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US: AFA president upset Michael Sam will see ‘naked beefcakes’ in the shower

  • Matt Ratcliffe

    perhaps he would like sam to use the disabled changing room !!!

  • david

    don’t think I’ve ever had a ‘straight’ man refer to naked men as ‘beefcakes’

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      AFA president Tim Wildmon is projecting, AND betraying himself!

      He imagines that for us gay men to be in row of showers with other men is like himself being in shower with a bunch of nubile young females. He can’t imagine himself not being driven to distraction in the company of naked women. And thus he projects his own behaviour onto us.

      Sorry, Tim Wildmon, but we gay men CAN, and DO, share facilities with other men and we DON’T leer and letch over them. (One or two LETCHERS might. Hint.)

  • Jock S.Trap

    Pure intolerance, bigoted ignorance.

  • fariasrv

    Sounds to me like Wildmon is projecting. Again.

    • Truth

      I’m glad people are at last realising that homophobia is a DIRECT result of ‘self-loathing’. These people suppress and reject their own same-sex desires. So, they ‘project’ their self-loathing onto those who represent that which they despise most about themselves. ‘Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case’. TRUELY ‘straight’ men would NEVER go on about homosexuality like these people do. They are obsessed with it. One has to ask … ‘why’?

      • Barry Scarfe

        Agree with you once again. There can be ONLY ONE explanation for why so-called ‘straight’ men rant and rave about homosexuality and bisexuality and that is because they have some level of same-sex attraction yet can’t bear to admit to it. TRUELY straight men couldn’t give a monkey’s about the fact that a small number of their fellow males are either homosexual or bisexual.

        Self-loathing projected onto others is so sad!

    • Steven Gregory

      That was my first thought. The only sentence missing from Wildmon’s screed is, “When I think of all those naked beefcakes, I almost lose control!”

  • Robert W. Pierce

    He ought to go to a gym and see the number of straight men checking one another out in the shower rooms.

    • Steven Gregory

      When I was in a band I took the drummer (straight) to a gay strip club for tequila night: $1 shots. One of the most popular strippers got up on the bar and got down to his g-string. My drummer looked up and blushed, handed the guy a dollar, and said to me, “I’ve heard of penis envy, but never thought I would experience it firsthand, in public.”

  • Paul Alphonsis Mcneice

    I used to be in a running team with a lot of lads and I go to the gym quite often, and NOT ONCE have I ever got any sexual gratification from any man there. Yes I’ve looked at other guys but no more than a man (or woman for that matter) would look at another in the changing rooms. A guy would look at another to see how build he is and a woman would look at another to see how thin she is (usually to compare them to ourselves).

    I’m sure Michael Sam is professional enough to not walk about the changing rooms checking out guys. 21st century people, not everyone is a perv.

  • i guess he may get a boner. -So what! Lol!

    • St Martyr

      A boner????? Have you ever played sports? Do you KNOW what a males locker room smells and looks like??

  • Chris in LA

    Would he prefer Mr. Sams to them openly on Main Street?

  • Neil Rhodes

    Has he not heard of the term ‘exercising restraint’? I expect Sam will do so in the showers (assuming he actually finds any of his team mates attractive, that is). Now, if this AFA jerk could exercise restraint in shooting his gob off, the world would be a far better place.

    • jamestoronto

      Love the image. Have never heard a straight man — especially one of the “cloth” — refer to another man as beefcake. A Freudian slip perhaps?

      • jamestoronto

        Comment meant for Steven Gregory above

  • BJD

    So it’s okay to see this “beefcake”, as Michael Sam has undoubtedly done for many years, but becomes wrong only when someone is honest about their sexuality?

  • Dr. B

    How about past behavior as factual evidence to alleviate any concerns……Mr. Sam played college sports and for years showered with other men without incident. But why would there be any concern, simply because his teammates are male does not mean he would find any of them visually attractive (sarcasm intended with the latter comment).

    • DTNorth


      Goons like Wildmon think that being gay is a choice and therefore Michael Sams has just recently pressed his “gay today” button and therefore subject to all the wild fantasies that Wildmon himself is displaying from that point on.

      You see, the gay mafia got too him and slapped him about with the gay agenda and forced him to press the gay button…….;-)

  • Truth

    “AFA president Tim Wildmon has today leapt to Dungy’s defence, claiming he is worried Sam will be able to see “all that beefcake” in the shower”. 1). He saw them before he came out. 2). Me thinks the lady doth protest too loudly. 3). Gay men do not fancy every single man they see. It’s only closet cases like you that do that.

    • NowAnAgnostic

      Totally agree. Michael Sam was out to his whole team his Senior year of College. No problems with “all that beefcake” have been reported.

    • Steven Gregory

      Tim obviously imagines ALL THAT BEEFCAKE and it drives him wild., he can only imagine it might do the same to Sam.

  • That There Other David

    Mr. Wildmon’s comments, as usual with comments of this type, tell us everything about the commentator and nothing of relevance about the person he’s commenting on.

    Note to parents – NEVER leave your daughters alone around Tim Wildmon.

    • Steven Gregory

      Something tells me Wildmon wouldn’t be interested in their daughters.

      • That There Other David

        I wouldn’t take the risk. Sons OR daughters!!

