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Anti-gay Ugandan singer due to perform in Birmingham and London

  • Chris in LA

    He should not be allowed into the country, let alone perform.

    • Kris

      Couldn’t agree with you any more than I already do mate. Seriously.

    • Andy Diamond

      I agree.

      • Rumbelow

        Bobi Wine (real name Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi) is a Potty Man, as in his extreme homophobia and fear of his own homosexual attractions have driven him insane.

        • Robert W. Pierce

          I wonder if he’s any relation to fellow Ugandan Archbigot Sentamu of York? :)

          • John-UK

            Good point Robert!

    • billdrayton

      Agreed! Or else provide him with a gay bodyguard That should do the trick for him. He might even like the idea.

    • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

      he will come……hung yoself

      • Liam

        In English?

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Absolutely. How does one start a petition on Change org?

      Start the petition to Home Secretary, then let PinkNews, and away we go.

      Get this homophobe banned!

  • Mikeylano

    I find the hypocrisy among homophobic black people astonishing when they fail to equate their own fight for equality with those of the LGBT community.

    • Roku

      Unfortunately the oppressed often become the oppressor. Bit like the history of christianity.

    • lee

      You need to listen to LBC the switchboard is always full of black people calling in saying they do NOT wish to be equated with gay people

    • pollik

      They been corrupted by (mainly) white christian expansion.

      Our forbears are too blame for screwing up multiple non-abrahamic religions around the world.

  • Mark Y

    Would they let a neo-nazi into the country to sing songs about killing jews? No. Or an islamic terrorist into the country to sing about killing christians? No. So why are they letting him in to sing songs about killing gay people?

    • Peter Moseley

      “why are they letting him in to sing songs about killing gay people?”

      How do you know what will be in the songs which he sings at his performances here?

      You have made up the bit about him singing about killing people. The article does not mention anything about lethal limericks.

      • Truth

        I know you are attempting to be ‘balanced’, but you come across as defensive of this vile homophobe. ANY attack – verbal or otherwise – on gay people should be condemned. It sounds to be like you suffer a degree of self-loathing. You should try to love yourself more and avoid defending the indefensible. This idiot’s mindless homophobia leads to hatred and harm against gay people.

      • Mark Y

        I know. If only everyone could write things as intelligent, deeply philosophical and original as your comments are.

        Edit: You are an imbecile.

        • Peter Moseley

          Thanks for responding to me wan king your string on the other thread.

      • Alexander Kelso Shiels

        What Country do you live in? If you think of him as anything other than a Bigot 1st Class, you should go back with him and see how long you last in his home country!

  • Leonard Woodrow

    Hopefully he will absorb a little of the education he lacks while he is in the UK.

    • Unlikely. These idiots generally have the education of a child. He would need to be here in full-time education to even come close to the level of intellect of a British fifteen year-old.

      • Leonard Woodrow

        I suppose we must accept our share of the responsibility. We were the ones who sent the missionaries there in the first place, to fill their heads with the religious rubbish they are now clinging on to.

        • But then, all nations are influenced by those who invade, some of us (most) managed to evolve as a society and reject the things that inflict damage on society.

          Just look at all the things we have managed to abandon, from the Vikings, the Romans, the Catholic Church… why can some nations move forward and evolve, but some remain in the dark ages?

          • Leonard Woodrow

            In a curious way I think maybe being richer has given us the opportunity to move education forward faster … and that they will catch up as their society becomes more able to do the same.

            Basically it is a matter of education, but also poorer cultures cling more desperately to the “better life in heaven” bait that Christianity offers.

  • Lesley Anne Smith

    We don’t want your transphobic & homophobic hate in our country. Stay in Uganda & preach your vile bigoted venom. As a transgender woman, I have more courage & more strength of character than you’ll ever have. I despise your judgemental bigoted hate campaign. We don’t want you here, as our society is more accepting & more tolerant than the vile attitude you have. Stay out & keep your transphobic carcass out of the UK!!!

    • Roku

      Hear hear

  • lee

    Why is he allowed in to sing this hate this would not be allowed if a white man was coming here to sing anti black tunes so why do we have to accept this.

    Make a compalint to New Council who license those premises:

    And make a complaint to the venue:

    leave a message on the La reference Facebook page there web site only list mobile and and a landline number

    Complaint to Birmingham City Council about the venue hosting this

    • rapture

      Both these councils are already known for lack of action concerning extremists/terrorists given a public platform.

  • Aimee Exorcist

    Sadly enough, the homophobia in places like Uganda was something we imported to them in colonial times..

