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Bryan Fischer: Obama is ordering Christians to ‘drop dead’ by outlawing discrimination

  • Pablo

    Yes, hopefully.

  • Mae Rogers
    • Roku

      Spot on

  • StealthGaytheist

    Religious groups always have their hands out for government money, but whinewhine when they have to obey government rules/laws. Why should they be given special rights?

  • Kris Weibel

    This guy is nuts…and yeah, Religious won’t turn away from money. Shouldn’t he be out molesting some child?

  • Truth

    For once, Bryan, you are correct!!!!

  • David_in_Houston

    If you actually NEED to discriminate against other human beings in order for you to live your life, then YES, maybe you should drop dead. The world will be a better place without you harming other people.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    Filthy, vile pig, the world is leaving you farther and farther behind. Wake up and see for yourself. (Sorry, pigs). It won’t be too soon, when we’ve seen the last of you and those of your filthy ilk.

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Thank you for qualifying your remarks to the porcine community. They don’t deserve the association.

  • Philip Marks

    Well, no. You have choices. You can (a) not discriminate (b) make your money someplace else. Kinda like thos who say (a) I dn’t like homos (b) I won’t serve them at my lunch counter, they can go someplace else to eat…

  • Glen Hague

    Yes of course he is Bryan. Just keep taking your medication……

  • Jean Ihenry

    I don’t think that Obama said that, but I would support him if he did order homophobic Christians to drop dead.

  • mattinlasvegas

    That’s right me fisher so would you please speed it up and get cracking. Chop chop and drop dead. We don’t have all day to sit around and wait for you to get your act together.

  • Craig Young

    In that case, Mr Fisher, please don’t let us detain you on this earthly plane! And insofar as dropping dead goes, unfortunately your brain seems to have predeceased your body, especially your mouth.

  • Monty Gaither

    Mr. Fischer, The president is NOT telling you to drop dead. He is telling you that you can be as superstitious as you want to be. You can believe whatever nonsense you want to believe. However, if you want to work with the federal government you must not discriminate. So if you want to continue to act in a bigoted way, then do not work with the federal government. Stop spreading obvious BS, accept the law as it is.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    I’d much rather he remain alive so that when all is done and settled and we’ve attained our full and equal rights, each time he opens his mouth to utter something, we will have a veritable encyclopedia of all his lies and begin to drag them out to show everyone what a true psychopath sounds like. He’ll be like a sideshow freak, everyone looking at him and clicking their tongues. Let him wish for death but have to complete his miserable life in his own self created hell. I’d say that that’s a fitting punishment

  • Steel_Man

    They’re all so keen to get to Heaven and prove how perfect and right they all were, I say, have at it. The sooner the better and this guy should lead the way.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Hey Bryan, I’d lend my support to that idea.

  • sJames6621

    This is all about creating fear and paranoia which leads to hatred, and contributions.

    Its reported he collects 20 million $$ a year for this crap, He’s the perfect example and one of the best since hitler re getting normally sane and rational people to be raving lunitics like him
    In places like Israel, Canada and Germany He’d be in jail or kicked out of the country for hate speech

    bTW he’s from the Idaho family values alliance, another example of how family, values, and morality are code words for hatred . Idaho is loaded with mountain men who live in compounds, brought up without any interface with the diverse world, and many of them are also neo nazis. His name btw is the german for fishcer

    HIs actual group is in Tuepelo MIss, he’s of course also a racist

  • Rob

    This imbecile needs to get a life instead of worrying about equality for gay couples!

    If you are not gay then it will not affect you in the slightest or are you worried that because gay people will get equality you will ‘suddenly’ become gay or want to marry your pet horse or something you intolerant homophobic redneckin’ fool!

    • Truth

      This man has two reasons for his obsession with homosexuality. 1: He is clearly a closet case. 2: He makes loads-a-money by appealing to vile bigots.

  • Paul Johnson

    If all they have is the negative to define them then thinking people will soon see them for what they are and their ilk will fade away as in Darwin’s survival of the better ideas, and the brain dead will rally to them and go down with them like rats without the sense to leave the sinking ship.

  • jlvnv

    Actually the Executive Order shouldn’t be interpreted as “drop dead” by the christians. It’s very clear that it’s a big F*** You. I like that a lot better.

  • Daniel

    Oh well… if you want to drop dead because you feel that your permission to discriminate is now being removed, then don’t let anyone stand in your way.

  • Dolly Digest

    Obama is doing no such thing – but should you feel the need to follow such a Presidential order Fischer please feel free.

  • Mal

    Funny how closet queens are always the most homophobic. Methinks thou prostesteth way too much Bryan.

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