  • Mikeylano

    Oh please, I wish straight guys would stop flattering themselves with this crap.

    There are plenty of gay guys to go around (who usually happen to be better groomed). We don’t need to gawp at you.

  • atalanta

    Homophobia: the fear that another man will treat you the way you treat women.

    • Steven Gregory

      Sounds like he’s jealous: most idiotic Christian complaints boil down to anger that someone is having fun without them.

      • Truth

        SPOT ON!!!! Especially the closet gay ones ….!

      • sciencebeliever

        That is the very definition of Puritanism.

  • Steven Gregory

    AFA looks more ridiculous today than usual.
    Wildmon is just jealous that Michael Sam will see those “beefcakes” without him.
    Obviously the head of that Christian Coven has failed to notice the beefcakes Michael Sam keeps at home — or that Sam is damn beefcakey himself.
    Wildmon is a stunning imbecile,

  • Daniel

    Ah another so called Christian dreaming about naked men showering. I believe the appropriate word is “transparent”.

  • Steven Gregory

    Saw this picture and couldn’t resist… didn’t even try!

  • DTNorth

    I wonder if “Sweet Cakes By Melissa” would bake me up a beefcake!

  • jordy

    What a dunder head….hey straight fellas hide the soap!

  • Stu Green

    Although some guys may be his type, most gay guys are not attracted to every other guy… either way he is not there to pick them up, he is showering after a game, I think it is the AFA president who has the problem !!!

  • Binedra

    Is he aware that gay men are more at risk of being raped by heterosexual men than the other way round?
    It also seems like he is jealous that he is not in Michael Sam’s position, BUT to argue that gay men cannot control their sexual urges is preposterous! Who the hell is thinking about sex when they are busy trying to make a name for themselves and secure their pay cheque?

  • jeremyfive

    Man, does that AFA president guy have a really bizarre fixation, or what!
    Like most males, Sam has likely become acclimated to the locker room, so no big deal.
    That AFA guy needs to get out more–he is definitely showing a “wild streak” that cries out for therapeutic intervention from a qualified professional.

  • Richard the Big Bunny

    Because he is the one player with same-sex attraction. Yup! He’s the only one. EVER.

  • Excuse me Mr Tim Wildmon …
    You seem to be confusing Michael Sam’s love and respect and responsibility with your deceit and hate and self loathing.
    The mind does that when its trying to hide certain truths.
    Perhaps AFA’s ledger is on your mind and you know, how the hate is not adding up to profit anymore?
    Running a deficit perhaps?

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    I think Mr. Family Guy is reminiscing of the time when it was him who saw all those “beefcakes” in the locker room in his days as a reporter. But, who listens to that twit anyway?

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    Jeez, what’s so sacred about “beefcakes”? I’ve seen beefcakes, and didn’t feel I wanted to test them. Boys see each others’ “beefcakes” all the time. This guy should get his priorities in order.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    This is ridiculous and absurd, Michael prefers geeky looking guys (as do I), so the only one that should worry about being “checked out” is the kicker, but he’s already the toy boy of the owner.

  • lukefromcanada

    oh please, mary is just upset that he wont be the one to see what Michel Sam see’s

  • Jeremy Wright

    Seeing men in the flesh the way God made them is now a sin. What is wrong with these people? And don’t they realise that Sam has a nice handsome guy to go back home to in the evenings that he has already kissed on primetime. The base assumptions of these people just show their argument is failing at every turn.

  • Daniel

    What difference does it make? The cheerleaders are barely clothed ON THE FIELD these days! They flash more T&A than pole dancers!

    Have any of these people ever worked out at any kind of public gym? Because if they have then odds are basically 100% that a homosexual has seen them changing/showering/whatever in the locker room. They need to get over it.

  • white squirrel

    he worries about Micheal Sam who came out
    and who therefore all the other players know is gay and therefore if they have any problems can hide from his gaze
    surely from his worldveiw the UFA president ought to be more concerned with all the players who have not yet come out…
    his dreams in bed at night must be quite disturbing for a xian

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    It just gets wackeir by the day, where oh where do these morons come from?

    • They’re created by a system of religious indoctrination, bombarded by the confusion and contradictions to the point where they become mentally challenged and incapable of rational thought.

      These people live in a world that constantly creates confusion and conflict in their minds, and their already limited mental ability is further damaged by the incapacity to resolve several conflicting opinions.

      Perfect example – they claim God is a homophobe, but their God presumably created gay people. How do they resolve that?

      They claim people “choose” their sexuality, but they deny they chose theirs. How is that possible?

      They claim freedom of opinion for themselves, but then claim any opinion in conflict with theirs is some kind of “conspiracy” or organized effort.

      Quite frankly, these people are mentally ill, and nothing is going to convince me otherwise.

  • Andy Diamond

    **IRONY** Yes, I am also terribly concerned that Michael Sam will not be able to control himself. Once he sees other naked men in the showers – and I am sure it will be the first time ever that he sees other men naked – I am sure he will freak out and will uncontrollably rape everyone in the room. Then I am sure he will go outside and rape all of their children. At least that’s what I see when I go to the gym all the time. Gay men showering with straight men and then the gays start raping everyone in sight. It’s very dangerous! **END OF IRONY**

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