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US: College denies it refused to house trans student

  • Erica Cook

    Okay, I heard this story somewhere else and was lead to believe that the young man in question had been expelled or refused admittence because he was transgender and that was why they were seeking the religious exemption. This isn’t even close to what is happening, but is more inline with what I would expect from Quakers. The reality is they are giving him housing, its just not with men or women, but individual housing. The reality is if he is pre-op they he could be at risk of hate crimes or even rape if put with the men. I have a strong feeling that there are parts of this that we are not hearing because this feels like it is being misrepresented. The Quaker faith is the most open, and accepting of the Christian groups I know. I simply don’t believe that they would ask for religious exemption for the purpose of discrimination, I do believe they might use a law that often was used for discrimination to allow someone a safer environment.

    • Alexander Kelso Shiels

      Why create work, just ask “What do you prefer?” and deal with it!

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