    • Cal

      So you are saying they are too thick to make up their own minds a hundred years later? Sounds a bit racist.

      • Raymond G. Whitham

        I can’t speak for Uganda, but, when I was working as a Peace Corps Volunteer for 2 years in Togo, West Africa, I met too many blacks who bought into the “whites” are better myth. There is a lot to do to fight this myth. One woman asked how could she become white. I was speechless. When handing out notebooks as gifts to school children with the local Rotary chapter, one child called out “I want to get one from the white hand”. Without looking to see who the child was, I called out “White Hand – Black Hand – They are all the same.”

      • Truth

        They also never complained when the world was trying to end apartheid by imposing sanctions. Now that aid money to Uganda is being stopped because of their homophobic laws, they are bellyaching. Double standards?

  • Hi

    We know you imported it from colonial times but you can’t hide behind that you wanted independence so grow a pair and no he should not be allowed in send him back!!

  • Philip Marks

    I am a man who dresses like a man and as long as you hold the beliefs you do I don’t ever EVER want to be your friend. -_-

  • Robert W. Pierce

    This is only coming to light now? Someone was obviously asleep. Ban the moron.

  • ian123

    Wonder what he would have made of the London of the fifties and sixties with it’s “No blacks, no dogs” signs in the windows of boarding houses. How quickly people forget once they have got *their* equality.

    • Truth

      The once persecuted often become the persecutor. Poacher turned gamekeeper …. etc We have a duty to remind black people of their former struggle against oppression and the hypocrisy of now persecuting others simply for being who they are.

  • CHBrighton

    We don’t want him here. What message will his presence send to LGBT people back in Uganda?

  • rapture

    Why is our useless government welcoming extremists and terrorists like this dangerous hate merchant to continue to come here? Is the home office aware of this dangerous extremist?

    • nkj

      With May’s track record, I dare say that the Home Office organised his visit…..

  • Daniel

    Why does the UK think it it acceptable to allow this sort of “entertainment” with homophobic lyrics. It wouldn’t allow blatantly sexist or racist comments in such performances, but allows this..
    The hypocrisy about the Equality laws in the UK is revolting.

    • Not just the UK. The US allows Christians to preach some of the most revolting hate speech, but if it were a Muslim saying the same they would be in Guantanamo within a day.

      Remember the “Christian” who put a sign up outside his church calling for LGBT people to be stoned to death? Imagine if that were a Mosque. That would not have been allowed to happen, but in the US it’s okay if it’s nutty “Christians” inciting violence against LGBT people.

  • Ciaran

    Won`t this be deemed inciting hatred though? others were banned in the past for the same thing .
    After all this was one of the main reasons incitement to hared on grounds of sexual orientation was introduced in the first place?
    The Home Office and local authorities of where is performing need to be made aware of this ASAP.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Who is the booking agent that put him on the schedule? THAT’s the question that needs to be answered!

  • Binedra

    This man hates gays but has no problem coming to perform in a country that upholds the rights of its gay citizens? There must be a way to ban him! In the United States the LGBT community is seemingly more organised, because just a couple of months ago when a homophobic Jamaican singer was to perform in New York, they cancelled her booking after gay groups began protesting, so what’s up with the UK’s gay groups?

    • These people are hypocrites. They’ll preach hatred and violence when it makes them money, and then back-track when it makes them money.

      This man has less Christianity in his entire body than I do in my little finger, as a Pagan.

    • rapture

      Agreed , it would seem that in the States and some other countries, The LGBT communities are more aware politically and socially and more proactive and less passive to our enemies through complacency.
      Almost all the LGBT peeps I know in the uk are incredulously ignorant of what is going on, but it is true as a whole, most are disengaged from social politics.

  • Hmm, time to add both venues to my black list.

  • jordy

    “We must defend out culture and family.” And so must we Bozo the clown. What a fool.!

  • Craig Young

    His three wives, huh? Wonder what hatemonger Andrea Williams (Christian Concern) has to say about that? Oh look, another homophobic straight polygamist bigot.

  • white squirrel

    let him come – and discover what his [ undersold] audience thinks of him – with any luck he will be booed off stage

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    If they have banned the WBC from the UK can’t they ban him?

  • roamingcat

    The irony is that he has adopted the slave trader’s religion and moral code. If he returned to his african pagan roots he would discover a much tolerant teachings.

  • DCBrighton

    Don’t worry, our equalities minister, MP Nicky Morgan will be working hard to stop him getting into the country.

    Who am I kidding? She’s probably on his guest list.

    • Ra

      Sad, but true.

