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Jersey: First Pride rally held to protest derailing of same-sex marriage law

  • JW

    Where are the ‘unintended consequences’ with gay marriage across the rest of the england and wales? There are None! Life and marriage for all sexualities goes on with not a jot of ‘consequence’ for the other. Once again, just as in england and wales, we find the religious right sticking it’s ore in to delay the ineviteable.

    • Dee

      It was a great day out for the family with mums, dads, the kids and their pets all turning out and enjoying the love everyone showed and shared. LOVE – like marriage are not the sole province of Christianity. In fact, we showed more love in our hearts than any Evangelical can ever hope to show.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I suggest the Evangelical loons contact the governments of all countries for evidence of those ‘unintended consequences’. Try The Netherlands first, 13 years on and still no slippery slope. Next….

    • Liam

      You’re expecting evangelical christians to be concerned with evidence?

      • Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk


    • Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk

      The evangelical loons in the US are causing “unintended consequences” in other countries when they visit places such as Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, etc. and help them write new hideous anti-LGBT laws.

      Allowing same-sex couples to marry makes them equal to their hetero counterparts (as they should be), and the feeling of family is certain rather than ambiguous.

  • Steve

    Protest at, protest against, protest over. But in this conjugation, not protest on its own.

  • Mikeylano

    As I said before, the only “unintended consequences” are whether there are enough bigots to vote out of office those responsible for writing equality laws.

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