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Nicky Morgan calls constituent ‘typical man’ for questioning her anti-gay marriage stance

  • Sasha

    So, she’s dim, homophobic and sexist, too. What a superb choice, Dave!

    • gutaitas

      As a side note I think I have a cyber crush on your thumbnail :O

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        • gutaitas

          Go away. You’re weird.

    • Rumbelow

      Nicky Morgan is so totally miscast as equalities minister, dreadful.

      • Jen

        Let’s think about past equality ministers – Labour gave us Ruth “protect children from gays” Kelly, while her successor Harriet Harman openly mocked trans people from the despatch box as equality minister.

        Nicky fits right in!

        • Rumbelow

          Well yes, she fits right in as yet another travesty of a minister supposedly in charge of equalities and education.

  • David

    Arrogant, sexist man hating, homophobic B***h!

  • gregipoh

    Some spin doc said: “Hey Dave; ditch some of yer public schoolboy chums- it’s the ELECTION!! Maybe some of the electorate didn’t GO to public school; maybe some are women.

    Dave doesn’t really relate to women or understand them, or the need for some
    experience, so he picked some names outa the hat, or some fanciable
    women. Some women in that random pick are devastatingly ignorant and

  • Pablo

    It’s a trojan horse, much like the Islamic plot, conservatives are trying to fight a losing battle.

    • neku

      this wasn’t even about muslims and you made it about muslims. is this what it’s like, living in the UK???

      • David H

        It’s a similie – hence Pablo’s use of the word “like” – and he’s also referencing a plot by (bigoted) Muslim fundamentalists. That’s NOT the same as taking a pot-shot at Muslims, the majority of whom are perfectly lovely people.

        • neku

          lol ok sure. it totally wasnt a potshot. okay

          • David H

            I think it quite astute really, given her mantle of Education and Equalities – that’s an issue she’s going to have to tackle on a level Gove never did.

      • Pablo

        I was referring to the trojan horse scandal in faith schools that is being investigated, IN THE UK. Why are you even reading a UK website?

  • JackAlison

    she’s a “say n do anything” politician to stay in power
    BUT arent they all

  • patmac1

    Wow, how dangerous is she exactly?

  • neku

    wow it’s almost like she was baiting all of these misogynistic male commenters out of their holes

    • It’s not misogyny if the criticism is accurate. She is homophobic, she is sexist, she is rude, and she’s clearly not literate to a professional standard if her response is provided verbatim.

      That’s not what people deserve in an MP, an employee of the public.

      • Jones

        But she’s not just an MP. She has the education of all British children under her control.

    • TampaZeke

      Comments like hers don’t just bate misogynistic males; it’s CREATES them.

      • neku

        lol come on. it’s a woman’s fault that men are misogynistic? as trite as it is lets reverse that and make it about cis gay men because we all know that’s who the userbase of this site really cares about.

        “gay men that are public about their sexuality don’t just bait homophobic people, they create them”

        if youre able to see why a statement like that is incorrect, you can see why your comment is. that or you’re an unabashed misogynist that will hide your dislike of women behind your queerness, in which case i’ll just roll my eyes and stop replying

        • David H

          Your analogy is rather foolish – TampaZeke’s comment alludes to bigotry creating bigotry. Stop trying to be too clever for your own good.

        • TampaZeke

          Are you insane or just pretending to be? You took my comment and warped it and twisted it into something that didn’t resemble my point but in the process exposed your own prejudices. You clearly have a bur under your saddle with all things male, excuse me “cis male”, and particularly gay cis male.

          Look, your fears and anger and delusions aren’t mine. Don’t compare a gay person living openly with a person saying something sexist and offensive. If you’re going to make an analogy compare apples to apples.

          I suggest you seek professional help to deal with you fear and anger issues.

          And YES, it’s people like you who, through your angry attacks and insults, make enemies out of allies. You’re exactly who I was speaking of.

          And, let me say one more thing. I’m not the type to waste my whole day arguing with a fool so this is the last bit of time and energy that I will waste on you. Say what you will, I will not read it and therefor I won’t be responding.

        • Mark Y

          Issues. You’ve got issues. Sort your head out.

