon as it was released”
            I can quite honestly say that yes, I have forgotten

      • Grace hardy

        Or perhaps to the US where they would appreciate him more. He is pretty big in Europe right now.

        • Daniel Spence

          What’s to appreciate? His song sucked and he has a really annoying singing voice.

  • Steven Gregory

    Shall we line up the people who thought homophobia was no big deal until their careers evaporated?
    1. Tamar Iveri, operatic soprano from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, dropped from Opera Australia, disinvirted by symphony orchestras across England, Italy, U.S., and Israel. Now she’s doing a benefit concert for gays and lesbians. Oops!
    2. James Arthur: This big dummy thought he was “all that,” until he realized he is nothing without Simon Cowell’s production and marketing machine. Stonewall should evaluate his past efforts for the GLBT community and take a pass on his generous offer to ride on their apron strings.
    3. Isaiah Washington, actor in Gray’s Anatomy decided to deride his gay co-star and refused to apologize, until producers called his bluff and cut him loose. He couldn’t find work and now he’s back on Gray’s Anatomy due to the graciousness of his fellow cast.

  • Mikeylano

    Couldn’t really ask for more from an apology – apart from actually doing it, rather than just talking about making amends.

    It’s far better than the leagues of people that think a simple “sorry” will do; it’s too late by that point, the damage has been done and it just sounds like the person wants to get it off his or her back.

  • Daniel

    Whilst it’s a step in the right direction, his efforts thus far have all been about what he can do to improve his own standing. I’m sceptical about this latest foray – as it smacks of having been told that this would “restore” his position by someone advising him.

    • Grace hardy

      Well, it’s great that he is taking good advice for once. Most of his problem when he first started out was that he thought he knew it all. I’m sure that his motives have a smattering of hoping to restore his image, but doing some charity work can do nothing but help him as a person. He has in fact done quite a bit of charity work already, particularly for Crisis, but the press never report any of his good work.

  • John

    We’ve become the bullies here.

  • Shan Taylor

    Im a transsexual woman and lesbian and have heard worse. Whats he got to offer Stonewall? Stonewall dont even offer nothing for Trans people even though some Transmen are gay and some Transwomen are lesbian. Unless hes gonna write the next gay anthem and give Stonewall credits and 50% of sales, hes just using Stonewall to get his face everywhere

  • curvey cosmos
  • curvey cosmos

    Please read this .Its a good honest truthfull article .

  • curvey cosmos

    HE IS NOT HOMOPHOBICCCCCCCCCC homophobic means “To have a deep rooted hatred of Gay people , to avoid them at all costs , to not associste with them .JAMES ARTHUR spent 10 weeks sharing a bedrooom with a gay man !! He meets with him for get togethers and they hug and kiss !!! Do you get it yettttttttttt? If so why not ???? Stop hateing for the sake of it !!!!!

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