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Anti-gay Archbishop: Homophobia isn’t ‘truly unjust’ because sexual behaviour is a choice

  • UglyGeezer

    No, that fake tan was a choice and if there were a God he would be more offended by that.

  • Billy

    So is being religious. So I guess by his logic I can preach anti-religion and ban religious customers from my workplace. Cool!

    • Steven Gregory

      Denver has a very popular bread bakery that has numerous humanist signs posted, such as “When religion ruled the world, it was known as the Dark Ages.”

      Several customers have complained and they receive one of three replies:
      “We sell bread. Would you like some bread?”

      “While you’re making up your mind, please allow me to serve the person behind you.”
      “Please leave, you will not be served here.”

  • JD


  • Lorenza70

    I no a few Homoromantic Asexuals who would disagree on basing their life around sex.

    • Steven Gregory

      And I know numerous gays and lesbians who are waiting for their life partner and do not have sex with anyone who isn’t a candidate.

  • Angela_K

    I see, being Gay is OK if we don’t have sex, just like you sexually repressed Priests. This moron looks like a closet case to me.

    • Steven Gregory

      He looks like he knows the texture and flavor of human flesh.

  • GulliverUK

    The real question is that when he was stopped for drunk-driving — who was the young man in the passenger seat, and why did the press not discuss it?

    I think there are parallels between Keith O’Brien and Salvatore Cordileone, a self-hating cardinal who has everything to lose and nothing to gain by being open and progressive. No gay person would befriend him if he came out. I prefer to pretend he’s not a severe closet case, because he has been so destructive and heinous, and we don’t want anyone like that as part of our community.

    • Johnny

      I think your comparison with O’Connor may well be correct. I hope there are a few young priests/seminarians who are willing to come forth and spill the beans. It would be nice not to have to see his face or hear from him again.

      • Rumbelow

        O’Brien actually, but yes, smug hypocrite Cordileone is so obviously closet and trying to cover his homosexuality it’s just really embarrassing.

        • Johnny

          Sorry, O’Brien

    • Steven Gregory

      Thanks for this. Gay press should take this up and press both authorities and The Godfather for answers.

  • NickDavisGB

    I think it’s time all priests should be subjected to a medical examination to ensure their purity.

    • Mumbo Jumbo

      I think it’s time all priests should be subjected to a medical examination to ensure their sanity.

      • Truth

        There’d be an awful lot of ‘fails’.

    • Steven Gregory

      I think it’s time all priests should be subjected to waterboarding to ensure they’re not lying.

  • Cal

    Oh no, it’s that Thornbirds arsehole again! I don’t get why it bothers him so much what other people do in bed. Twisted.

    • Falconlights

      LMAO. He does look like that guy from “The Thornbirds”, doesn’t he? He’s probably all bothered because he isn’t getting any.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        “Dr. Kildare”, the actor Richard Chamberlain. Yes, a definite likeness. And Chamberlain was gay. And also not exactly an activist!

        • Falconlights

          The parallels are interesting, aren’t they?

        • Cal

          It’s sad when people stay in the closet but Chamberlain (of whom I am a fan) comes from a different generation. He was right to fear coming out in show business. Few if any did. He did eventually discuss his sexuality in his book Shattered Love. I’ll be cutting him a lots more slack that the evil purple closet queen.

  • JackAlison

    yes well maybe he should get his own house in order with proven allegations of child abuse and kiddie fiddling in every country on earth that his multi national organzation touches……its NOT a good look to be talking about family values while at the same time raping the kids?!

    • Steven Gregory

      The publicly awarded fines (not including out-of-court settlements) have already surpassed THREE BILLION DOLLARS in the United States alone.

  • Falconlights

    Eff off, Don Cordileone! This twit makes me more happy every day that I am no longer a Catholic. I would love to know who that young man was who was with him when he got stopped for drunk driving.

  • Bikerman

    He ought to be on his knees begging the forgiveness of LGBT people everywhere for the hateful treat that the Church continues to dish out. He could do well to meditate on the words of Desmond Tutu regarding sexual minorities and more recently the Finnish Lutherian church leader with similar sentiments.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Salvatore Cordileone, a prat who prances around in a skirt, whose facial appearance and expression just screams “I’m really a gay man!”, who actually believes in the gobbledegook of supernaturalism, who apparently is celibate and “chaste” and has therefore never experienced the pleasure of a sexual relationship with anyone, thinks that who we ARE is merely “a behaviour” that we choose!

    Why does he think this? Because Cordileone knows that HE has chosen to deny HIS sexuality. So he thinks that we too should and can do the same. The trouble is Salvatore Cordileone has FAILED to live the life of a healthy heterosexual! He lives the life of sexually self-repressed cultist loon! He therefore has no right to pronounce on anything.

    I suppose with the medieval lunatics of ISIS and Boko Haram running amuck in the Middle East and Africa we shouldn’t really be surprised that there’s a medieval lunatic called Salvatore Cordileone spouting similar nonsense and idiocy in the middle of San Francisco!

    • Steven Gregory

      The ArtchBITCHop

  • A choice? So is practicing a religion.

  • Halou

    Don’t worry Mr catholic archbishop, the choir boys will all be in on Sunday. Just one more day to wait.

  • Ray

    …. Says a man wears a frock every day; and a bright pink cap !!! ‘Cardinal sins’ perhaps; along with his… ‘ ignorant bronze age views’ ( Bertrand Russell on Christianity)

  • Brian Apple

    Well, sexual behaviour IS a choice. The Archbishop is correct on this. However, homophobia is much more than a fear of sexual behaviour between persons of the same sex. It’s also a fear of thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings…and ultimately self.