        • davevauxhall

          You are such a hypocrite you hide your misandry behind your gender identity denying use of stupid terms like cis and your insinuation that the “userbase” only cares about gay men and nothing for trans issues, lesbians or women. You seem unable to see why a statment like that is incorrect,

  • Johnny

    Something I have noticed over the years:

    When a man criticises a woman he is a chauvinistic pig but when a female criticises a man she is merely telling the truth.

    You gotta love the hypocrisy.

    • Raspberry

      Alas, you’d do well to get used to it — this is a favourite nugget of the armchair activists of the Facebook generation (and I say this as a begrudged member of said generation)

  • David H

    Dear Mrs Morgan

    Your e-mail is typical from a t**t, so I suggest you watch what the electorate do in ten months’ time and you will see for yourself.

  • TampaZeke

    British people, particularly men, should demand that she explain what she meant by that statement. And then, when she can’t come up with an explanation that isn’t patently sexist and offensive, then she should be forced to apologize. She should also lose her position. How can an openly sexist person lead a department charged with fighting sexism? You sure as hell can’t fight sexism against women with sexism against men.

    • Steven Gregory

      Your last sentence wraps up your comment beautifully. What a lazy thinker she is.

      In my experience with the uninformed, men seem to outnumber women when it comes to opposing equal marriage.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    What a stupid and moronic response to an email. How was his questioning “typical man”? Sorry (not sorry) Nicky but the fact is, you were/are equality minister and voted AGAINST a move of equality in marriage. If anything, your response is sexist.. Shall we add that to the growing list that includes bigot and homophobe?

    I really have very little to no hope in her ability to do her job when she is already causing problems before she has started the role properly.

    • Daniel

      They always say that the last refuse of the out-argued is name calling. This appears to be the case with Nicky Morgan – who has resorted to name calling rather than engage with one of her constituents.

      • Rumbelow

        I guess you mean ‘refuge’ rather than ‘refuse’ Daniel
        (safe in the knowledge you won’t call me a pedant after what you wrote in your comment).

        • Daniel

          Well spotted ;-) (and corrected)
          Although it was probably on my mind about the garbage she was spouting!

    • Flaminga77

      How about just plain stupid?

  • rapture

    A misandrist and homophobe, well, less than a year now to see her drift back to obscurity hopefully. How do the tories think putting these bigots like her and warsi anywhere close to equality is a good idea, shows how out of touch and clueless they are.

  • Gruffling

    Sexist and homophobic, get out of the government and go back to tumblr!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I very much suspect that a deal was struck between her and Cameron when taking on the new position for equalities, i.e. getting an exemption from handling implementation of the equal marriage legislation because of personal religious beliefs because it could cost her re-election since the majority of those who responded to the equal marriage legislation in her constituency far outnumbered those who were for it. Of course, this has to do with the election in 2015. I’m sure Lynton Crosby advised him to swing further to the right to win back would be defectors to UKIP and other disaffected Tories and Eurosceptics.

    What I find disturbing is that she was able to be relieved from implementing a piece of legislation because of her religious beliefs or face risking a chance of re-election. Who else in a cabinet position has been allowed to be exempt from specific legislation for any other reasons other than religious ones I wonder? Why should anyone get to pick and choose what they will not do? Why should this be tolerated? Imagine if working people told employers that they would not be prepared to do certain tasks required of them in their employment. They’d be shown the door. My only hope is that if she’s not in a safe district, she too will be shown the door in 2015. I also find it revealing why openly gay Tory MP Nick Boles has been given the remit to implement the marriage bill. Why not Sajid Javid who voted for the bill?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Make no mistake, Nicky Morgan, we will be watching to see what you do, every step of the way. You can be she’ll oppose mandatory sex education because of parents’ religious beliefs. As for tackling homophobia and bullying, she just doesn’t get it that opposing equal marriage also sends a signal to those so inclined to bully or worse, commit acts of violence. Yes Ms. Morgan, we will be watching and scrutinising every single move you make.

    • Steven Gregory

      One wonders why she went after this position or was selected: what qualifiers indicated she would be an excellent choice?

