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Tessa Hartmann: John Barrowman’s gay kiss at Commonwealth Games was ‘inappropriate for children’

  • Jones

    Another person who thinks children should be shielded from progress in society. Well I’m afraid that they are going to have to get used to it.

  • Andy Diamond

    The only thing inappropriate is HER comment, which is indeed homophobic. But she is already sending out tweets how she was misunderstood and that, of course, she is not homophobic at all. Why does the BBC give someone like her a platform to spread discrimination on national television?

    • Andy Diamond

      Now she is re-tweeting comments from gay friends who say she is not homophobic. This behavior reminds me a bit of a stubborn child. Instead of apologizing for her remark she now tries to convince people that her comment wasn’t meant to be homophobic. And the re-tweets are supposed to prove this. I’m sick and tired of people using the same excuses: “I cannot be homophobic. I have gay friends. I have gay people that I work with.” Well, really? I guess almost everyone has a gay co-worker. Are we supposed to be thankful that those people tolerate us enough to work with us?

    • Cuisle

      I assume she said it live before anyone could stop her – but that doesn’t excuse the stupidly backwards comment in the first place or the lame attempts to backtrack which i dont believe for one minute.

  • Joe McDougall

    Well, I’m about to become a dad. I’m pretty sure our child will see my hubby and I kiss at some point – and I’m equally sure he’ll be more concerned with lego :)

    • lohtar

      Congrats! (jealous, hope I’ll be next in a few years).

      And yes, sorry to tell ya but chances are Lego is far more exciting than his dads most of the time.

    • Ad Lib

      Congratulations and best wishes!

    • velvet_rose

      Congratualtions Joe :)

    • Cuisle

      likewise, congrats.

    • Char

      Congratulations. It really is wonderful being a parent and my son is far more interested in Lego that his Mummies kissing :)

      • Joe McDougall

        Thanks everyone :-) Very sweet :) … and thanks Char for confirming my suspicions about that temptress, Lego!

    • barrybear1980

      Joe, that is the best thing I have read all day, thank you and advance congratulations on the birth of your child :)

    • Michael

      Go well Joe. It seems to me your child will grow up happy. Be good Dads!

    • Cecil

      As a kid who had two dads, I can confirm lego is far more interesting. Nothing beats lego

    • And I am sure you will make great dad’s.

    • James Alexander

      Congratulations to you both!!!!

  • lohtar

    It’s simple: anything we have deemed appropriate for a male/female couple to do in public/in front of children, we should feel the same for a male/male or female/female couple (or other gender makeups with non-binary people). If someone does not it’s simply homophobic or transphobic.

    Children won’t care unless they’re taught to ‘care’, and seeing it will help them grow into accepting, loving and tolerant human beings regardless of their own gender identity or sexual orientation. And for the few who turn out to be gay, it is an encouragement to see they too are welcome in this world.

    Life could be so easy.

    • Truth

      You have to be carefully taught – to hate.

  • Jeff

    The bigots games living up to its alternative name I see…BBC where is your apology for the offence caused?

  • Andy Diamond

    For anyone who’s interested: “Email us on

  • Steve Craftman

    If it was so inappropriate, could you please arrange my housing transfer to somewhere adults-only. The children won’t be affected by my (too occasionally) inappropriate behaviour and I won’t have to listen to the listen to them shouting and screaming from dawn to sunset.

    • Cuisle

      me too, please! i dont do anything inappropriate apart from walking my dog where grubby children are doing their shouting and screaming and digging in dried up mudholes but I could use the peace and quiet.

  • Ed Woody

    Oh, blah blah blah. Your FACE is inappropriate for children.

  • Mijacmad

    If he was kissing his cornhole maybe – but a kiss nope!!

  • Philippe

    This kind of comment just re-affirm what the commonwealth homophobic countries love to hear…..Homosexuality is currently punishable with prison sentences in 42 out of 54 Commonwealth nations.

    Shame on Tessa Hartman and her homophobic views…!!

  • Katie

    “Tweeting afterwards, Hartmann said: “I answered a question with a question @BBCBreakfast, no offensive was intended”
    Thanks for making it clear that you don’t intend to invade Scotland as a result then, Tessa;)

  • Stockyboi

    What she really means is that the gay kiss was ‘inappropriate for parents’ who wish to transfer their own prejudices onto their children. Children are not born with thoughts of discrimination.

