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Michele Bachmann: Gay people want to legalise child molestation

  • Michael

    For 67 years I have been a scapegoat. I had thought that one day that might end, but with people like Michele Bachmann around I guess it isn’t going to happen all too soon.

    • Steven Gregory

      Look at it this way, Michael: she is a liar without hesitation and must always be called such. Her religion is dandruff: she doesn’t fear or respect or love a god anymore than an unapologetic atheist like me.

      • David H

        The key difference is that you respect people. The world would be a far better place if imbeciles likeMichele Bachmann would learn to do the same.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Why don’t we simply play the same game as this loon?

    Why don’t we simply proclaim the message that “white, Christian, heterosexual people like like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children”?

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    White, Christian, heterosexual people like Michele Bachmann, just want to sexually abuse children!

    It’s as true as what she’s saying about us.

    • Babz

      “It’s as true as what she’s saying about us.”

      Please don’t say this — it’s probably *more* true than what she’s saying about us.

    • Rumbelow
      • Peter Pumpkin

        What’s the opposite of “Smize”?

    • Truth

      I have been saying we should fight fire, with fire, for years. The ONLY thing these people understand is ridicule … or rather, the only thing they HATE is being made to face-up to the ridiculousness of their religious belief. WHY do we put up with this slander and libel without fighting like with like? Most abuse takes place in the home and is perpetrated by HETEROSEXUALS! Those uncomfortable but true statistics are NEVER thrown in the face of these brainwashed morons. WHY?

      • Steven Gregory

        “WHY do we put up with this slander and libel without fighting like with like?”
        I have often said liberals need to learn the tricks of conservatives and master them with TRUTH and SCIENCE. We need to get our messaging together and create sound bites that are 100% true and honest to answer their lunatic lies.

        I think the best explanation I rad for our predicament is that a majority of liberals respect honesty, so that knocks out petty searing lies. We attract individuals who want to couch arguments in their own way, so no echo-chamber of sound bites. And we question things among ourselves, so no oversimplified moronic responses.

    • grannieannie2

      And don’t forget that she had a large number of foster kids in her home over the years. I wonder how many of them were sexually abused in her home?

  • Clive

    Why does the Pink Paper keep giving a public profile to these foreign nonentities from some forgettable back end of the Universe?

    • jamestoronto

      Know your enemy or else they will slip in out nowhere and crush you. History has too often proven that when you ignore madmen/women they end up ruling you.

    • Alexander Kelso Shiels

      Because we need our daily belly laugh just to start the morning off well!

    • While I agree to an extent, it’s important to understand just how radical these crazies are becoming.

      It’s a fact that when these extremists see they are losing their grip on society and see their words and opinions being rejected, they become increasingly dangerous and volatile.

      These people need to be on watch lists, lets just hope the NSA isn’t too busy spying on cam shows and reading Facebook updates to bother with the Christian fanatics building pipe b**bs in their basement.

    • needingrelease

      Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

  • Richard the Big Bunny

    This woman would jump on the “HM The Queen is a lizard alien” bandwagon if it got her press — well, that’s assuming she knows there is a Queen. Who can say? Mind you, she can probably see Prince from her house! <–(obtuse joke, I know)

  • RickoP

    Urgh. Her again.

  • pandoraknopp


  • jamestoronto

    What a FOUL B*TCH this person is. She is completely delusional! The only house she has a chance of being elected to is the back house on my farm up north. Is there a “junk science”/”junk religion” weekly that she subscribes to?

    • Truth

      Religious belief is a mental illness. If anyone else claimed to be speaking for mythical sky beings, they’d be slapped in a straight-jacket and locked away. But because all this crap is spoken in the name of ‘belief’, everyone retreats into deference. IT’S ALL MADE UP BOLL**KS!!! It’s all designed to give religious leaders power and privilege over the poor and stupid. Wherever agnosticism breaks out, so does peace. Time to dump organised religion and with it, people suffering from mad cow disease, like this mad cow.

  • Mark

    Is she still talking??

    • Steve

      Yes, Mark apparently…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

    • Steven Gregory

      When her body dies, they will have to bury her in a refrigerator to muffle the noise. Her present blather requires no brain activity, she isn’t expected to shut up, ever.

      • Truth

        I hope they put her coffin away from naked flames. That much pooled foul gas could cause a very nasty explosion.

  • Brian Martenis

    There’s a reason Jesus said not to judge others. In this mean spirited woman’s case, it not only shows her delusion but also the fact that it is she who is a sexual deviant. Where do her ideas come from? Satan perhaps? Seriously, she’s a pervert. Poor thing.

