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Church of England dismisses Sir Elton John’s claim that Jesus would back gay rights

  • David Greensmith

    Oh dear. Poor Elton, making the mistake of being arrogant enough to speak for an imaginary friend when everyone knows that only Christian Concern and the CoE are qualified for that role.

  • ChrisQuinton

    Seems to me these people should read the New Testament again. Especially the bits about Love.

    • @Mike-uk2011

      A lot of verses in about hating one’s family compared to the amount his followers MUST love him. Also, I come not to bring peace but a sword, Ii will set father against son, mother against daughter and so on.
      To call the bible a peaceful book, one must over overlook these things. There are some pleasant things in the bible and some very unpleasant things.
      Just what one would expect with another book written entirely by man (or several in this case).

      • cantake8

        You bring up a wonderful aspect of “The Bible” that is gaining traction: there is no agreement among the books cobbled into the whole, it’s simply assumed. The best hope for agreement is an incurious church membership who doesn’t study or question.

  • john

    “The House has no present plans to draw on the services of Sir Elton John as theological adviser.”
    That’s a shame. Elton John would draw in the crowds!

    • Rumbelow

      Elton will be gutted I’m sure.

    • Chris in LA

      Glad to see that the educated English tongue, despite all the social changes, remains sharply witty.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    I wish them church people would introduce me to this man they all talk about, O! Sorry he only exists in their heads. Its time these religious bigots were disbanded. Maybe we should set up our own Religion with open arms for all.

    • John Goodrige

      The age of organised religions is over. With their confrontational, separatist, hypercritical rhetoric and dogmatic polarized political agenda[s], they’re dying as we speak. So yeah, lets start something new and inclusive and refreshing. I like the Jedi platform. Let the force be with us!

      • @Mike-uk2011

        I’m an atheist. And a humanist, I don’t feel the need for any supernatural ideas in my life.
        I agree with the rest of your comment though. :)

    • Rumbelow

      “Jesus died for your sins”… “Jesus lives”
      Well which is it? make up your minds.

      • Truth

        “The father, the son and the Holy Ghost”. WTF?! Sorry – you lost me on that one when I was nine and I’ve never given religion another glance since. A lot of silly, childish mumbo-jumbo designed to keep stupid people in line and give those in charge a cushy lifestyle.

        • Kathy Dule

          Sorry , a fool says there is no God, Check yourself .

      • David

        How about “Jesus died for your sins and then rose from the dead and is alive today”? I hope that clarifies things a little.

  • Mikeylano

    Elton John continually makes attempts to buy into the whole “Jesus” cult and each time ends up looking like an idiot.

    It’s quite insulting, frankly. I wish he would stick up for the gay people with an iron fist, rather than pleading like a puppy dog to the rank and file nutjobs within the church.

    Don’t try and reason with these idiots on their own incoherent terms. Their ears are not open to logical reasoning.

    • Rumbelow

      I disagree, I prefer to go with Elton’s appraisal of what Jesus would do, unfortunately I have no belief in Jesus whatsoever though I am familiar with Bible scripture and I really don’t think an honest, unbiased and informed interpretation of scripture backs up the church’s anti-gay stance at all.

      • Mark Y

        The bible is a homophobic, misogynistic, war mongering, pro slavery, pro rape, pro wife bashing, racist piece of filth. You can justify any hatred with that book of puke.

      • Mikeylano

        My problem with your approach is that, by arguing about the correct interpretation of the bible, you impliedly suggest that it is worth arguing about.

        I do not believe the bible is worth arguing about. It is a work of fiction. Its words should not supercede or influence the laws of a democratic, liberal society.

        Since our society has accepted in law that homophobia is unlawful, the work of fiction that is the bible should be reserved for theoretical debate.

        Therefore saying “jesus would have loved the gays” is a hugely inferior argument to “the law says discrimination is unlawful”. This is my problem. Elton John plays a submissive role, lowering himself to these secondary arguments in order not to offend the devout.

        Quite frankly, I wish he would grow some balls.

        • Truth

          I’m totally with both you AND Mark Y on this. I think the best way to rid us of the divisive nature of organised religion is ridicule. In the past, mainly through threats of violence, religion demanded and got deference. Those who run it know it’s a con. Rapidly, the general public are realising that too. Religion is now the preserve of dumb bigots and the mentally deranged. As such its followers should either be totally ignored or treated with derision and / or sarcasm.