  • JackAlison

    I havent heard of this b*tch until now,
    oh here we go again.
    “i didnt mean to offend…..i was taken outta context….YAWN YAWN YAWN”

  • wildseas

    Empty headed inappropriate female looking for publicity. End of your career, madam.

    • Philippe

      I have never heard of her before now and I claim she is seeking inappropriate attention….!

  • JackAlison

    oh and lets just get on and celebrate with 42 other known homophobe nations that kill murder torture and imprison us….
    cant we all be friends and just 4get our difffernces for the games?

  • Rehan

    Her words say it all, there’s no ‘context’ about it – the limits of her non-homophobia are very revealing. It’s a bit like someone saying “I’m not racist at all – but I wouldn’t want my children to marry someone of a different race.”

  • TomSatsuma

    I’m suspicious… She said:
    “It’s a shame that my comments on @BBCBreakfast have been totally
    misconstrued, I’m anything but homophobic which u can see IF you watched

    And yet we are provided with neither a link or a transcript. She also referred to ‘answering a question with a question’, ‘branding it “inappropriate for children”’ is not a question.

    Not for a second arguing that she wasn’t being homophobic – but if it’s that obvious then why not tell us what she actually said?

    Sloppy, suspicious reporting

  • I watched it live this morning and although I can’t remember the exact words, it went along these lines:

    When discussing the kiss, she said that she thought it was inappropriate to push political messages to children who might be watching.

    Quite why two men kissing is a political message she wasn’t asked, but it was obvious that she thought it shouldn’t have happened. It was also quite clear from her tone and cadence that she was trying really hard to think about the words she was saying, so I believe the only mistake was that she didn’t think hard enough and her prejudice still seeped out.

    The fact that she back-pedalled so inexpertly on Twitter without offering any apology or contrition suggests to me that she totally stands by what she said but doesn’t want to discuss it. Like most cowards.

    • TomSatsuma

      Thanks for clarifying!

    • TomSatsuma

      And dismayed to discover that my love for my husband is ‘political’

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Silly cow! What in heck’s name is inappropriate about two guys kissing, and how the deuce can it harm children? Some people are ineducable.

  • kirsty price

    I think you’ll find that kids don’t care. Adults do and we really don’t care what you think if you don’t like gay stuff don’t watch it. Do we mouth off about her kissing her hubby (if she’s marries boyfriend if she’s not) no. So those who support gay people yay for us. Those who dont? Mehhhhhhhhh

  • AndyAS

    This from a woman who basically earns her living peddling sex in clothes!!!! AND it happened AFTER the 9.00pm watershed!!!

  • David H

    This from the woman who thinks it appropriate to dress like a high-class hooker and ends up being carried out on a stretcher after “collapsing” at a Tory bash (at £1,000 a head). I can only say I’m glad that my morals are VERY different to those of Mrs Hartmann.

  • Cuisle

    it is almost exactly nine years since that particular actor kissed another man on ‘family viewing television’ at a little past seven o’clock on a saturday evening. I’ve actually, by total coincidence, got the DVD playing right now which put me in mind of it. (I mean an episode of Doctor Who from way back in 2005 for anyone not on the same wavelength as me!!) Most of the ‘impressionable’ youngsters who were watching at the time will be leaving school by now. I wonder if they’ve been affected by the ‘trauma’, (I don’t expect so!)

    The only thing I find curious, having spent last night hugging ice packs to keep cool, is how cold was it in Glasgow? Barrowman seems to be wearing a very thick shirt.

  • Den

    Why would children find it inappropriate. Children should be brought up to accept it as natural. Its people like her that cause children to grow up with homophobic attitudes. It had nothing to do with politics or have I missed something here and kissing has suddenly become political.

  • Stevie

    I have had a beautiful summer so far, I’ve loved Gran Can Pride, London Pride and Manchester Sparkle. Each event was quite remarkable this year for the notable increase in family’s, a lot straight family’s attending. All I saw was children dancing, smiling, loving waving their rainbow flags and enjoying themselves. I did not see any children affected or concerned in any way that guys were kissing guys and that girls were kissing girls. I didn’t see any children affected by the fact that the beautiful women in stunning frocks were all quite tall but I suppose that’s because they haven’t been taught how to be bitter twisted cactus knicker wearers yet :-)

  • john lyttle

    Tessa Hartmann, inappropriate for all intelligent adults.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Well done Barrowman. A few million watching parents would have turned to their
    children and said “I don’t want you growing up to be a poof”. LGBT don’t need enemies, not when they have themselves…

    • Rehan

      And a few (possibly quite a few) million more probably wouldn’t care one way or the other. The fact that the photograph has been in several papers today suggests your fears are somewhat outdated.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        On a positive note, a few million children are now in no doubt where their parents stand on the subject.

