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PinkNews Editor to cycle London to Brighton to raise money for Terrence Higgins Trust

  • Rob

    How about people like Jeremy Joseph and Pink News’s editor support genuine grass roots HIV charities for a change instead of the corporate/third sector quangoes like THT who syphon off upwards of 70% of their income to running costs and staff perks and jollies? There are many unspoken people who quietly give of themselves to help HIV folk with little or no coverage or fanfare. Stop lining the pockets of the HIV charity careerists and start supporting the genuine HIV charities for once!

  • Sim Morris

    The writers and editors of this website are not public figures so this is not news.
    Just pointing that out.
    As for the THT – how much does its CEO earn per annum?
    How successful has THT been in reducing HIV infection rates.
    The THT strikes me as a thuindering failure as a charity.

    • Rob

      Exactly. Perhaps Pink News should be known as Pink Mafia from now on, since it appears to be part of an elite and closed group of bodies who seek to promote and protect each others’ interests at all costs. A money-making racket in other words.

      • Sim Morris

        Pink News has really lost all credibility over the past year with its constant self-promotion; promotion of the Tory Party; promotion of religion; acceptance of sponsorship money from a company – Stoli vodka – which is funding homophobic repression in Russia.
        It really does seem like a racket.
        Again – how is this article (or any article about the writers on this website) news?
        And no-one bothers to research or proofread the articles it cuts and pastes from other websites.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    We must all demand that when people in CPs convert to marriage they are issued with a full and proper Marriage Certificate! Please sign the following petition, and spread the word! A slip of people acknowledging only a conversion is simply not good enough, not equal marriage.

  • UglyGeezer

    This really does suck a bit PN. Charity is good and I’m sure the motivation is noble, but THT are a poor chice. Very distasteful to seemingly brag about it so publicly as well. I’m wincing at myself posting this, but it’s true.

    I’m H,I.V+, I was in a bad way a few years ago and had a complete breakdown in many area of my life. My first thought was to ring THT, they were completely useless.

    It wasn’t until I accidentally came across a tiny local charity I was able to get the help I needed. I actually detest THT and their treatment of me as a result.

  • Rob

    Didn’t James Corden recently win £30k for THT on Deal or no Deal? Like they really need more easy money care of Pink News. Suckers!

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