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Priest: World Cup is a ‘homosexual abomination’ because players wear gay shoes

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    Wearing that peculiar get-up and that “unthinkable” beard, Priest Alexander Shumsky might just as well wear ____________.

    Fill in the blank.

    • BAMinRI

      a leather jockstrap?

      • Guglielmo Marinaro

        LOL. Excellent idea.

      • Chris in LA

        Probably does so already — and more besides.

    • Keith in SALFORD

      Just look at his own words…

      “………women’s panties and a bra………..”

      The daft k.hunt.



      • lord thorpe

        I think something quite demure under these frock’s.
        Crutchless bombay bloomers with just a hint of lace.

    • Joeoz

      Something like this…

      • Keith in SALFORD

        Oh my…!
        You know what….?

        If I were seeking the Lord and redemption and all that guff, which I am not, these 6x big bellies with their 6x small willies, swathed in their old mums’ curtains would have me running for the door peeing myself.

        Lord above…!
        What a load o’ tat…!
        And people actually fall for all that…

        Sad innit…


        • Jon (Malaysia)

          “Swathed in their old mum’s curtains” Getting an ab workout from laughing so hard! Thanks for that image.

          • Jon (Malaysia)

            Oops mums’. Here I am supposed to be an ESL teacher, and I get the possessive wrong. My excuse is that in real life I’m an engineer.

          • Keith in SALFORD

            Oh are you (An ESL teacher) Jon..?

            I often reed your posts

            I taught English and Latin (of all fings) In Chiang Mai just up the road.

            But in my dotage, I take grate delite now in splellin’ fings wrong, innit…!

            I luv the way todays’ (?) today’s (??) todays’s kids cludn’t give a hoot abaht the genital case ‘n’ sutch.

            It’s grate bein’ old.

            You lurn it’s all be a con from day one….this religion finggy, I mean.

            Ah well, amo amas amat an’ all dat…

            I’d love to know how to upload pics of farty old clerics in their mummy’s drapes, like wot JOEOZ has done and another contributor.

            I have half a dozen, collected over the year of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (aptly named) but since Franky boy gave him the elbow they have all, seemingly, been collated into one place; please see the link below.

            I think they are at least equal to anything the Orthodox twerps can show, innit?


        • lord thorpe

          Keith, don’t be so unkind! If the poor old buggers mothers had curtains like that they didn’t stand a chance!
          I’ve seen some ugly drag queens in my time, but I’m sure they can’t help it.
          I’m wondering what number they are about to do. Perhap’s the Spice Girl’s? We seem to have scary spice. even scarier spice, stinky spice, incontinent spice,demented spice and old spice.

          I don’t know, but I know what they need!

      • Rumbelow

        They must wear tulle net petticoats to keep the fullness in the skirt…
        The forget-me-not blue number stands out and has a certain retro chic.

        They remind me of a line-up of heavy purple moths about to flap their wings and take off as soon as someone shines a bright light on them.

      • Jean Ihenry

        Holy crap, those are ugly dresses

        • Joeoz

          Yeah but with the right hat and gloves… any ugly dress can be made presentable!

      • white squirrel

        isnt that the stoning scene from life of Brian

      • Falconlights

        Oh! Do tell. The Frankincense Sisters!

        • Joeoz

          Just wait till you see them do the, “Can can”…!!!
          I have been told that they don’t wear any under garments!!!

          • Falconlights


    • Steven Gregory

      A Pig Tail Butt Plug

  • gskorich

    when i think about what these people say the only thing that comes to mind is these are educated people. years of schooling. they have to know better. to say the color of shoes worn during that matches is gay is like jerry falwell calling tinky winky gay because he had a purse, or wait do teletubbues have a gender?

    • Keith in SALFORD

      I worked in Poland as a translator around the time the Teletubbies were on the go….errm….oops, longer now than I care to remember…

      The lambasting that kiddies programme got from the RCC at the time.

      The rows in the Polish Sejm (Parliament) about it.

      Grown up people wasting time on something so far-fetched as whether a television puppet, aimed at children, was gay or not.

      How insane is that..?

      Ah well, they drivel on about Adam and Eve, Original Sin, Virgin Births and Redeemers, so I suppose it’s par for the course.

      Oh…and the mums who switched off the tellies when that programme came on because the local parish priest had told them to do so from the pulpit…

      People control.
      Stuff and nonsense


      • lord thorpe

        But it is all true I was abused by Tinky -Winky. I was groomed from an early age and forced to touch the upside down triangle it was so awful!
        WHO DO I SUE
        WHO DO I SUE?

  • Mark Y

    Most religious people are deluded and suffer from a form of psychosis, but this priest is not sane.

  • Binedra

    And people STILL consider these Religious men to be worthy of respect: such clowns!

    • Rumbelow

      Alexander Shumsky is giving a little too much away about himself by revealing he is more interested in the players kit and sexuality than in soccer itself, he should check out the brilliant Kickette site, dedicated to those who love the players as much as the game.

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  • I’m sorry, I know there is a serious side to this but I laughed out loud at this because it is just so ridiculous.

