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Julie Bindel: You can choose to be gay – I chose to live my life as a lesbian

  • Chris Carnevale

    not helpful but she is entitled to her opinion – even though its wrong. Playing straight into the hands of the Christian right. #theenemywithin

    • Correct – the religious right (not only Christians) believe that everyone is heterosexual, and that homosexuality is a depravity practised by heterosexuals who sin. They believe that homosexuality is spread by pedophile propaganda, and that over time, unless they exorcise us of our sexuality, everyone will turn gay, bringing “an end to civilisation as we know it”.

      Such people believe that the more dreadfully they persecute and physically abuse homosexuals, the more we will become attracted to the opposite sex. The bigger the bashing, the greater the sexual attractiveness of people we were previously not romantically or sexually interested in at all.

      They also believe that homosexuality is linked to immorality, mendacity, pedophilia, incest and you can name your vice…

      It matters not that no peer reviewed, credentialed evidence exists for this codswallop, they drone on and on, knowing that mud sticks if they throw enough of it, and like people who enjoy torturing animals, children and the elderly, they get their jollies out of the suffering of others. One such example is Scott Lively who set in motion state sanctioned nationwide extermination of gays in Africa and Russia.

      As soon as such an individual starts their hate drivel with “as a Christian, I believe gays choose to be gay”, I retire from the conversation and email them links.

      Being gay isn’t “my opinion”, it is the way I was born.

      • Roku

        Quite right Derek. Julie’s views are part of the problem & give our haters ammunition. She’s as bigoted as they are so I suppose they make perfect bedfellows….

    • CHBrighton

      It’s already happening. Caroline Farrow, the catholic blogger who used an appearance on Question Time earlier this year to expound her anti-equal marriage views, has today published an item on her blog based on Bindel’s crass views.

  • Jeff Levy

    /// “What I’m suggesting is, there are people who could go one way or the other and happily choose to be lesbian or gay.”////

    That is called being Bisexuals… and you said it yourself you are choosing to only go with your lesbian side of YOUR bisexuality.. You still didn’t have a choice in being Bisexual… even IF you are only choosing to be with women IF you are Bisexual you are still Attracted to men..

  • Jen

    being an idiot it certainly a choice and 1 she made a long time ago, personally i object to her being considered a feminist based on the views she spouts but then she’s a horribly bigoted woman so im hardly surprised.

  • James Orpin

    Ignorant doesn’t even cover it. Does she not realise her experience is not everyone’s experience. I had no need to escape my upbringing, in fact I live quite close to my sister and parents. I didn’t fall in with a group of guys who talked about gay sex as part of manhood. I slowly realised during my teens I fancied men.

    Her ignorance on neuroscience is also pretty astounding. What is she expecting to find in the brain a rainbow coloured part labelled ‘gay’. The differences between gay a straight brains will we subtle and complex we are a long way from finding them

    • James Orpin

      I should add that if it was a conscious choice for Julie there is nothing wrong in that and she should receive no opprobrium for choosing to be homosexual. What she should be criticised for is applying her experience to all other homosexuals

  • Gerard

    I agree with Chris Carnevale. As a gay man I feel that I was born this way and can remember very early into my childhood been attracted to other men, which of course I didn’t understand at the time. It’s hard to disagree as such with Julie Bindel as she is presenting her experience and the experiences of other women who were, with good empirical evidence, ‘trapped’ in a heterosexual model of existence and found lesbianism liberating. I would suggest that not all lesbians would subscribe to this but then I don’t think Julie is expecting that anyway. It is not my place, nor that of anyone else, to rubbish her experiences and any views based on them, I just don’t completely agree.

  • Except that there is evidence of differences in brain structure, and studies which support multiple biological factors. But Julie Bindell has never let facts get in her way before…

    • jona7

      Nutcase doesn’t realize she doesn’t even look like a woman

  • juliebindel

    Very shoddy journalism. It was not me who said ‘cut their dicks off…’ but another feminist journalist. Easy to google. Please correct

    • Like this, you mean:

      • Bonnie Raymond


    • Stephen

      Julie – this is Pink News – it’s known for the lack of quality control and research in its articles; its Tory sympathies and its religious obsession.
      I have been saying that someone should edit (or at least proofread the articles before publication.
      Pink News is the gay equivalent of the Daily Mail.

      • Sd

        Though no doubt will be happy to have free publicity they provide by reporting the inane and factually incorrect rubbish that comes out if her mouth. I am sure that even she doesnt think she can come out with such contentious drivel and not expect a backlash, infact I think its exactly why she sats this stuff. Afterall, no publicity is bad publicity. Perhaps the outrageous comments are simply to cover her lack of knowledge, research and ability.

        • Stephen

          “inane and factually incorrect rubbish that comes out if her mouth”
          Are you referring to Julie Bindel here?
          Because that description is a fairly good description of every article printed by Pink News considering how badly researched and inaccurate so many of its articles are.
          Why is there no-one who edits or proofreads the drivel that gets printed on this site?
          Pink News claims to be a news site but basic fact-checking seems to be beyond its scope.

