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Anti-gay activist: Gays just want a ‘cheap orgasm’ and can’t handle being ‘real men’

  • D.McCabe

    Why can’t we just lock these crazy people up for good?

    • Truth

      Because they get away with it in the name of ‘religion’. And religion has gone unchallenged, demanding deference, for centuries – mainly because it used to have the power to burn people at the stake. Thankfully, those days are over – at least in countries where sanity now rules over insanity. And make no mistake. Religious belief IS a mental illness …..

      • Jon (Malaysia)

        And that is spot on truth in a nut shell!

    • Lawerence Collins

      Or as some right wing fraud said, let’s put them all on an island and nuke it till it glows.

  • Pablo

    Does he have health insurance? If so, he should get a mental health check.

  • Brian Martenis

    I’m Gay but don’t know what this little girl means. “Cheap Orgasm”? She apparently knows more than I. As a “Real Man” I have no interest in anyone’s sex life but mine.

    • Truth

      His words are those of someone talking from the perspective of very personal, self-loathing thoughts …..

  • Mark Y

    Another bigoted christian lunatic.

    • Rumbelow

      Known homophobe spreading homophobic propaganda, what’s more to say about this leader of an anti-gay, hate organisation.

    • Steven Gregory

      There’s obviously a ton of money in that crap.

  • Chris in LA

    I do love people who talk with such certainty about “God’s plan” for every individual human life. They are the same people who will will claim that God’s ways are mysterious, when asked why tragedy afflicts an individual. They never seem to know what the divine plan is at such moments.

    • Truth

      At those awkward moments, they usually blame ‘the devil’. As a kid, I never understood why ‘Almighty’ God simply didn’t just kill the devil. But then, that would leave all those awkward questions (like killer diseases, starvation and childhood cancer) unanswered, wouldn’t it?

  • Ciaran

    When I talk about religious patriarchy and socially constructed gender roles and its links to sexism and homophobia, this is exactly the thing I was talking about.
    Another patriarchal homophobic bigot.

  • Michael Wright

    Another bigoted closeted Christian lunatic.

  • David H

    If he’s going on about “real men” I think Steve Hughes can put him straight better than any of us…

    • Rumbelow

      Brilliant, haven’t seen that for ages, thanks for sharing,
      “Straight… it’s the new gay”

    • southpaugh

      Oh, yeah. It’s true. Besides roughing it up with other guys being more, uhm…”stressful” than sexing women, how many muscle bound, hulking linebackers are freaked by spiders? Or mice? Oh, but they’re so tough! Yeah, right. Emotionally – and we’re talking strength of character here – it takes a real man to admit he’s a sissy.

    • Steven Gregory

      He’s so brilliant! How many straight men are scared of a prostate exam or colonoscopy… and won’t talk about it.

  • H

    Why does he find this hard? ( “It’s a lot harder to be a man, a real man and have a family, court a woman, marry a woman, have children, raise a family.” ) presumably he has had these damaging views forced on him growing up and has suppressed his self in favour of living a is so important we provide children with an environment in which they are free to explore and be themselves.

    • Truth

      Correct! Every single one of his words are projection. HE has suffered all the things he aims at gay people. HE is the one getting cheap orgasms. HE is the one who has struggled to be a ‘real man” by forcing himself to marry and live a lie. Once you understand the psychology behind these vile religious homophobes, you understand the reason they say the things they do. It is ALL about suppression of whom they REALLY are. They are simply gay men, in denial (or as I prefer to call them – G Mids)

  • Bikerman

    Barking mad

  • DTNorth

    “Real Men?”

    That will be the heterosexual men who salivate over soft cuddly women adorned in pink frilly garters and négligées soaked in perfume.

    Give me a hard bodied man reeking of sweat and roughness any day.

    Thats a REAL MAN…

  • gertieonherknees

    rather have a cheap orgasm than a repressed one

    • Truth

      Haha! Spot on … :)))

  • gutaitas

    Why would I need a cheap orgasm when I can have free ones?

    • Truth

      Ha! I was going to ask if he gets them in a bath house ….. as I’m sure he could get a better deal elsewhere.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Porno Pete as he is sometimes known is reputed to have the largest collection of gay porn that he claims is used for research purposes according to Hmmm, I wonder what kind of research he’s actually involved with when his wife isn’t around?

    • DTNorth


      My gaydar pings like a submarine every time I see this self loathing closet case.