          • cantake8

            Agreed! When I realized atheism is nothing to be ashamed of, I also realized I knew a great deal about the Christian sham and could speak to those who claim to embrace it. Most religious people are too lazy to exhibit the works required of those who claim to be adherents.

            Furthermore, the $3.2 BILLION spent by the Catholic Corporation on public settlements of sex crimes in the U.S. alone — not including private out-of-court settlements — proves there is no belief in “God” among those offenders, everyone who aided them, and the hierarchy.

            There is a great line from American comedian George Carlin: “Don’t tell me you’re a Christian, let me guess.”

        • cantake8

          I wholly agree Mikeylano: religious fables combined with superstitions and popular misconceptions deserve no seat at the table of reason. Within its own pages the Wholly Babble demands acceptance without question, mainly because it cannot withstand scrutiny.

          Perhaps you’ve already read numerous accounts that the great census that brought Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem never happened. The Romans were furious record-keepers, and there is no corroboration of the census, the great migration of travelers, there aren’t even casual correspondences telling of any such event.

          It looks like the central story of Christendom belongs on the shelf next to a prince seeking his love with a glass slipper, beans that grow into giant beanstalks, and the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy.

  • gutaitas

    Why do people keep referring as Jesus as christian? He was a jew!!

    • @Mike-uk2011

      If he existed at all. Which he probably did, at least a figure the myth is based on. As for all the bible talk, it’s clearly all BS.

    • bandanajack

      actually i rarely here jesus referred to as a christian, that takes a particular kind of stupid.

  • Tom O’Bedlam

    I think the guy who wrote Candle in the Wind knows what Jesus is thinking better than some churchy-church dudes. I mean. short of digging up the Messiah and asking him his all-important opinion on current topics – because we really need it. I certainly can’t live without it. And I know the Earth has stopped spinning, the stars have ceased shining and the Universe has no purpose until this matter is resolved.

  • JD

    So only they can say what Jesus would think – What a lot of old shyte these pathetic excuses for human beings talk..! The ‘man’ Jesus was followed around by 12 hirsute men in sandals – never mind support gay rights he clearly was GAY! hahhaaahahaha

    • Steve_R

      JD… I have always found interesting that one of his disciples Judas Iscariot betrayed him with a kiss! (granted there were 30 silver coins involved) but why kiss, surely he could just have pointed? Which begs the question was Judas gay or “gay for pay”

      Then there is the other bit about resurrection, as religion and science disagree on most things it seems a “near death experience” as the only rational excuse for his appearance 3 days later kinda make you wonder why Jesus didn’t follow the ligh?

  • Leonard Woodrow

    “The House has no present plans to draw on the services of Sir Elton John as theological adviser.”

    Well, I can understand that ,,, interpreting and writing convincing fiction is not his forte. Somebody like J.K. Rowling would be a far wiser choice.

    • Truth

      Haha! Good one :))

    • cantake8

      I don’t think Jo would be interested. The Gospel of Harry Potter is based on love, devotion, sacrifice, inclusion of all who wish to join, nobility and the triumph of good over fear.

  • Mark Y

    Who cares what jesus would think, what elton john thinks jesus would think, or what the CofE think about what elton jiohn thinks jesus would think.

    • Truth

      But, particularly in the States, religion is a big deal. Have you seen how many university professors and scholars there are …. all making a living out of this rubbish? It is staggering that supposedly intelligent people can be so conned by it all. Let people ‘believe’ whatever they want. But the moment they try to influence governmental policy or impose their personal beliefs on me …. is when they can go to hell (pun intended).

  • Gay Christian

    If the Church could kindly point me in the direction of where Jesus himself spoke about homosexuality in the Bible; that would be great. He doesn’t. Leviticus covers it, agreed. But Leviticus was later cancelled after ‘the curse of the law was taken on by Jesus, who himself became the curse”. If only the CofE could see that it’s pews are emptying in favour of modern day charismatic Churches, like Hillsong which have some relevance to today, they might be in a better position!

    • @Mike-uk2011

      But Jesus is the Old Testament god, right? (at least according to the mythology)
      And that nasty piece of work’s said quite a lot on the subject.

    • Even if they could, the Bible has been rewritten by men more than 20 times throughout history. What they preach from now is nothing more than a bastardized version of the word of their God, they know this to be fact, but they choose to ignore it.

      Just as they choose to ignore the FACT that the Vatican recognizes thousands of “relics” as genuine, when the same relic is recognized in several places at once.