    • Psychologist

      Your wrong ! One’s sexual orientation (whatever that may be) is NOT a choice. it is fixed around our birth.
      You’re also wrong about homophobia too.
      HomoPHOBIA is the fear of one’s OWN suppressed homosexuality !

      However, believing in some fictitious “sky-god” IS a choice – a DELUDED choice !

      • Liam

        He didn’t say orientation was a choice, only behaviour. I agree that it’s pretty much a hobson’s choice for most, but it’s still technically correct.

  • ktah

    If he follows his own argument then he must think that discrimination against people based on their religion is truly just, because religious beliefs are definitely a choice. He should have a read of Matthew 19:12 where Jesus said some men by their nature will not be inclined towards marriage with women and that those men are “born that way”. Jesus described the inclination of those men as their birthright, and not a choice.

    • Truth

      You have fallen into the trap of debating and quoting the contents of a novel as if the views and stories expressed therein are worthy of any credence. They are not. IT”S A LOT OF MADE UP NONSENSE WRITTEN BY MEN WUTH AN AGENDA! Please. Let’s leave silly fairy stories in the nursery where they belong and not discuss them as if they are in any way credible and important.

      • ktah

        I understand completely what you’re saying and I myself am not in any way religious. I have no tolerance for organised religion. The thing is that this archbishop and many others do give credence to certain parts of the bible in an effort to justify their prejudice. I’m trying to point out their hypocrisy in the way they only focus on certain parts of that book while they overlook or dismiss other parts that don’t suit their prejudiced argument. The fact remains that these homophobic “christians” are not following the teachings of love, compassion and inclusiveness and lack of judgement that are meant to be at the heart of their religion.

  • Rumbelow

    Sexual behaviour is entirely natural for human adults, abstaining from sexual behaviour is an unnatural choice.

  • CHBrighton

    So he took up a job as a cardinal after The Godfather series ended? He should have stayed in the movies as the words he spoke were written by someone else and made sense. His own do not.

  • cw

    Is it time to remove tax exempt status of the church?

    • Truth

      Yes it is! LONG overdue. In order to enjoy the guarantees and privileges of citizenship, like Freedom of Speech, I think people must pay tax. If these geeks want to continue to be able to abuse their fellow Americans, let them pay tax like everybody else. ‘Belief’ is a choice. Sexuality is not ….. unless, of course, you choose to DENY your TRUE sexuality and you CHOOSE to be STRAIGHT like this vile, self-loathing closet queen.

  • Tom Tait

    So, that would be a slight, if not veiled, admission that AS a “Christian” he is making discrimination permissible? Uh huh….. Choice? Let’s see three queens (me one of them) and a lesbian in my family? …. choice huh? Spin again Vannah. Oh and nice gown….

  • Steven Gregory

    So says the high priestess of the Cult of Pedophilia from his luxurious position of poverty and humility.

    That creepy smile of his looks like his teeth know the texture of human flesh.

    • Truth

      Haha. Everything about him stinks of deceit and hypocrisy. Our innate human instincts tell us when something doesn’t ring true. Our self-preservation mechanism kicks-in. Me thinks this lady doth protest too loudly

      • Steven Gregory

        The ArchBITCHop

  • labman57

    Sexual activity is a choice, sexual identity is not. There is a distinction here than most social conservatives refuse to recognize.

    Socially-regressive Christian conservatives will always contend that homosexuality is a choice and that it “goes against the natural order of things”.

    Rational discussion is pointless. They HAVE to maintain this point of view, because the alternative — the idea that being gay is a congenital, perhaps even genetically-based sexual orientation — would mean that God made gays the way they are. Which would imply that to condemn homosexuality would be to condemn God’s will.

    It’s enough to make their narrow-minded heads explode.

  • Ullrich Braun

    Henk Heithuis died in 1958 in his early twenties, tormented for years by the sexual abuse of Catholic priests. After he tried to expose his abusers, he was castrated in a Catholic hospital by a Catholic doctor under the advice of a Catholic psychiatrist to”cure him of his perverse sexuality.” Der Spiegel,May 4th, 2012

    In the Netherlands alone it is estimated that since 1945 between 10,000 and 20,000 children have been sexually abused by Catholic priests enabled by their prelates. Der Spiegel, Dec 17, 2011

  • Emma Butler

    Quite honestly I think Mrs Brown said it best: “Father if you aren’t playing the feckin’ game, you don’t get to write the feckin’ rules!!”

  • sJames6621

    This a hole spoke in DC at the NOM march for (segregated from gays) marriage
    they claimed that 250000 would come. It was more like 1500 to 2000.

    AS for below, the young man in question was almost certainly his BF, a young seminarian. Cordileone btw was stopped for drunk driving

  • sJames6621
  • metta8

    It sounds like he still has a drinking problem.

  • Palto

    His first concern should be the ‘sexual behavior’ of the priests right under his nose so to speak.

  • Peter Bird

    If homophobia is discrimination against homosexuals, this nasty-mouthed archbishop should remember that both arch-conservative Benedict XVI and the current Pope have said that homosexuals should be welcomed and treated with love and kindness.

    The Catholic Church has always taught that sex outside marriage is sinful, so logically that would include gay sex. However, why do all these senior members of the clergy constantly harp on about gay people when a far greater number of straight people fornicate and commit adultery?

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