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US: Flyers for ‘Straight White Guy Festival’ distributed in Ohio

  • David

    Ironically hetties already have a name for this type of gathering – Sausage fest!

    • Steven Gregory

      What about St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Founder’s Day… aren’t they all excuses to Tonk your Honky?

  • Lewis Brand

    This is so obviously a tongue in cheek send up! Check out the poster ‘celebrate’ is purposely misspelled to almost read ‘cellibate’ lol

    • TampaZeke

      Have you ever been to Ohio? The spelling on the poster is pretty much par for the course.

    • Jean Ihenry

      The poster was done by the same people who make the tea party protest signs, which are also full of misspelled words. such as: “Obama was a crisis of competnce”, “No lard, No Pork, No Stimulas”, “Keep Govment out of Medicade, dammit”.

  • Bill

    Great. Everything will smell like onions and farts.

    • Steven Gregory

      I see we’ve been to the same State Fair… once.

  • TampaZeke

    Don’t let the fact that 99% of ALL festivals in Ohio are “Straight White Male Festivals” get in the way of your persecution complex. I just don’t know how straight, white, Christians survive all the persecution and oppression they endure in America. It’s time for the United Nations and Amnesty International to come to their defense.

    [end snark]

    • Tom O’Bedlam

      Generalize much. It’s Jazz and Ribs Fest here this weekend. There won’t be a white face in a twenty block radius of downtown. If this straight “event” is real, I might just show up with my bear metal band, play a drunken set and then start making out with my drummer.

      • TampaZeke

        You provided the 1%. What’s your point?

        • Maryland Kid

          He does have a point. I mean, Ohio is often characterized as this extremely White, kind of boring Great Lakes State, and of course it’s always fun to make jokes to that effect. But Cleveland is a city of 3 million; it’s larger than Manchester in the U.K.. Columbus and Cincinnati both have 2 million people each. That’s hardly 1%.

          Though of course this festival would be stupid anywhere, even the middle of Manhattan, the Magnificent Mile or Hollywood.

    • Steven Gregory

      When they start to lose their right to be openly biased, they feel oppressed.

  • Larry

    You just know that is going to be a real “classy” get together.

  • Jase

    This is too aggressive, I think they should just stick to the old title:

    “Republican Convention comes to Cincinnati, Ohio”.

    An old fashion title, but it still makes the point.

    • Steven Gregory

      Thanks for the idea! Denver is one of the finalists for the GOP national convention — which I don’t understand, because the nearest Chik-Fil-A, Cracker Barrell and Applebee’s are miles from the city center. If Denver is chosen, I’ll have to craft some HONKEYFEST fliers with a Gun Admiration reception and “Tiny Gene Pool” reception where you can soak your webbed toes.

  • That There Other David

    Why not add right handed into that mix, go for the full set?

  • I bet the smell of despair and cheap deodorant will linger for days

    • Steven Gregory

      AXE (It smells like AXE in here!)

  • Truth

    Now, why would anyone have to advertise the fact they are ‘straight’? Could this simply be a case-of-closet-case gone mad? Why do these ‘straight’ men feel so threatened? It’s not as though straight guys have been exactly invisible, is it? So, is this simply a reaction to their inner, suppressed gay being more and more challenged every day? They are so self-loathing for having experienced gay fantasies that they fear it may not be showing, publicly … and they are STILL determined to protect that oh-so-straight image? Just grow the f**k up!!! Some people are gay – so are straight. Is it really necessary to, ‘protest too loudly’ …?

  • Johnny

    Of course they will have to get their wives’ permission to attend.

    • Steven Gregory

      I can hear them begging now: “Come on Sis…”

      • Jon (Malaysia)

        As in “Good morning, cousin Ma.?”

        • Steven Gregory

          Yup. As in “Your sister had her baby and he has your eyes.”

  • gertieonherknees

    when straight white males are deigned, abused, murdered and outlawed, then by all means stand up and be counted. but as all of the above don’t apply to you. SOD OFF AND STOP TAKING THE PISS.

    • InvisibleZombie

      Boy, as a gay man I so disagree with what you just said. Since when does any race or sexual orientation or gender of person have to have that one extra qualifying clause, * “Must have been repressed or discriminated against.”, in order to hold a gathering? You think white males have ruled every continent of the entire Earth for all time? Interesting historical tidbit I must have missed. No racial group has ever had a history where every person was immune to suffering and poverty, pain and abuse. The more you rail against this, the more you’re actually creating a discriminated group!

  • Jones

    “EVERYONE WELCOME”. That is of course if you are a straight white guy.

  • Maryland Kid

    Well, if they’re looking to hold a ‘straight white guy festival’, they’ve definitely gone to the right State.

  • And

    These flyers do conjure up images of middle-aged (and probably single) men with beer-stained sports shirts covering ample beer bellies. But that is probably unconscious bias. I am a strong supporter of people being allowed to form their own collectives, provided the objective is not solely to disadvantage others whether by petty discrimination or outright violence.

