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Dominica Prime Minister: ‘We will never accept same-sex marriage’

  • DTNorth

    Holy moly.

    Another backward dump being backward.


    • sJames6621

      CAn we just starve this place to death, boycott and prevent any influx of money, tourists etc. I thouhgt the dnosaurs were dead and gone

  • Rumbelow

    Never say never Mr Homophobe.

  • And there will NEVER be any other Prime Minister but you.

  • That There Other David

    If anyone tells you they’re thinking of holidaying in his country make sure you let them know what their stance on LGBTs is. Same with all of these Caribbean nations where bigotry and hate hold sway. Most straights don’t even consider this until you tell them, but if you do a large number are put off enough to look at other destinations.

  • PaulHalsall

    The writer of this article does not seem to know that Dominica and Jamaica (where the city of Kingston is) are completely separate countries.

    • gingerlycolors

      Furthermore, Dominica should not be confused with the Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Dominica is a small island, not much larger than Anglesey in north Wales with a population of less than 75,000 people. Unlike Dominica, the Dominican Republic does not criminalize homosexuality although it is taboo there.

  • Mikeylano

    And what “guiding principles” would they be?

    No doubt being unable to explain your reasoning means that you don’t have any good reasons at all.

  • Cal

    I would NEVER go to one of those toilet countries. They turn their back on civilisation. They can rot for all I care.

  • CHBrighton

    OK, Prime MInister, but how will you ensure equality of all Dominica’s citizens?

  • lee

    Piece of sh**

    But your happy to take our money in the way of AID

  • Rehan

    It’s so depressing to hear such backward views being expressed by someone who was once the youngest prime minister in the world, and is even now only 42.

    I feel sorry for people who live in Dominica.

  • Aron Sasportas

    A message to darker-skinned people who discriminate against members of the sexual minorities

    1. Something which is beyond a person’s control and is per se of no harm to anyone else should never be grounds for discrimination.

    2. Being darker-skinned is beyond a person’s control [Michael Jackson excepted] and is per se of no harm to anyone else.

    3. Being of this or that sexual orientation (asexual, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual, or intersexual) is beyond a person’s control and is per se of no harm to anyone else.

    4. Therefore, just as one should not discriminate against darker-skinned people because of the color of their skin, one should not discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation.

    5. If one has no compassion for the suffering of others, one should expect others to have no compassion for one’s own suffering.

    (quoted from “Equal Human Rights and Civil Rights for All Persons, No Matter Their Gender, No Matter Their Sexual Orientation: A Newsletter” []).

    • Ashley B

      Of course this comment would come from a self absorbed white gay man. You speak as if the people who are living under the laws of Dominica aren’t dark skinned.

      • RobVancouver

        No, I think he speaks of the exact opposite. However, the prime minister may understand the concept of racism and this can help him understand that homophobia is just as bad.

  • Steven Gibson

    As an openly GAY man in Australia, this is draconian and insulting,
    harkens back to incidents in Tasmania in the 1980’s when two men were
    arrested in the homes.

  • Noah Campbell

    i feel for all the LGBT people in Dominica !!!! but this is total crap !! there will be new prime ministers and governments through the future years !!! you can never say never !!

  • George Broadhead

    With 80% of its population being Roman Catholic this is not all that surprising.

    • RedDevil9

      It’s not Catholics, it’s various people who try to use religion to ‘validate’ their own bigotry. Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico etc., are all predominantly Catholic countries that have same-sex marriage.

      • sJames6621

        right wing non cath xtians are the problem there far more the caths.

        they even run a school where gays are kidnapped and shipped to t that sick place and tortured to make them str8

      • scottrose

        Oh stop that ridiculous hair-splitting. Spain, Portugal et cetera have equality because the Catholic Church has so little sway there. Why do you think that Italy still does not have equality?? Duh. Let’s see if we can figure out an answer to the question. Could it be that Italy doesn’t yet have equality because the Catholic Church continues to have too much sway there?

        • RedDevil9

          I think you confuse me with someone who’s religious, I’m the complete opposite. I think religion is ridiculous, mythological nonsense. Check my profile if you want to see some of my views on religion. I was just pointing out that not everything is black and white.

          • scottrose

            No, I’m not at all confused.

            You are making false equivalencies between countries that historically had Catholic majority populations but now have equality, and countries where the Catholic Church still has overwhelming political influence.

            Argentina, historically Catholic, is no longer mainly controlled by the Catholic Church and has equality.

            Italy, historically Catholic, still is largely controlled by the Catholic Church (though decreasingly so) and still does not have equality.

            You initially attacked a person who commented above by pointing out that Dominica is mainly Catholic so it isn’t a surprise that it is also heterosupremacist. Your criticism of that person’s comment was not correct.

          • RedDevil9

            Well you clearly are confused because I’m not religious or defending religion, I was pointing out that predominantly religious countries don’t mean equal marriage won’t become law. Religion is dying out by a third every generation. Young people today are far less likely to fall for the brainwashing of religion and follow it on into adulthood.

            You also refer to my initial comment as an ‘attack’, which just shows how ridiculous you are. Sort your head out and your temper too while you’re at it.

      • George Broadhead

        Yes, but the Catholic Church is still very hostile to gay sexual relationships. Read tis Catechism (official policy document) on homosexuality. You may be interested in the article on Spain in the latest issue of the Pink Humanist:

  • Jones

    I wouldn’t say that Prime Minister. A few decades ago that would have been said in England, now look where we are.

  • Connor Larkin

    However we do accept: Main Cocaine shipping point to USA from Colombia, busted pedophile Archbishop Vatican Legate, Rape, billions in ripped-off Medicare/Medicaid fraud by Dominicans in NYC and Miami, and raging illegitimacy. “But we love Jeesbus”?


  • ian123

    We are backward, proud to be and will always stay that way!! Now can we have a bit more money please?

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