    • Crysta

      Um, even Satan isnt as evil as this nut bag is…

      Maybe she could tutor Satan on being evil and hateful?

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    Ms Loony-face has lost the battle against gays, so out comes the demonizing of gays. Just like Hitler did with the Jews, and just as Emperor Justinian did with the gay people of his day. I would say, “shame!” , but I realize that is a futile exercise. Psychos have no conscience.

    • As I’ve said many times, when the religious nutters are backed into a corner and losing their fight against rational people, they’ll become extremists.

      I fully expect this sick and twisted witch to be funding anti-LGBT terrorism within the next ten years. She is THAT mentally ill and religiously crazy.

    • Steven Gregory

      One good thing about her: she practically CHASES people into ‘the other camp,” where we welcome them and provide refuge from the utter lunacy of the GOP.

  • Steve_R

    Why did the old TV series “Come back Mrs Noah” come to mind? couldn’t some one arrange a trip for her to NASA… I’m thinking “B’B’Bye Ms. Barkman! don’t count on any effort to get you back!

  • Hengu Willemse

    No I don’t want to abuse children! I do want to punch her in the face though!

    • Daryl Lawton

      But with her intellect she is basically a child.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Failed presidential candidate and Michigan congresscreature Michelle Bachman, married to a guy who likes to pick out his daughters’ prom dresses said what?

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Oops Minnesota. Sorry for the insult Michigan.

    • Andy Diamond

      That’s exactly what I thought: The first time I saw her husband my gaydar went off … ding, ding, ding, ding … like crazy. Same old story, I mean how often have we had politicians with strong anti-gay views who were then caught in public with a d*ck in their hand/ mouth/… insert what you like here (pun intended).

  • Ray
  • Rumbelow

    I never used to believe in possession but looking at and listening to Michele Bachmann you can tell it’s a woman possessed by something demonic, she’s not really in control and hasn’t been for some time now.

    • Steven Gregory

      Marcus drives a BMW because he thought the initials stood for Bite My Weinie

  • Michex

    But there is a gay agenda, and it knows no limits. First it was gay adoption. Then civil unions, then marriage.
    Some gay leaders say that the government should have nothing to do with marriages – it should just be a private contract. That is, no more marriage as we have known it.
    Then it was anti-discrimination laws. Then uni-sex bathrooms for kids, LGBTQ clubs in schools, gay kids books like King and King, and lawsuits against a mom and pop bakery because they would not bake your gay wedding cake showing two men kissing. And those gay “pride” marches: why all the S and M and bondage and bare butts? What is “prideful” about those?
    Then in some countries such as Canada and the Nordic countries, clergy have been fined and/or arrested for speaking out against homosexuality. You like to shut people up.
    Now, a strict Christian college(s) that have rules about homosexuality and pre-marital sex but have Federal contracts are not getting an exemption.
    Then how about the lawsuit in the UK against the Church of England for not marrying gays? I thought you guys said you would NEVER try to force churches to marry you? You lied. Like you always do.
    How about affirmative action for you “poor” guys? That’s next.
    There is a gay agenda, and it is growing. The average gay may not be aware of all this because he just follows whatever his leaders tell him to do, like a robot.
    No gay agenda, huh? Go ahead, ban me because I have facts on my side. You guys can’t handle the truth.

    • MarkN

      Now substitute ‘black’ for ‘gay’ and say it all again….Yes there’s a gay agenda: to attain equality. That’s all.

    • Simon Hunt

      Hey no-one wants to ban you. And it’s good of you to write such long paragraphs while your christian leaders are busy shoving their cocks up children’s asses. Maybe you’ll get some extra communion wine!

    • ray_in_kent

      Then how about the lawsuit in the UK against the Church of England for not marrying gays? I thought you guys said you would NEVER try to force churches to marry you? You lied. Like you always do.

      What lawsuit is this? I think this is in your imagination. And you do seem to have a very active imagination!

    • DTNorth


      About Gawd and the baby Jesus. Show us these empirically proven facts.

      You cant.

      Outwith referring to that comic called the bibble that simpletons like you swallow whole.

      • needingrelease

        People like Michele Bachmann deep throats it.

    • peeps99

      haha, seems like you can’t handle the truth with the factual inaccuracies in your post. I particularly liked ‘he just follows whatever his leaders tell him to do’ – unlike religion eh?

    • DTNorth

      F/ck off troll. Why are you on gay websites?

