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Vine’s most followed tells 8.7 million: HIV is a ‘fag’ disease, no need to get tested

  • gskorich

    why give this guy anymore face time?

  • James Power

    Another case of internal homophobia me thinks

  • Veronica Gonzales

    this guy is tring to get more publicity. hes also a kid, and kids do stupid things, but he knew what he was doing. some kids need to go find a new role model.

  • The Kitty Channel

    He’s not a celebrity. He’s a nonentity.

    • Rick

      While I disagree with what he says, I also oppose the implication that if you are not a celebrity that you don’t matter.

  • Bikerman

    It’s beyond me why anyone would ‘follow’ a pea-brain like this kid

    • Fjalur

      They don’t follow him because of political opinions, they follow him because of stupid pranks he does.

      • Rumbelow

        It won’t seem such a prank if he contracts HIV I guess.

    • anon

      Our culture is diseased. This kid is a symptom of that.

    • gutaitas

      My guess would be because they’re also pea-brains. Birds of a feather…

    • JonghyunWinchester

      I’m pretty sure he’s followed by a lot of girls because he’s ‘good-looking’.

      • Rumbelow

        Is he? I hadn’t noticed he was.

        • StephanCasey

          Hence the ‘quotation marks’

  • Chris in LA

    There was a time when a 16-year old boy would have been married, possibly a father, and gone off to war. These days youths in their mid-teens are still children. Technology has given them the ability to make themselves heard well beyond their home and school circle. Too bad. We just have to live with it and hope that their adult senses come into play sooner rather than later.

    • anon

      I think it’s brilliant that kids can post their stupidity online for all to see.
      The internet NEVER forgets, and a life sentence of inescapable embarrassment is a fitting punishment for this utter stupidity.

      I’ll file this under “North Carolina is full of ignorant rednecks”, and move on.

  • Chris

    Excuse me, who is this child? Another non-entity, I guess? That said, if he has that many followers, a percentage of them are likely to hang on every word he says, and he’s therefore created another bunch of mindless idiots like himself spreading ignorance about HIV. What a loser.

    • Morgan Hamblin

      im not defending the little douche but is it his fault the people that follow and believe him are that stupid? no its there fault,

  • JJNW

    He may only be a child but with over 8million followers he’s also dangerous!!! Like it or not he’s a role model and all these silly little kids listen to what he’s got to say!!! He’s also a liar who was too scared to own up to what he did until the evidence was overwhelming!! Having seen a couple of videos of him and his “friend” I think it’s a huge smoke screen for future, if not present, activities!! I think him and “Butch” protest too much!!!

    • http://thenakedgeek.shawwebspace.ca/ Barry William Teske

      Not a role model anymore…
      Criminal with intent more likely.

  • David Bishop

    How can a 16 year old know anything about anything, let alone know his arse from his elbow?

  • Gavin

    Silly wee boy

  • Greg S

    ignorant child…

  • Leonard Woodrow

    He’s just another example of how religious or cultural indoctrination can addle the minds of the young … nobody could be that stupid without being taught to be..

  • KW

    “An HIV” pathetic, go and get an education

  • Daniel Spence

    He has such a punchable face.

    • Joeoz

      Or a face that only a steel capped work boot could love!

  • ProfesorE42

    Very dangerous point of view, sadly shared my many straight youth prior to their being diagnosed!

  • Christopher in Canada

    Perhaps his posts should be forwarded to his parents to see what their reaction would be. Mine would knock me into the middle of next Tuesday if I was seen acting this way. But then, I was raised by Eisenhower babies – just pre-Baby Boom.

  • Mark Y

    I don’t believe the idea that homophobes are closet cases. And I don’t believe the stereotype that gay men wear makeup. But this stupid kid is a closet case…….

    I remember doing a homophobic lecture at school, although I was only 12, to try and maintain my heterosexuality as I was bullied for being gay at school – and it was twenty years ago, so……. But maybe this kid has also experienced bullying for being gay.

    • Glasgow1975

      Miley is that you?

      • Rumbelow


  • David Smith

    Anyone else want to give this twit a punch in the face?

    • http://thenakedgeek.shawwebspace.ca/ Barry William Teske

      Not me.
      He has made his own bed.
      My guess is sooner than later it will be behind bars.

    • Waldoe Flagg

      Me either. Who cares , really.

  • lit per

    That’s what happens when you let Republicans have kids…

  • John Worrow

    If he said that here in the United Kingdom, he could be arrested for incitement to hatred. In the UK we know the difference between inciting hatred and free speech!

    • Mac Turner

      What? Are you joking? He was being silly. You want him arrested? You should be able to say whatever you want. The UK is becoming the USSR.

  • Mikeylano

    Chances are that his followers are probably too stupid to know what HIV is anyway.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I don’t know how to accept his apology. He clearly promote a dangerous message to his followers.

  • Rob

    Why would anybody listen to this child? What does he know – then again I suppose he went a school which teaches creationism as opposed to what is accepted science or does he think that “straight” people have some natural immunity to HIV? If so let him go have intimate relations with a person who has HIV and let him see if he gets infected with HIV! Idiot!

