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AIDS activists killed in Malaysia Airlines plane crash

  • Halou

    Other reports have it that the aircraft was shot down by anti-air weapons systems. Though there is a lot of back and forth about it, nobody has firmly admitted responsibility.

    • Rick

      The dilemma is academic at this point. It was the Orthodox terrorists, armed and supported by Russia, who did it. They shot down several Ukrainian planes over the past few weeks. They boasted about shooting down this one, until they realised an international backlash was building up.

      Russian media aren’t even reporting about the crash, apart from RT, which is promoting outlandish conspiracy theories. That to me is a clear evidence they did it.

      While all loss of innocent human life is tragic, there is something symbolic in the fact that dozens of victims among those AIDS activists were most likely gay. So after declaring himself the political leader of the world’s homophobia movement, he now has our blood on his hands. Putin is officially our butcher, our Hitler, and he has to be stopped.

    • The recordings released by the Ukrainian government clearly show a hired Russian goon in E Ukraine telling their employer – a Russian military leader – that they shot it down.
      There is also an unconfirmed report that someone used a rebel Twitter account last month to warn of an attack on a civilian plane in a months time. If that was true, then this was not an accident and it was a deliberate act of state-sponsored terrorism.

  • guest

    RIP all those wonderful people who died too soon due to stupidity. Let us hope this will be a wakeup call to the world. We can accept each other as we are, including faults and oddities or kill each other. Choose!

    RIP good people.

    • Rick

      Putin’s choice is always to kill.

      • Scrupulous.Geographer

        So why are we appeasing him?

  • rapture

    Bet the bloody, homophobic Russian liars will be pleased that so many innocent, brave activists fighting aids were killed.

    • anon

      Putin (the insane dictator) was the only leader who’s “condolences” were politicized and laced with threats.

      • Scrupulous.Geographer

        So why are we appeasing him?

        • You keep asking this, but the fact is we’re not. There are already massive sanctions on numerous Russian companies and individuals, and it was somewhat of an appropriate response.

          However, now, there needs to be more than just sanctions.

          • Scrupulous.Geographer

            Massive? They are anything but massive! they are quite moderate and many countries, incluging Germany, were very soft on Putin until now.

          • Scrupulous.Geographer

            I think that the sanctions are the only way, alternatively – immediate inclusion of Ukraine in the NATO, if the country wants it, like we did with Greece. that discourages Putinist bullies

      • And he’s just been on again basically accusing Kiev of shooting it down. This is while all available evidence suggests it was hired Russian goons in E Ukraine. The man is a sick, evil, twisted and mentally deranged individual, and it’s about time the rest of the world came to terms with this.

        People have been saying for months that the man has lost his mind. I fully believe that he has.

    • Scrupulous.Geographer

      So why are we appeasing him???

  • Craig

    So so heartbreakingly sad. Hope families get chance to have their loved ones back home. RIP, sweet dreams X X

    • Scrupulous.Geographer

      There is no life after death. They are dead now. We must find those responsible for it.

      But yes, words of sympathy to the families and friends.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Putin’s fingerprints are all over this, acording to him and his nutters of followers “Aids is a GAY plague”. his country should be treated with contempt its ” follow the leader” mentality. Justice should win out in this barbaric act by idologs who have no sense of humanity.

    • Scrupulous.Geographer

      So why are we appeasing him???

      • Alexander Kelso Shiels

        Because we have the likes of Cameron and Obama to busy appeasing their rich friends and dead scared of him as the bully he is! Send the Troops in to safeguard the investigators whether he like it or not.

        • Scrupulous.Geographer

          Like that.

  • James

    RIP. Let’s also remember the 100’s of palisteians being murdered too.

    • Darule Vozhak

      Please I beg you, sod off and don’t flame a tragic story, there are millions or threads all over the internet for you to go argue about the middle east where people will happily engage with you. Try your best to be sensitive to the tragedy of the lost lives on this flight.

    • Josh

      James ?? really or is it you Muhammad….?

  • PhillipSE5

    I’m weeping for England at this moment in time… words fail me for a f*****g change…. I’ll have to take time to get myself together before I can join in the discussion……. My condolences to everyone effected by the death of these good people….. sudden and unexpected deaths are always the most difficult to cope with…. been there, like most of us, I guess……………. Such a dreadful, tragic, unnecessary waste of life, of everything…………. got to go water the garden… that’s all I can do right now…..