      This is all a scam, and millions of buffoons have fallen for it.

      • cantake8

        And despite numerous new “versions,” the Wholly Babble suffers on huge setback: barely anyone reads the entirety.

    • beckeb00

      Totally agree with you on that.. I want a quote..
      Along those lines, a bit of education for this Yank. Is it the norm for the CoE to not captialise Jesus’ name when using the pronoun “he”.
      In the States, when referring to Jesus, he would be written as “He”.
      If so, their omission of this in their response signals something far more blasphemous.

  • Chris in LA

    The churches, as we all know, have a direct line to Jesus. They know best. What point is there in any of the rest of us even speculating on the generosity of Jesus, despite what the gospels report.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    The church has no more authority to make such claims than Elton John. They do have centuries of bigotry and false beliefs and myth-based explanations for everything. I have no respect for their incredible beliefs.

    • cantake8

      The COE really should have kept its trap shut. Essentially what they’ve said is that Jesus would have hated you gays as much as the COE does.

  • Not a single person in the CofE has any reason to claim otherwise. This is an unknown possibility, but given the things that Jesus preached, it’s more logical that he WOULD have supported equality.

    If Jesus existed, he was a free-thinker, ahead of his time, and he believed in peace. There is absolutely no way anyone within the CofE can disagree with that.

    Therefore, they are showing their own bigotry and ignorance and proving once again that religious bigotry against LGBT people has nothing to do with their belief system, it’s an excuse to get away with hatred of others and their desperate need to control people.

  • Sean H

    Not only would Jesus back gay rights, because he believed in tolerance & died for EVERYONE’S SIN (being gay & gay sex is NOT a sin), but GOD doesn’t make mistakes & he made gay bi str8 lesbian and transgender with their own sexualities!

  • CHBrighton

    Dear Christian Concern: what did your friend Jesus say about same sex marriage? You say he was very clear on this subject…but, in fact, there’s nothing. In which Elton is as right as you on the subject. We know you all make it up as you go along and had an excellent example of that just this morning when George Carey said he’d changed his mind on helping terminally ill people to die even though his holy book hadn’t been altered since the time the former Archbishop was saying it was wrong.

  • TampaZeke

    Yet ANOTHER misleading, inaccurate and outright FALSE headline from PinkNews.

    You would think that PinkNews would be embarrassed to realize that a story completely refutes the headline they gave it. But clearly not. It’s pretty much a weekly, if not daily, occurrence.

  • Jones

    In terms of Sir Elton’s comments about Jesus, sad to say, these are remarkably ignorant and staggeringly arrogant comments.

    Says the guy who believes that a draconian book should rule supreme over human nature.

  • Truth

    “A spokesperson for Christian Concern was less diplomatic last week, saying: “In terms of Sir Elton’s comments about Jesus, sad to say, these are remarkably ignorant and staggeringly arrogant comments, presuming to dictate to Jesus Christ what he should think when the reality is he has spoken quite clearly on this subject.”
    The hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking! They have spent the last 2,000 years ‘dictating what Jesus / God ‘thinks’. Religious belief is a mental illness. As such, these imbeciles should be sectioned. They are harmful to the cohesion of society.

    • bandanajack

      nor has the jesus of literature spoken regarding homosexuality or same sex marriage in any context, but he did praise the faith of a centurion who loved his bondsman.

  • John-UK

    I cannot recall Jesus ever pontificating on homosexuality-can you? Where are these so-called comments of his in the Bible? I want to read them!!!

  • cantake8

    The Church of England has schooled Elton: “Jesus would have hated gays as much as we do.”

  • bandanajack

    i would be delight to be apprised of the words jesus of nazareth spoke regarding same sex marriage or homosexuality. to the best of my knowledge no such recorded words exist and none were attributed to him.
    elton however was mistaken in citing jesus as a christian, no such faith existed at the time. jesus was a jew, sometimes deemed a messiah, sometimes a heretic, but always a jew.

  • Gigi

    Actually, Jesus of Nazareth never talked about homosexuality or same-sex marriage. Not once. The men who wrote the books that were chosen to be included in the bible might have been anti-gay, but Jesus most certainly was not.

  • JPeron

    The church should no more take theological advice from Mr. John, than the legislators of the world should take legal advice from the church. And, given the church seems to get that idea in this case, I shall assume that in the future they will refrain from telling legislators what laws should or shouldn’t be passed.

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