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MPs call on Home Secretary to protect Ugandan and Nigerian LGBT asylum seekers

  • Sparkyu1

    Calling on Theresa May not to be a bigot? Good luck with that.

  • Neil Rhodes

    I don’t understand why there is such reluctance to offer protection to these LGBT asylum seekers. In many ways their lives are as much under threat as those who fled the hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq etc.

    A rule for one group and a different rule for another just doesn’t seem … ethical? … somehow.

  • Mikeylano

    Theresa May will undoubtedly take the hard line, assuming that all these people are lying about their sexuality in order to gain asylum.

    In her reply I expect to see some empty words of sympathy and an attempt to beef up the status quo with emotive language in order to make the process seem more just than it really is.

  • RaunchHox

    Why do all these immigrants come here and not Germany, Italy or Spain. Oh I know why. Because they won’t get immediate benefits and a free house.

    • Jenny

      erm.. they dont, clearly you have no idea what your talking about in regardles to asylum so… to quote from the eurostat report for 2013

      ‘In 2013, the highest number of applicants was registered in Germany (127 000 applicants, or 29% of total
      applicants), followed by France (65 000, or 15%), Sweden (54 000, or 13%), the United Kingdom (30 000, or 7%)
      and Italy (28 000, or 6%). These five Member States accounted for 70% of all applicants registered in the EU28 in

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