    • Truth

      He is the archetypal self-loathing closet case. EVERYTHING he utters REEKS of it. He really does need help as it is totally obvious that he is desperately conflicted between his religious brainwashed upbringing and his same-sex attraction. It is internalised homophobia gone wild. His verbal rants are the modern equivalent of those self-flagellating monks. I imagine he regularly gets a ‘cheap orgasm’ while salivating over gay porn and then has one of his anti-gay outbursts to atone for his ‘sin’. What a sad, self-destructive little man.

  • Katie

    “Gays just want a ‘cheap orgasm”
    Stop moaning Pete and lower your prices already – there’s a recession on! (*Besides, customers might be prepared to pay more for something if it were somewhat bigger;)

  • Cal

    Nastiness like this shows is how far we have to go. It’s the same old technique. During the civ rights struggle of the 1950s any sympathetic white politician was “demonised” as a “N*gg*r lover”. There are plenty of people out there who will be braying their approval of LaBarbera’s statements. Scary.
    What I find the most extraordinary is that clearly none of these morons have ever met a Gay person. Or they would know that most young GLBT youth will long for the “normal” straight life he is claiming they reject for a cheap orgasm. We’re just not wired that way.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Homophobic’s knows about gay sex more than actual gay person. I am thinking he must be spending his time watching a lot of gay porn.

    • Truth

      Nail on head ….!

  • ian123

    This clown would probably prefer lots of sham marriages with all the pain that that can bring, to everyone.

  • RobVancouver

    So if I get this correctly, being a heterosexual man means that you will have bad sex and have to do all the work in the relationship… I guess being gay IS much better.

  • Brian Apple

    In a sense, Peter La Barbera is correct. When a man confines himself to men, it eliminates from his life the notion of responsibility that comes with being a propagator of the species. He is absolutely correct.

    • Truth

      ….. and your suggestion is….what exactly? That gay men should also accept responsibility for the propagation of humanity – go out there – sleep with women and make unwanted babies? Great idea!

    • Liam

      Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re not exactly running out of people.

    • Rehan

      Quite a stupendous number of such propagators, including many conspicuous examples from 20c history, seem to to be either unaware of this automatic notion of responsibility, or wholly indifferent to it.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    That nut is foaming at the mouth in his vehement hate towards gay people. Well, he can’t get away with it on this side of the border. There is an army of haters on the other side of the border, who cause great harm with their despicable evil filth.

  • Muffintin

    There’s nothing cheap about my orgasms… They’re hard earned!

  • Truth

    “They can’t handle the pressure of being a “real man” and marrying a woman.”
    If that is not the classic projection of a closet case … I do not know what is!

  • tobi

    lol at how this idiot actually believes that gay men are stealing husbands from women… as if there weren’t also gay women… or asexual women… or when who are just not interested in getting married.

    also, gay men can’t handle the pressure of getting married and raising kids? uh, hate to break it to you, but a lot of gay men are FOR that?

  • Steven Gregory

    He has it all wrong: it is EASY to marry a woman, EASY to spawn kids, because you don’t have Christian lunatics standing in the way.

    As for being a MAN, Aussie comic Steve Hughes, a non-gay man, sorts it all out when one of his friends says gays aren’t tough. “What do you mean, THEY SLEEP WITH MEN! While you’re with your woman and her soft curves and sweet smells, gay men are pounding each other. You’re scared to get a prostate exam!”

  • Jock S.Trap


    Some religious people are so sad. They just don’t get that to be human is to understand humanity. They know nothing which makes them less than human.

    These people demand respect. Yet their do unto others as you would do yourself only applies to ‘certain’ people. It’s a good job most of us treat people decently. Those muppets just show Themselves up.

  • Newmark

    This man is ill informed and BTW, looks like a gay man also. Anyone who is that threatened by another persons sexuality is hiding their own homosexual tendencies. HIV/AIDS is not spread by homosexuals, it is spread by being uneducated. And to think, these folks are raising children to be as ignorant as they are. GOD help us!

  • Psychologist

    I still find it amazing that even though there is now a massive amount of conclusive evidence and research which show homophobes as extreme as this, to be simply in total denial of their OWN TRUE homosexuality – wouldn’t you think that they would keep quiet, instead of DISPLAYING their heightened level of homophobia, as a result of suppressing their OWN homosexuality ? Thus showing the world that they’re really gay !

  • Andre

    He seems to be saying that gay sex is an ‘easy’ option whilst marrying a woman is ‘difficult’. What on earth does that say about his private life? Hmmm…..

  • What makes a man a man? One who is brave enough to be the man he is, instead of living a lie!

  • Pete Saddoe

    He certainly looks like someone who would know…

  • white squirrel

    does he actually know very much about what being a ‘real man’ is like ?

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