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Video: Watch the first trailer for ‘The Imitation Game’ Alan Turing biopic

  • Jones

    Looks incredible. I hope the film will raise the profile and awareness of someone who is a national hero, who was treated so mercilessly by the government.

  • Gerry Ahrens

    Kent University in Canterbury has a new college named Turing. This follows on from Keynes and Woolf colleges. However, Kent Uni. also has as a strong LGBT history, having hosted the first UK Lesbian Conference in 1974, from which came the proposal for the 6th Demand of the women’s movement on sexuality. It was one of the first Univs to support and fund GaySocs, and the sociology department leading the way in promoting pro-LGBT theories. I know cos I was there in those heady days! Turing would be smiling at the changes….and the honours.

  • Alan

    Actually looks good from the trailer, being a bit of a Turing anorak I hope it is true to life and not your typical Hollywood view of history

  • Christopher in Canada

    Is “complicated love interest” a euphemism for “she wanted him but he didn’t necessarily want her, but due to the era, dined and danced with her a lot”?

    Anyone else here bogged down with Pinknews’ new “recommended for you”, “follow” and “add this” banner pop-ups? My computer is like molasses for the last several days while here.

    • MicroSupport

      Yep …
      Not to mention the ‘convenient’ links to Facebook, Twitter & G+ … which have, thankfully been reduced in size. I won’t subscribe to Soc Nets and I certainly won’t be swayed by “Recommended for you” – note that I do have a mind of my own and don’t spend my online time clicking spurious links.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    As the old stereotypes die, one by one, mankind will finally have to admit, and most likely, grudgingly, that we gays have contributed, throughout history, much toward the betterment of the world

    • clive

      yes, this man contributed immensely to civilisation but I just can’t imagine what more he could have done toward its progress – but for our ignorance!

      • JonParker

        It was only this year that his 1952 work “The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis” was validated by practical experiment with the results exactly as he hypothesised which has opened up a whole new avenue of robotics. How much further would we be if he hadn’t been chemically castrated for being gay?

  • George Broadhead

    It is a great pity if Turing’s biographer, Andrew Hodges, is correct in claiming that Turing’s gayness is played down in the film.
    I don’t expect any reference will be made to his atheism as this would be perceived to be at odds with his heroic achievements.

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