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Documentary about gay athletes secretly filmed at Sochi Olympics

  • Pablo

    Is this the same Russia-apologist Johnny Weir? Or another Johnny Weir?

  • Mikey

    this film looked interesting, until I saw the name of Johnny Weird.
    now the film just looks like a load of garbage.

  • Edgar Carpenter

    Oh, dear – so Johnny Weir had an excellent reason to lull the Russians into ignoring him during Sochi? He was videoing an anti-Russian documentary and didn’t want them to see him as a target?.

    Oooops, all the knee-jerk gayer-than-thou critics will have to either double down and insist that he is bad no matter what good things he does, or they’ll have to swallow their pride and admit that they assumed too much, and gave Johnny too little credit.

    This keeps happening to people like Elton John and Johnny Weir who follow their own path as they support other gay people – they get violently criticized by smugly superior faux activists, and then it turns out they’ve been doing good, pro-gay things after all.

    You guys never learn, do you? Who will you attack next?

    • Brooks Austin

      Who violently criticized Johnny Weir and Elton John? It seems a bit hypocritical for you to criticize other gay rights activists for being critical of other gay people.

    • Johnny Weir supporting other gay people? By appearing on US shows wearing Russian military garb like some kind of pro-Russian propagandist, claiming that they have a right to abuse their citizens because of their cultural and traditional beliefs?

      If that’s an adequate excuse for ignoring hatred, violence and oppression then I guess he supports Female Genital Mutilation in Africa, hanging of LGBT people in Iran and the stoning of women in several Muslim nations – all “traditional” and “cultural” aspects that “should be respected” while ignoring basic Human Rights.

  • Well, if Johnny Weir is fronting it, I’m not sure I have any interest. The guy is an ignorant pr*ck, an apologist, denying the facts and dismissive of the rights of potentially millions of LGBT Russians and their neighbors being invaded.

    This is the same Johnny Weir who appeared on a US show wearing Russian military uniform to defend their right to abuse LGBT people. He doesn’t deserve my respect nor my attention.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    He is out to make a few quid for himself thats all! Putin and His Fellow Bigots and Murderers just could not care less along with these African & Arab Despots.

  • Sasha

    It’s an interesting subject to broach though, I watched this really interesting video about the tennis player Navratilova who came out in the 80’s and her points on it today:

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