        • Rehan

          I’m delighted to note your (new-found?) capacity for accentuating the positive.

          • Silly Old Bastard

            Temporary lapse. I assure you.

        • And they will want as little to do with them as possible if it was a negative response.

          I hope you don’t have kids, I really do. If you do and they’ve stopped visiting, have a good think about why that might be.

        • Rumbelow

          And you really believe they wouldn’t have had a clue about that beforehand?

        • Scousebadger

          I’m sure that people like that would have made their opinions loudly known long before this opening ceremony.

    • Michael

      SOB – someone who hasn’t the courage to add his name.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        Well observed, Mister…. Ah, you seem to have withheld your name.

    • And many of those kids would have decided right then and there that their very own parent was an imbecile and someone that they will probably never get along with again.

      You see, while you’re a “silly old bastard” living in the 70’s, these kids are growing up with intelligence and rationality, in a modern world where people are more equal. Shame you’re still living in that cave old man.

    • Truth

      You really do live-up to your user name! The self-loathing just OOOZES from your comment. Can’t you see that it is the bigots who are on the wrong side of history …?

      • Silly Old Bastard

        Shame you are nowhere near yours. “Wrong side of history” Pah! Where do you get them from? In your extreme enthusiasm for everything gay, you are quite blind to the sobering fact that there is only so much an overwhelming heterosexual society will put up with from the gay community. A good example was the recent attempt to change how sex education is taught in schools, which flopped out of sight. But I suppose you put that down to ignorant bigotry that will change over time. Some hope!

  • Cassandra

    You should stop bashing so called “homophobes”. Why can’t you understand that irrespective of what the “law” says, a lot of people still find it extremely offensive. If paedophilia were to be made legal (as in Islam), there would be a majority of people who would still abhor it.

    • Rehan

      Find what still offensive? Two men kissing? Would these be the same people who’re unconcerned by images of two men killing each other?

      People really need to get a life.

    • Andy Diamond

      Why do I have the feeling that Tessa or some of her closest friends like to call themselves Cassandra when leaving comments on the Internet?

    • What is wrong with nutters like you, comparing the abuse of a child to a consensual adult relationship?

      People know you’re talking out of your backside when you resort to that kind of vomitus nonsense. Grow the f up and form a valid argument before you bother to try and discuss something like this.

    • Truth

      May I suggest that people who find two men kissing ‘offensive’ are simply brainwashed bigots …. OR … closet cases with issues of self-loathing? I am offended by anyone who seeks to defend the indefensible. Like you. We have a duty to make this the last generation which is ‘offended’ by the perfectly normal behaviour of two people of the same sex. This is about ‘consent’. Victims of paedophiles do not ‘consent’. So, please stop trying to compare two VERY different issues. Oh … and do get some treatment for your obvious self-loathing …..

    • lord thorpe

      Dear Cassandra,
      I would hope that all right minded people would find paedophilia abhorrent, and all other form’s of non-consensual sex I would hope that all right minded people would find homophobia abhorrent.

      I would hope that all right minded people would continue to “bash” homophobes as long as they continue to “bash” homosexuals.
      Does this make sense to you?

      • Cassandra

        Of course I can understand your reply and do agree entirely with its rationale. I would also say that your response was the only one worthy of a reply, the others being simply abusive ad hominem arguments, which is no argument at all. This is actually the category of just about every comment on this thread.
        In fact I would go on to say that your reply is perhaps better than my original. I should probably have pointed out her right to her opinion rather than agreeing with what she was saying.
        However, I would still maintain that “homophobe bashing” simply because you disagree with the “law” is illogical. Just because something is enshrined in law (in that particular country), does not necessarily make it right or acceptable by the majority.
        Live Long And Prosper

  • bill cort

    Bad taste painted harpies like this sad specimen of humanity are the worst thing we can show our children, except perhaps as an example of how NOT to behave in public, how to look old sad and ugly by wearing too much make up, and when to keep your mouth disengaged from your very sub basic level brain. Natural displays of Affection never hurt anyone, of any sex, at any age. I don’t really suppose she has had that many, so you perhaps you should feel just a bits sorry for the dim sad old cow.

