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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: I’m a spendaphobe, not a homophobe

  • Jones

    I hope the people of Toronto see sense and remove this man from office.

    Are you homophobic, Mr Ford?
    I like squirrels.

    • MrLittlejeans

      He is not only a homophobe and a bigot but at his very core he is an immature, reckless liar. He will be gone come October, guaranteed. (If not sooner).

  • Peeeps99

    Joining a standing ovation doesn’t cost a penny; and voting against helping the neediest in society is more likely to cost more money in the long run. But then it’s really not about the money is it Mr Ford

  • Ivan

    The latest polls show him at 22% support and dropping.

    It should be noted that all his major competitors for the upcoming civic election marched in the World Pride parade.

    If just a few months this poor excuse for a human will be turfed from office and relegated to the obscurity that he deserves.

    • Craig Young

      One should therefore beware of the extremely large crater that this corpulent individual will then leave after ejection. One suspects that (…) noxious substances (…) will be smoking from it (…) rather like the erstwhile mayor himself ;)

  • Jase

    So, after the 19 things Rob Ford has said or done while being Major, which are verifiablely homophobic, the 20th thing, apparently is not???

    The people of Toronto elected him. There are many of his types in North America and always will be, but it takes a special group of voters to elect one into office.

  • Mark Y

    How could this man get voted into office? Then again, how do 95% of political leaders get voted into office.

    • JSM

      Apparently the previous mayer enacted a visible tax that got people up in arms. He ran against the tax and was elected to remove it. Then he displayed his ignorance.

  • lee

    just watch this space this clown cannot control his behaviour -give him enough rope and he will hang

  • Steve_R

    There is an interesting contrast in the way people view homophobia, and Mayor Ford certainly exemplifies the negative when he won’t acknowledge LGBT even exist in Toronto. His family visits to the cottage were his traditional avoidance excuses for refusing to be at Toronto Pride, his refusal to praise the success of World Pride etc the list goes on.

    As a contrast I make a comparison of how different Mayors in different cities embrace Pride events… let’s take a look at Manchester Pride and the Mayors participation and sing along to Homophobia, keep in mind this is 2009 and you’ll see my example of contrast at 2:20. By contrast I can only say in 2014 the only thing Mayor Ford would be singing F-U to is Toronto and the people of Canada. In the next Toronto election I hope Canada says the same to him!

    • Steve_R

      Sorry that link didn’t connect!
      If it says the video doesn’t exist, just look for 2009 Manchester Pride Lily Allen does “F++K Y+u”

    • MrLittlejeans

      Don’t worry. I’m from Toronto. He won’t get reelected. He has absolutely no endorsements from any major newspaper, no support from business leaders, no support from any community groups or religious leaders. He’s polling in a distant 3rd place. There are other fantastic, intelligent and engaging candidates this time round, from the right and the left.

      • Steve_R

        I agree, listening to the CBC on a daily basis the only respite we had from his antics were when he was in rehab. (even then the debates raged)

        I seriously doubt that Toronto has had any one commended with as much respect or the credability Jack Layton brought to the city council. No one ever had to ask for his support, it was always there! consequently it is nice to see his widow Olivia Chow is running for the office of Mayor to displace Ford.

        I seriously think the only support Ford is going to get is in the form of Tee shirt ridicule “I’m NOT with Stupid”

        • MrLittlejeans

          I’m sure you can already buy “I not with stupid” tee shirts, referring to Rob Fraud. Or bobble-heads!!

  • MrLittlejeans

    When Ford says he’s saved a billion dollars and got subways (underground) built the first part is a gross exaggeration and the second part is a lie. No subways have been built under Ford. He got approval to build a new line in the northeast suburbs, it will have only 3 stops and won’t be completed for 10 years. The original plan was for an LRT line, with twice as many stops at half the cost. The LRT would have been completed in half the time. He’s an idiot.

  • Gery Weißschädel

    Mr Ford is the train wreck that keeps on wrecking.

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