    • clive

      Yes, look after yourself, but we’re not going to be intimidated into giving in – the fight against HIV/AIDS and homophobia will carry on. There is love in the world and I hope more people will arm themselves with it and, if not replace those lost, pick up their work.

  • Scrupulous.Geographer

    While Merkel and the rest are appeasing Putin… I mourn for the victims.

  • Aleksis Niskanen-Costa

    I am shocked. This is just insane! RIP and wish all the strenght in the world for all the families and friends of the deceased.

  • Steve-R

    The news this plane had been shot down was tragic enough! the irresponsible disregard for the lives of others is hard to comprehend. Perhaps more tragic to me is the people among the 100 activist is the probability they were “survivors” who overcame the challenge of their illness to devote time and dedicate effort to helping the improve the care and well being and lives of others.

    I am sure others in the 100 were professionals or people with knowledge which now won’t be imparted to the conference in Australia. We won’t know what has been lost.

    My heartfelt sympathy and condolences are with all families and friends of the 295 people who lost their lives, and especially with those of families of people living with HIV/AID’s who will have to live with the knowledge yet find it hard to comprehend how their loved ones who had courage and fortune to overcome many challenges to be alive, denied that right to a future and survival by a simple and cowardly act of terrorism which all the security checks in the world proved helpless to prevent. RIP.

  • This really is terrible, and such a loss. There were innocent people on that plane, AIDS activists, newlyweds, kids! It makes me feel sick to my stomach to think that someone deliberately targeted that plane, and they would have had to directly target it knowing that it was a passenger plane. You cannot mistake a passenger plane for anything else with the systems used.

    Make no mistake, if this was separatists in E Ukraine, RUSSIA is responsible for this. It was their weapon, probably their hired terrorists in Ukraine, and they are the ones who have done this intentionally.

    I’ve just seen Putin blaming Kiev. It’s sick, the man is a monster and it’s about time every decent country in the world started seizing Russian assets, closing their embassies, closing down companies in their hellhole country and blocking anyone from the Russian government from getting on any plane to anywhere. It’s time to shut their country down.

    No more playing around and being wimps about this, Russia is a dangerous, despotic country and Putin is a maniac, it’s time to start treating them that way.

  • Stephen Mead

    One more reason to light a candle, wear the ribbons, strive for faith…

  • Brian Apple

    Combining science with activism is dangerous. It corrupts science. It leads to a loss of scientific integrity and a rise of propaganda. This combination of AIDS science with AIDS activism is awful and disgusting.

  • Brian Apple

    A lot of you talk about the tragic waste of life on the plane. I agree. However, did you also get concerned when gay men were knowingly infecting others with the HIV virus as well as other pathogens? Where was your concern then? Did you get concerned when your fellow gays were engaging in highly promiscuous behaviour and drug use that made them vulnerable to illnesses?

    Perhaps you need to cut out the propaganda and realize that gay men must share the blame for promiscuous behaviour and its consequences.

    • Johnny

      I gather the anti-depressants haven’t quite kicked in yet Brian.

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      Blimey Brian, you’re up late.

      Just back home from dogging I guess.

      • Brian Apple

        Maybe you just don’t like the truth.

    • Joeoz

      I didn’t realize that you were allowed internet access in the funny farm!?
      You really are just an ignoramus and a troll…!
      Now take your medication and go back to bed…!

      • Brian Apple

        I agree with you. But one form of injustice is not grounds for another form of injustice. Gay men need to stop playing the victim card and start taking responsibility for their promiscuity, just like all men must.

  • Brian Apple

    Here’s a hint to men who enjoy sex with men: keep your zippers restrained. I know you are men. Like all men, you are horny. However, that does NOT give you the right to play the victim card for something which you helped to create.

    I’m not saying that HIV or other STD’s are distinctive to men who seek sex with men. Far from it. I’m simply saying that you cannot claim the moral high ground on these illnesses if you yourselves engage in a culture which is promiscuous and which markets promiscuity.

    • Frank Boulton

      You’re the only victim on this thread, Brian, with your constant whining that the world is wrong, because it’s full of people, who aren’t like you. You’re pathetic. Don’t forget to start taking your antipsychotic medication again tomorrow. This site isn’t for you. It’s full of survivors and battlers.

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