  • Glen Hague

    That’s the trouble with a lot of homophobes – they don’t actually realise they are!

  • Utterly hypocritical of Tessa Hartmann too considering she wrote a ‘smutty’ film for children called Sir Billi. Check out the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to read about it.. Not even a theme song by Dame Shirley Bassey could rescue the film from being universally panned by the critics!!

  • Binedra

    Tessa is a homophobe and I pity those gays who considered her ‘friend.’ I do not know how can anyone misconstrue her saying Barrowman kissing another man is inappropriate for children. She is highly insensitive and hypocritical. Tessa is finished in my book!

  • Michael

    Tessa Hartmann makes a statement so provocative and then implores people to stop the ‘diatribe’. Good grief, where on earth is this woman from – and why is her opinion so important? Come to that, who is Tessa Hartmann? Clearly the ‘arena’ loved a good kiss – the ballet dancers got one of the loudest cheers throughout the show. Have there been any comments about the two male athletes who had a peck? If so, I cannot find them. Miss Hartmann, and those who agree with her, come join the real world.

  • A kiss between two men can only be a positive image for children. People being embarrassed about it can however confuse children and give them hang ups latter in life which leads to guilt and shame.

    • Truth

      Exactly! It only take one, ‘Ewwww’ from a parent in reaction to a gay kiss to forever pollute a child’s mind. Phobias are learned. Homophobia is no different to arachnophobia. A phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear. Parents need to get a grip and stop passing on THEIR nonsensical fears to their kids. Otherwise, the cycle of totally irrational gay hatred will NEVER be broken …..

  • violets 49

    Stupid Cow!

  • Steven Gregory

    Good to see so many taking her on and shutting down her shiit.

    Of course Barrowman’s kiss was inappropriate for children, that’s why he kissed an adult.

  • Gayspeak EZine

    Sour puss.

  • Lawerence Collins

    People need to see people/families like themselves. People like to feel normal.

  • rapture

    Never heard of this homophobe or her magazine, hope she will be ostracised by the fashion world for her bigotry. Her hateful comment surely anger a lot of gay people in the industry, unless they are airheads.

  • Truth

    I hope people have taken note of this homophobic bit*hes comments and will avoid her products and services at all costs ……?

  • Truth

    So ….. it’s okay to show Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘family movies’ blowing off peoples heads with machine guns …. but a depiction of love between two people is wrong? Violent murder is preferable to gay love, obviously. Vile, brainwashed, homophobic bit*h simply repeating the same old ingrained homophobia.

  • Demma

    Well, what seems inappropriate for me is seeing people killing each other on the news every night ! How can you put blindfolds on children’s eyes to prevent them from living in the world as it really is !

  • DPTyler

    I feel that the kiss was totally appropriate. Appropriate for all the children out there who are realising their identities and, especially, for all the children out there worried about society deeming THEM inappropriate! John Barrowman’s kiss shows children that society is a safe, secure place for them to be WHO THEY ARE, without ridicule, prejudice and inequality.

    It should be celebrated, not vindicated…

    What WOULD be inappropriate would be forcing our children to watch Tessa Hartmann kiss (sorry, but I couldn’t help myself!)

  • Peter Bird

    The old prejudices are still writhing about under the surface under the guise of propriety!

  • Into Dark

    Less ‘inappropriate for children’ than rather terrifying for those who aren’t capable to explain their children in a proper way why two guys are kissing.
    Well in that case: Welcome to the 21st century of parenting ;)

  • stephenmole

    Let’s get this right, same sex couples can marry but can’t kiss in public?

  • ktah

    Does she think it’s inappropriate for kids to see any two people kissing or is it just gay people kissing? My brother and his wife taught their kids from an early age that some people are gay. They explained it to their young minds that “some boys kiss boys and some girls kiss girls”. My nephews and nieces have grown up to be happy heterosexual adults who have no hang-ups about gay people and who are supportive of gay rights. Tessa Hartmann would do well to remember that it is far more inappropriate to poison a child’s mind with unnecessary narrow-minded prejudice.

  • TheGirl FromIpanema

    No offense?
    I guess the Botox got to your brain and… Well yeah..

  • mariaskay

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  • Rob

    Therefore is is not also inappropriate for a ‘straight’ couple to kiss? – silly woman!

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