    • David H

      Sure. There is a gay mafia and I’m the godfather. For goodness sake, just re-read what YOU have written and realise (a) how bigoted it is (b) how out of touch you are with reality. MarkN has summed it up brilliantly with his comment so I’m not going to repeat it; but to address your points:

      Paragraph 1:
      You seem to have an issue with people trying to have a normal family life simply because they are gay. Why shouldn’t gay people get married and have children.
      Civil partnerships were always something of a halfway house, and in response to the age old argument about children should have a mother and father. Tell that to the kids whose natural (heterosexual) parents physically and mentally abused them before they were taken into care; or those who simply couldn’t cope. Why criticise people who can and want to provide a stable loving family life for a child when millions who have kids don’t?

      Paragraph 2.
      There is no such thing as “gay leaders.” My opening quip aside, there are spokespeople who are gay; but we’re just ordinary people like everyone else!
      Many people, of all sexual orientations believe that government shouldn’t involve itself in marriage.
      The fact that you oppose anti-discrimination laws suggests that you believe you have a right to discriminate against people. That says more about the kind of person you are than anyone else.
      I believe unisex bathrooms are becoming more and more common these days in many walks of life. They have more to do with cost savings on plumbing than anything else!
      Let me make it perfectly clear. No gay person is trying to indoctrinate children into a gay lifestyle (unlike many Christians who are trying to indoctrinate them into an anti gay one). The concept behind gay characters in children’s fiction and having people they can talk to is that many children know that they are gay before they understand what being gay is (I knew when I was around 5 or 6 that I was “different” but didn’t dare talk about it to anyone, nor did I understand it, and, like many gay children it leads to a feeling of terrible isolation and not belonging), the point is to ensure that other children in that position don’t suffer (and it is a very genuine suffering) as we did.
      Again you’re supporting discrimination. It would be equally wrong for a gay baker to refuse to make a heterosexual wedding cake.
      The S&M stuff at pride marches isn’t my cup of tea either, but is it really any different to the lack of apparel adopted by straight people when the sun comes out?

      Paragraph 3:
      Many countries have laws against discrimination and bigotry. People aren’t arrested for speaking out against homosexuality, they are arrested for hate speech. Had they spoken out against black people, fat people, women etc. they would also have been arrested in those countries and rightly so. Again, no “gay agenda” just basic human decency.

      Paragraph 4:
      No government should ever sanction an organisation which permits discrimination. The choice is easy, either respect everyone’s basic human rights or you don’t do business with the public sector. That’s been the law in Europe for many years.

      Paragraph 5:
      I’m not aware of this case that you refer to, but nor am I aware that anyone said they wouldn’t challenge the Church of England’s bigotry. The coalition government granted the church its exemption, this was done following consultation with the church alone – no-one else had any input. Again – being gay and being Christian aren’t mutually exclusive. A number of churches have already signed up to conduct same-sex marriages. So you are factually wrong. Gay people never lied because we were never consulted.

      Paragraph 6:
      I think that must be an Americanism as I don’t really understand what you mean.

      Paragraph 6:
      Actually it tends to be religious nutcases who have leaders and follow them like mindless robots (more so American ones rather than British ones who, in the main, are more accepting of others). You are seriously deluded to the point of mental instability.

      Paragraph 7:
      You haven’t cited a single “fact” only bigoted doctrine, and much of that is very dubious. I’m not even sure you have the remotest concept of truth if it slapped you in the face.

      Seriously, you need to un-blinker yourself and look at the world as it is. There is good and bad out there; but you have such a narrow, hate-filled view that you are missing out on living the best life you can.

      • Lewis Brand

        Perfectly said

  • Jeremy Wright

    She’s a complete fruitcake, she made assertions that a vaccine against HPV causes mental retardation because some unnamed woman at a Republican convention told her.

    She would be more worrying if she were intelligent, thankfully she polls well below average in her congressional district and was nearly out last time. Her views are abhorrent on whichever issue and she just makes up things to suit her profoundly bigoted agenda. Dreadful woman, really is. One only hopes the Republicans choose her as their nominee so they can be resoundingly defeated and there can be a progressive revolution in the US.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Stupid cow! What is it that immunizes these twerps from educating themselves?

    Simple answer … religious brainwashing.

  • Lee Roy Ponke

    To save time whenever she speaks the quote should read….
    Michele Bachmann said something stupid again.

  • wildseas

    This woman is a nutter, plain and simple and should be ignored.

  • Andy Diamond

    I’ve seen interviews with Sarah Palin and thought to myself: Wow, this has got to be one of the dumbest and most uneduacted people I have ever seen. Then Michelle Bachmann came along… *sighs*

    • Steven Gregory

      It has long been joked they would be the DREAM REPUBLICAN TICKET (for Democrats).