  • Ike

    Pink News why are you giving this nobody publicity?? I doubt anyone had even heard of him until today!!

    • Isn’t it better to know when venues we might go to are allowing scum like this to preach hatred while we’re not looking? I go to a lot of venues every year, and knowing these two companies are willing to host this cretin helps me, I can now cross both off my list and when another performer I know is due to tour I can let them know that these venues are not suitable for them.

    • Liam

      Yeah, people reading a gay news site will rush out and buy all of his records about ‘batty men’ and whatnot…

    • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

      I am not sure if he invited himself, attack those tht invited him, if his coming is a problem, then know, the problem is way back home….check yoselves

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    He should not be allowed to enter UK.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Why is this vile person even allowed into this country, let alone perform here?

    It’s shameful… ban him. After all this is clearly an incitement to hatred.

  • mike

    As a proud Gay Brummie I’d say stay out of our city!!!

    • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

      Go with yo gay patner….the city will two donkeys out

      • Liam

        Stick with commenting on websites in your native language until you can write a coherent sentence in English. “the city will two donkeys out”… seriously, what does that even mean?

        • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

          am not english, just tryin to have ma point reach its audience, am happy u got it……….thnk u gay boy

          • Anthony Harris

            Your point is invalid, Kasanvu. We don’t live in a bigot filled country with little or no hope of being accepted for who we are and we don’t have to accept people into the country that wish to murder people for being gay.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    With the recent cake debacle re equal marriage, I wonder if Christian Concern will be intervening to defend his ‘Christian’ beliefs? Let’s not forget, the vile harriidan Andrea Minichiello Williams defended Jamaica’s equally harsh anti-gay laws and urged harsher restrictions against LGBTI people.

    • She would claim it’s religious “freedom” to call for violence against others, but only when it’s Christians calling for violence against LGBT people.

      Funny how Islamic extremism is called that openly but Christian extremism is considered to be “religious freedom”.

  • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

    To you Bobiwine, u are a hero, this crap tht these fools are saying should scare u no more…..believe me, they also know the truth but its just because they wanna introduce their stinkin norms in their pants into us….we may be poor, but our we still walk heads up coz we know who we are, to u fools “homos”…….the time is now for u to realsie where u came from….mmmssstttewwwew…..feeling baaaaaaad

    • Liam

      Ramblings of a mad man.

      • Kasanvu Ivan Rodgerz

        Man with a shuttered anal cryin out loud…….madder

        • Liam

          I don’t know what anal has to do with anything, please keep your fantasies to yourself.

    • Liam

      BTW, thumbing up your own posts is pathetic.

  • I’ve emailed Birmingham council and Newham council about it, apparently it is a police matter, and Birmingham have passed it on to the police licencing department. Complaints to: or .No response from Newham yet.

  • rapture

    Anybody know what the home office said about this extremist?

  • Ilya Wazuhiru

    I’m really open-minded about people’s opinions. But why call him a musician? WTF?

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Morons attract Morons, so must be a few in this country, otherwise Why is he comming?

  • lee

    email the Home Secretary and request she bar this person from entering the UK:

  • DK

    Turn him around at Customs, at his own expense!

  • JW

    A homophobe and a thug it would appear. He seems to have a bit of a record of violence as back in 2009 he beat up fellow Ugandan musician Bebe Cool and put him in hospital, and this was ‘during’ a show in Kampala! Nasty piece of work that should not be allowed in. I am really fed up of people like this who don’t just spout homphobia in a one off incident, but record it as a music track and hope to distribute it around the world at will! Time for governments to put up a barrier to those who think they can peddle homophobia at will. Shame on those establishment who have booked him. I hope we get news of a cancelled concert or they can also suffer the backlash they deserve.

  • Twaib

    Comeon guys, Bobiwine is not going to sing to the chichimen, and for us who think that he is right, we will attend his show and we are badly waiting, and who the hell are you to say that he should not be allowed to come to UK, even our queen does not support gayism, thats total disrespect to the entire United kingdom, so ma fellow britons wachtout when commenting negatively to H.E the ghetto gladiator Bobi wine.

    • Liam

      Bobi Wine is a moronic bigot. What are you going to do, keyboard warrior?

  • Philippe
  • JW
  • JW

    Both Troxy and Drum theatres in London and Birmingham have now DROPPED Bobi Wine from performing telling promoters that their establishments will not allow someone who promotes discrimination. So thankfully for us this time the theatres have acted. What about the next homophobe? Still means we need to petition the Home secretary to stop to these vile people from entering the country in the first place.

  • mariaskay

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