      • Rumbelow

        Nicky Morgan is a Christian who has stated that she considers it her duty to serve the “Word of God” as well as, rather begrudgingly, the needs of her constituents, which doesn’t auger well.
        In 2010 she voted against requiring academy schools curriculum to include personal, social and health education.
        As equalities minister she voted against same sex marriage, apparently unable reconcile it with her religious beliefs.
        She’s there to promote religious privilege and has demonstrated that she either does not understand what secularism entails or that she is determined to misrepresent secularism.

        • Steven Gregory

          Religion is the key to a padded cell where those who hate knowledge and discovery gather to bounce off its walls.

          • Rumbelow

            Nice one!

      • Robert W. Pierce

        I believe she was selected and it wouldn’t suprise me if Cameron’s campaign strategist Lynton Crosby, a right wing conservative had a hand in it. It’s a regressive step but one that will find favour among right wingers, religious nutters, Eurosceptics and UKIP sympathisers.

  • Bobbleobble

    Hopefully the people of Loughborough send her back into obscurity next year. A 3.5% swing will unseat her. Fingers crossed.

  • Roku

    ‘Typical of a man’… So she’s not only homophobic but also a sexist.

  • Colin Cass

    How can this Woman represent equality when She believes in Inequality! She is just a homophobic bigot!Plus the fact Do we Really want a woman with her views in Charge of educating the Nations Children!it like putting a rabid Dog in charge of a kindergarten!

  • Colin Cass

    Oh! & we are supposed to Vote for a Party which appoints this bigoted Homophobe

    into a Key government position?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    She would deny allegations of homophobia of course by simply stating the Tory mantra during the equal marriage debate…. “I can’t be homophobic because I have gay friends”. Saying they have gay friends means the majority of them may only know a few gay people which doesn’t make them friends of course.

  • Coemgenus

    As my MP I wrote to her last year about equal marriage, and she sent back a pro forma letter in which she basically said that she wasn’t going to vote for equality as she didn’t feel there was enough support for it and didn’t agree with it anyway. How that damned fool Cameron thinks he’ll get away with appointing this point of view into the education and equalities slot is beyond me. Obviously paying off some political debt somewhere to someone. She won’t last long.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      It was done specifically to appease the Christian right wing opposed to equal marriage, nothing more. Cameron deliberately appointed her and removed responsibility to win back their votes instead of staying home or just supporting UKIP as a protest. I smell Lynton Crosby’s hand in this. Even if there were overwhelming support among her constituents for equal marriage, her religious beliefs still would have prevented her from supporting it because it was a freedom of conscience vote. Religion always trumps everything else.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Let’s hope she’s not in a safe district come 2015.

  • Mikeylano

    David Cameron had better respond to this.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Has Cameron lost his mind? But there again all of this government have no sense!

  • Jase

    If there was ever a seat which Labour needs to give extra attention to in 2015, this is it.

    The short term Conservative Party benefit of passing equality, has been counter balanced.

  • That There Other David

    Dodges accusations of homophobia by playing the sexism card. Does she honestly believe anyone is stupid enough to fall for that?

    • Steve Cheney

      I don’t even get how it’s being deployed.

      It’s like someone made a joke to her about how feminists think women should win arguments just by being women, and she didn’t realise that they were joking and tried to literally do it.

  • Avalon666

    horribly typical tory !

  • john

    The amazing thing is that the BBC reporters were saying that Nicky Morgan took over from Gove becuase Gove had upset so many people and they needed votes from the teachers etc, how on earth is this woman going to get the conservative more votes! She’s already hated by the majority of people apart from the hard line Christians..

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I like this girl. I like her a lot. She has the usual extremists who plague
    PN running around in disgust. I really like her even more now.

    • Rumbelow

      And sadly, I like you less and less.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        Can’t see the problem you rum fellow. She’s just a minister of the Crown, in a Conservative lead government, put there by the people. Whom did you want in place, an ennobled Peter Tatchell? We can’t
        always get what we want, can we? At least I’m glad to say that we

      • lolsauce

        yo rumbelow, silly old bastard is a troll…cant you tell from his name and posting mannerisms? Capitilzing “crown”? Seriously? Total troll.

  • Steven Gregory

    An expected response from a pea-brained bigot.

  • Fur Beasty

    The Tories will look and sound more and more like UKIP as the general election approaches.

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