      • Andy Diamond

        I mean, we are joking about this. But in 2008 I was kind of scared someone like Sarah Palin could become vice president. Can you believe what this world would come to with people like her being in the White House? It’s scary. These are dangerous people.

        • Steven Gregory

          It’s really intriguing to see what happens when a fatally flawed candidate is poised for preeminence. A lot of conservative voices came out against McCain/Palin because they strongly suspected if that ticket got into the White House it would be disastrous, potentially fatal to the party.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Well isnt it amasing she can read minds, she should be in a circus or show business! Or in the nearest “funny farm”.

  • Parsifal Gurnemanz

    Can someone challenge this serpent to just prove her silly remarks, prove beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Jock S.Trap

    All she is showing is how vile and hating she is.

    I question that in a decent society, whether this kind of humanity hater has ANY role in any position of power.

    I would answer no!

    • Truth

      But surely, she’s just another ‘loving’ Christian following the words of her religion’s founder….?
      But, this is what happens when your constitution defends everyone’s right to Free Speech – at ANY cost. However, I can GUARANTEE that if she were making similar false claims about the sexual intentions of black people, she would be silenced. Such double standards….

      • Jock S.Trap

        Agreed. Mind you She Chooses to follow male egod writing, she Chooses to follow Christianity. Can’t be that bright, just unable to think for herself.

  • SFM

    She really should stop projecting her husband’s sexual fantasies on LGBT people. He’s just not like the rest of us.

  • Jordy

    We do have a plethora of Christian Crazies here in the States.
    Michele for President, Sarah Palin for Vice President, Ann Colter for Attorney General and the Duck Dynasty family for various ambassadors.

    • needingrelease


  • Daniel

    Yawn… yes Michele… of course they do poppet. Now go back to your room and drink your tea quietly. The nurse will be along with your bills in a short while.
    Dementia is such an awful affliction, and we ought to pity Michele with what she’s going though.

  • Loirin Lancaster

    Someone must not have told her that 80% of child molesters are actually straight. WORD TO THE WISE, if you think you might be mentally ill like Michele Bachmann please seek medical attention or you’ll become a blithering idiot like her much to your family’s disgrace.

    • Crysta

      Actually, its more like 97%… But that has a margin of error of 2.8%

  • RedDevil9

    Do they even have a brain between them in the US Congress?

    • needingrelease

      Yes, they do. They use it as a soccer ball during breaks.

  • ktah

    “There’s a chance she will run for president in 2016”. President of where? Cloud cuckoo land?

  • Adam

    No Michelle, you misunderstood. We want to legalise smacking you on the head with a shoe… repeatedly.

  • Meri Justus

    This woman and others like her are the Sick ones, they are the ones who keep thinking about child molestation, and if you look it up a pedo has NO INTEREST in ANY adult, they only have an interest in children, Why? control issues they can control a child, where they can not control an adult. It is about being in charge, it is a violent act and the fact that they control that child that thrills a pedo. and most Pedos are WHITE MALES, between the age of 25-40 (that is the age of the majority, some are younger, some are older) and not all are males there are females, and other races involved, Look at all the Priest who are pedos? white, christian males there.
    None of the LGBT people I know have ANY interest in children (sexualy) but i have known of several Straight Men and women, who did, they are all in jail now.
    And as far as wanting multiple marriages, that comes from their Bible, and I personaly only want 1 wife. could not handle more than that.

  • Ben

    How stupid can you possibly get? I mean seriously. Why would we want the right to marry our life partners and be able to show our love for each other just to abuse children. I think she needs to get back to school and be re-educated as she seriously isn’t that bright.
    I’m in love with a guy who is actually a few years older than me. I’d love to be able to marry him one day. And be able to hold hands in public without being judged.
    Its got absolutely nothing to do with molesting children which is disgusting and actually angers me when I hear about it.

  • pam

    Who does she hang out with or does she lay in bed at night and think these thought’s all on her own? Shame on her…she’s sick in the head.

  • Cocteaut

    Oh just F off and die you painted unintelligent strumpet.

    No doubt your gay husband told you that he hankers after kids.

    Is this where her illogical homophobia comes from. She married one.

  • Steven Gregory

    MB claims to believe in God and Jesus, but you know how we can tell she doesn’t at all? She has no fear of telling lies, twisting the truth, claiming to do it in the name of God and Jesus. If she really respected them and considered them all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present, she wouldn’t dare. But since she knows they are bogus, she does her own thing and relies on the gullibility of “believers.”

  • mariaskay

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  • david baker

    She is a fool, its unfortunate that she has a bunch of ignorant haters behind her. Maybe someday she will lead them over a cliff? :)

  • Daryl Lawton

    “I think”
    You don’t.

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