    The organisers of this event would do well to contact the organisers of Columbus Pride for tips and advice on running a successful event appealing to a particular sexual orientation demographic. This could be a double-edged sword, because they could be asked to explain why they seem to want to exclude gay and bisexual men, many of whom like nothing more than a few beers and a bit of music. After all many LGBT pride events are not only open to straight people, but actively welcome them – as friends, family members and allies.

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    I doubt anyone will show up.

  • Jeff Levy

    So If I show up does that mean I just turned it into a GAY Festival??

    Oh wait my bad it’s already going to be a Gay Festival (Sausage ONLY Festival ) MORE so than I our Pride Parades WE invite GIRLS and all Races and they invite us…

    So IF I have this right these “Straight White Guys” are hates of Gays YET we Gay’s party with Girls and these “Straight White Guys” ONLY want to Party with “Straight White Guys” YEP they are Gayer than we are they should rename it to
    “Straight White Guys in closets” or “Closet Straight White Guys” and they can build some small photo booth size boxes to really kick it with a small bench and Padded flooring…


    I bet I could make a killing off selling Lube and Condoms there..

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    In the US, recent census shows about 73% caucasian and 80% strictly heterosexual. Dusting off my calculator, I get 58%. Remove the 51% that are natural estrogen factories results in 29% of the US population are white, straight, males. It is true they are in the minority. BUT, even though they are only 29% of the population…

    “A big part of the lack in diversity on the [Fortune 500 companies] list is the lack of diversity among executives overall. Women hold few of the top jobs at major companies. There are now 22 at the helm of Fortune 500 companies with Lynn Good’s appointment as CEO of Duke Energy in July, which means less than 5 percent of those positions are filled by women.

    Top executives are also not racially diverse. Among Fortune 500 CEOs, six are black, making up just 1.2 percent. There are eight Latino and eight Asian CEOs, accounting for just 1.6 percent each.

    But even when they reach the highest rungs, women are still paid less than their peers. They make up just 8 percent of the top earners at Fortune 500 companies. They are similarly 8 percent of the top five compensated executives at S&P 500 companies, or only 198 total. Not a single company has more than three women among the best paid execs. In fact, there is just as wide a gender gap at the top as elsewhere: Women who among the highest paid executives at S&P 500 companies are paid 18 percent less than their male peers.”

    [ ]

    It’s not the head count that matters, it’s the power they hold. It’s very difficult for the 10 severely underpaid servants to pity the land owner.

  • JD

    So essentially a lot of belching, farting str8 men in a bar or field – these breeders really haven’t got a clue… Pathetic

  • Medy Art

    3 in 1 : Racist – Sexist – Homophobic / a condensed illiterate meeting!

  • NickDavisGB

    I wonder how busy Grinder will be ?

  • Steven Gregory

    We already have this festival in Colorado, it’s called “The Promise Keepers,” where nearly every “leader” in the group is divorced or convicted of domestic violence. The founder was a coach at CU Boulder, his daughter became pregnant and the potential father was one of three CU football players, all African-American.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Here comes the Rape Float, followed by the War Float, the Assault Float and the Beergut Marchers! Notice their gangsta long shorts and black socks with sandals!

  • Ben

    This is just stupid, I don’t think who ever did this understands our pride parades.
    Firstly their flyer is racist, at least our pride parades welcome people of all nationalities.
    Secondly, though its LGBT Pride, we totally welcome straight people to join in.
    Thirdly, our parade is about support, equality, love and acceptance.
    This flyer seems to be totally about hate and resentment.


    can you imagine the gloey hole business?

  • Chris in LA

    Let ‘s be fair about this. There are very few “men only” events or venues apart from strip clubs and women are not barred from going to them. Colleges and universities are now open to men and women, but there are still educational establishments that are for women only. Since the start of the feminist movement the straight, white male has been blamed for everything that is wrong in the world. Just think of the many countries in Africa and Asia that blame their new anti-gay laws on the influence of the straight white male. Blaming the white male is now such a knee-jerk response to every ill, that I am bored and annoyed by it.

    Within the world population as a whole the straight, white make really is one of the minority groups. What is wrong with some of them wanting to get together and enjoy being who and what they are? Every one of us wants to enjoy being who and what we are and many of us like the idea of celebrating that in company with others. It is true that heterosexuals enjoy almost every event, but they are usually attended by both genders. So, this is for men only. Good luck to them, say I.

    If the event is not a real one and flyers are simply a jest, then I am prepared to enjoy the joke.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      I concur. If it’s genuine, let’s give straight whitey a bit of time to himself!

  • InvisibleZombie

    It’s fine with me. I disagree with Premo that it has anything to do with “some kind of struggle going on” for straight white guys. That’s not and should not be the point. If a group of black gay men, or women, wish to hold a gathering and they have a right to then this is a right also. We often gather together with like persons, it’s natural in society. The day we say that straight white men cannot gather together is the day we say that no one can have an exclusive event. And it does say everyone welcome.

    Is it making fun of gay or even racial minority organizations? Who cares, we can take it. Could it be used for a hate group? Could be, who cares, bigots have a right to gather together as well. I hope it’s real, I hope people go, it get’s publicity, I hope they have fun and be themselves. I’d want them to hope the same for me!

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