    On the one hand I might be gay; on the other hand I might not. No wait; on one foot I might be gay, on the other foot I might not! Seriously? What an utter pillock!!!

    • gutaitas

      My shoes are gay but my socks are confused.

      • Rumbelow

        But your hips don’t lie!

  • ian123

    Do you ever wonder if some of these people are working undercover for LGBT?

  • Stevie

    Woowzer, this one really is from the highest branches of the loony tree!!

  • Bruce Brown

    This is too funny to even be offended at or take seriously. Poor small minded man.

  • Bruce Brown

    Eastern Orthodox robes. Hello??

    • Joeoz

      Wow… that;s a great outfit… with the right shoes and handbag… actually a clutch purse would be better! This outfit would go from great to absolutely stunning!!!

      • allan

        Princess Margaret and a pink sobranie cocktail cigarette in a onyx and gold holder – class.

      • lord thorpe

        I think it would be much sexier with a split up to the thigh. I agree with Joeoz, needs the right clutch and shoes, I would also suggest pink eye shadow.

        Please assure me these people are not allowed to breed.

  • Guest

    Eastern Orthodox Robes. Enough said .

  • Bruce Brown

    Enough said right here.

    • Keith in SALFORD

      Just looked at your link.
      Power-dressing isn’t it?
      It says:-

      “I am better than you…..I have a direct line to the Almighty…”

      And the cost of that schmatter…!


  • Bikerman


  • Keith in SALFORD

    HE SAID:-

    “Wearing pink or blue shoes, [the players] might as well wear women’s panties or a bra.”

    Ah well, at least we know where HIS mind is during prayers….


    Don’tcha just LUV it….!

    I went to Constanta in Romania for a holiday.

    That is Orthodox too, but forgive me, I do not know, or bleeding care, if it is Russian Orthodox or Romanian Orthodox or half a pound of cowheel and a black-puddin’.

    Anyway, I just went in for the craic, being a good, but VERY lapsed R. Catholic.

    I could not BELIEEEVE what I saw, or was it my filthy mind…?

    There was a queue of elderly women waiting to see the priest who was seated.

    The woman at the front of the Q was on her knees and her head was face down IN the priest’s lap as she muttered her whatevers.

    I presumed it was the Sacrament of Penance/Confession but my sewer of a mind got the better of me and I had to run out of the little church.

    Poor, poor duped souls…!


  • That There Other David

    The World Cup logo looking like a facepalm has never been more appropriate.

  • George Penfold

    Is it only mentally ill people who speak for religion these days ?

    • lord thorpe

      There is an old saying that say’s–There are more loonies outside the loony bin, than there is inside.

      Margaret Thatcher made sure of that.

      May she rot in hell, Oop’s what am I saying? There is no hell!

  • Ivan

    Coning from a man who wears a long black gown to events/ceremonies.

  • Omar

    Such comment he said will degrade him.

  • jamessavik

    I liked the Russians better when they were atheists. The babbling backward religious fanatic facade just isn’t working for them.

    • Keith in SALFORD

      Oh yes, yes, yes….!
      You’ve hit it…!!!

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    I have a hard time imagining a self respecting footballer taking fashion cues from a Russian Orthodox priest…. C’mon have you seen their kit? It brings to mind Oscar Wilde’s “Fashion is an ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months”.

  • Chris in LA

    I wonder if these priests ever wonder if Jesus might consider them to be fools and hypocrites. Certainly, they bring Christianity into disrepute.

  • Rumbelow

    Hot Chip and man love video glitch, I love this.

  • Steven Gregory

    Religion and lunacy: inseparable

    • Joeoz

      Certainly is…!!!
      But I just love hearing what these lunatics will spout next!!!

  • Mikeylano

    This is the same Russia that gave one of its autonomous regions the rainbow flag?

    • Rumbelow

      They may as well have given it a woman’s bra and panties flag.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    What else can I add! I think Old Vlad ( Putin) should take him aside and have a little word about his dress scense.

    • lord thorpe

      Let’s hope Putin doesn’t ask for dress advice!

  • CHBrighton

    One would have thought that by now, with so many religious zealots opening their mouths before engaging their brains, that these silly people would have learned some insight as to how daft they sound.

  • amyrwhitaker

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  • white aquirrel

    Gay shoes ?
    says the man who dresses up in the colourful orthodox xian outfit
    I was unaware that garments had a sexual orientation or indulged in breeding.
    perhaps only in Russia?

  • white squirrel

    oppose Christianity with football.
    Yes – and in every other possible way also

  • Brian Martenis

    Could you imagine Jesus saying anything so silly? I doubt it.

  • Truth
  • KyuC

    blah blah blah…russianssuckatsoccer…blah blah blah …. sour grape

  • Eddy LeRoque

    I gave up on the slavs a long time ago’
    to think we wasted time, energy and money fighting communism
    those people deserve to be lead by the lash
    I wish the communists would come back into power
    and punish these people again
    apparently they have not learned their lessons in democracy

    “The captive nations nonsense”

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Those priest are gayer than me. Lol

  • Anna Hayward

    Says the man in a big dress and a shiny party hat

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