  • Daniel

    Silly little boy; craving the fauxfame which the internet has given him.

  • Peter White

    Now I know what the kid looks like, maybe I’ll just keep an eye out for him – and when I see him, he and I will have a frank and open exchange of ideas. VERY frank.

  • Annie Erskine

    Wow it kind of hurts just to watch that vine :(

  • Alan

    Who the hell is this punk ? He’s nothing more than a wasted cock stain.

  • Robbie Lockie
    • Kelvin

      And give him more publicity, by the religious/right/bigots/Fox going on about how the gay mafia, or whatever they call it these days, is supposedly knocking down freedom of speech? We certainly don’t need to see more of him as a new poster boy for these morons.

      • Mac Turner

        Gay mafia and thought police do exist. Look at people on this board. He’s a dumb kid making a joke, that’s kinda true. It’s hard for a total gay top, to contract HIV from his total bottom boy. SO, it’s even harder for a man to get HIV from a woman.

    • Waldoe Flagg

      You’re right, lets censor everything that offends you. What gets me is the morons that let the words of some other clown get to them. Is this kid getting in your head, psyching you out? making you rethink your own sexuality? probably not so just let it go bud. People are going to think and say whatever they want and should be able to and some jerk like you isn’t going to change that no matter how much you hate free speech.

  • http://thenakedgeek.shawwebspace.ca/ Barry William Teske

    I see this young man is well on his way to a life of crime.
    Thats some upbringing young man.
    Good luck with that…

  • TK

    The damage has been done. This story is riddled up and down my wall. The kid is his own demise. 8.7 million followers? Double that since his in your face rant went viral. So, no amount of apologizing is going to cut it. The kid just scared himself for life! He said the wrong thing on Vine. That my friends is a true, blue idiot!

  • EndlessRepetition

    These forums allow children to BROADCAST without consequence. What do you expect when you encourage irresponsible behavior in that manner?

  • The True

    I dont really know why anyone with such popularity on the internet would say that. Gay people have gone through harsh times. it is not good to continue to put them down.

  • Leonard Woodrow

    It seems big mouths go with small brains. ;)

    • David H

      One of the oldest associations in history!

  • derpoid

    (718) 704-0604 call his manager!

  • James Campbell

    Ah yes, another role model for the way in which any form of low life can become an instant star with every other idiot clicking ‘like’ on a social network site. I accept that 16 years is a very long lifetime in which an individual can learn through experience all that life on this planet has to offer, but in this case, methinks that age 16 may also be a time when many are also discovering their true sexuality – perhaps he is using the internet as a way of thinking (if he gets that far) aloud ……

  • http://marie-little.net/ Marie Little

    Just when I thought there weren’t any more contenders for the next ‘Darwin Awards’!

  • RaunchHox

    With that mouth, it certainly looks likely he participates to male to male oral sex.

  • Brian Apple

    These disgusting young men often have heaps of female fans. I blame the female fans for encouraging him. Women are very homophobic overall, especially in relation to the male. They see male homosexuality in the mainstream as a threat to female power.

  • Palmela Handerson

    Fact: AIDS used to be a disease that was only prevalent within the gay community… The fact that gay rights groups try to rewrite history is one of the huge things wrong with this country. No I’m not “trolling.” I resent that people are stupid enough to believe anything to the contrary without checking their facts.

    • nuggets

      Actually AIDS was seen in injecting drugs users as well. Around the time when AIDS first became noticed, there were crossovers between drug users and gay folk in bath houses – gay folk using drugs, getting HIV from unclean equipment and going on to spread it among others via unprotected sex. It also appeared among heterosexuals in Africa and Haiti.
      Do your research.

      • Mac Turner

        Heterosexuals in Africa and Haiti often have gay sex with young boys. Do your research. OUTSIDE the rare case of people getting aids from needles, it’s pretty much a gay disease that vers or bottom boys get. It’s hard to get it if your a gay and a total top. You have to have that fluid exchange.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      FACT: you’re a dishonest and unethical person worthy of derision and ridicule.

      AIDS has been around much longer than people think; the only reason most people don’t know this is because of their own biases, like yours. Unlike you, I have “checked the facts.” In Zaire and the Congo, what we call AIDS today was actually known as the ‘slimming’ disease, due to the dramatic loss of weight which occurred among those afflicted. This disease has existed, and is recorded, for as long as 300 years on the African continent. Although it is true that the spread of the disease outside of Africa began with a bisexual man, the disease has never been exclusive or unique to homosexuals or homosexual sex……that is a flat out lie. Now, do the world a favour, read a book other than the Buybull before commenting on things you, obviously, don’t know.

  • dean in NC

    i live in NC – he makes me ashamed of that fact. Sad and hate filled children do not bode well for our future!

  • Mac Turner

    He’s a dumb kid making a joke, that’s kinda true. It’s hard for a total gay top, to contract HIV from his total bottom boy. SO, it’s even harder for a man to get HIV from a woman.

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