          • Dazzer

            Stephen, old chap, you are so continuously dismissive of this site, its standards of journalism and other readers that it’s a wonder you keep on coming back.

          • Rehan

            All of which would explain why you’re listed as one of the top commentators on this site this week.

            Wouldn’t it?

      • Roku

        Julie Bindel writes for the Daily Mail amongst other publications

      • Mark Y

        Stephen, your comments about pink news are so boring. If you don’t like the site, fck off and go and read another site. Your constant comparison to the daily mail is just stupid. I’m sure you’d be much happier if you read another site, as this just seems to make you angry..

      • juliebindel


        • Guilt by association is one of the great logical fallacies.

          You’re a journalist. You write for newspapers and magazines. That doesn’t mean you are responsible for any words in them other than your own.

          It does mean though that you face an uphill battle because everyone’s human. Your simple, honest reply of “True” hopefully will disarm some of that. Good luck.

    • Mark Y

      Shoddy Journalism? Ha. What a joke. Bindel should take a look at her own ‘journalism’ and correct the nonsense she writes.

    • “It was not me who said ‘cut their dicks off…’ but another feminist journalist.”

      In which publication?

      This is what Julie Burchill wrote in the Observer

      “To have your cock cut off and then plead special privileges as women – above natural-born women, who don’t know the meaning of suffering, apparently – is a bit like the old definitionof chutzpah: the boy who killed his parents and then asked the jury for clemency on the grounds he was an orphan.

      Shims, shemales, whatever you’re calling yourselves these days – don’t
      threaten or bully us lowly natural-born women, I warn you. We may not
      have as many lovely big swinging Phds as you, but we’ve experienced a
      lifetime of PMT and sexual harassment and many of us are now staring HRT and the menopause straight in the face – and still not flinching. Trust
      me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You really won’t like us when we’re angry.”

      We really don’t like you now. Ignorance is not strength. The spectacle of Bolly-swigging lobster-guzzling expense-account raiders claiming to be “champions of the working class” because they failed their O levels is more than faintly nauseating.

      • juliebindel

        What has this got to do with me Zoe? You Just quoted Burchill at length. I am Julie Bindel

        • My sincere apologies to both of you.

          What I should have quoted was

          “I don’t have a problem with men disposing of their genitals, but it does not make them women, in the same way that shoving a bit of vacuum hose down your 501s [jeans] does not make you a man.

          That was your work, was it not? Along with this bon mot

          Think about a world inhabited just by transsexuals. It would look like the set of Grease

          One could be forgiven for saying “6 of one, half a dozen of the other” there, but not for making basic errors of fact as to who wrote what. Facts are important. Yes, I gave the right name, but in context it was obvious I screwed up..

          Hence my apology is unreserved.

          • juliebindel

            Yes that was me. TEN YEARS AGO

          • Understood. Even Jove nods. I’ve just screwed up, in public, too, just now, so it would be a bit rich for me to criticise you for opinions no longer held by you (if I interpret you correctly).

            Besides which, others published your views, there’s plenty of blame to go around if we’re to indulge in such a useless exercise as the blame game.

            While your remarks as recently as 2008 re surgery being “un-necessary genital mutilation” were unhelpful, and IMHO incorrect, likewise your contention that “”surgery is an attempt to keep gender stereotypes intact” which I think is provably untrue – it’s a rational position, stated without malice or spite.

            Maybe I can persuade you you’re wrong there, if you still hold those views. Even if I can’t, you’re not the person who wrote that article, you’ve grown. Still wrong, but no longer .. . let’s let that drop. I’m not the person I was ten years ago either.

            Three things to ponder – very different articles, but with a common thread.




            :Kudos for engaging in dialogue. My thanks too.

  • Patricia

    I certainly didn’t choose to be straight. Why can’t she just accept that she is bisexual ?

    • David Greensmith

      Because that would open the possibility that she might be attracted to men – a group of society that she hates with an incandescent passion.

  • David_in_Houston

    “It can’t be that there is a difference in our brains, because it would have been discovered by now… it has obsessed scientists for a long time.”

    I guess this moron missed the scientific research about brain scans and sexual orientation that was done SIX years ago:

    All she had to do was Google: “brain scan gay straight” to find dozens of articles about it. What an idiot.

  • Alex

    Textbook Radical Feminist. This is also the same woman who wrote that transphobic drivel defending another transphobic journalist, IIRC. She’s actual trash and should be paid no mind.

    • CHBrighton

      She must have been locked in a room with that other nasty piece of work, Julie Burchill (another lesbian by choice when it suited her) and worked on a joint script.

    • James Orpin

      Let’s not throw radical feminists under the bus because of a few bad eggs. The vast majority of feminists would laugh at this drivel with us.

  • James

    It’s a bit silly that the article doesn’t discuss any of the scientific evidence that is out there… there is strong evidence now that a few particular genes and prenatal hormones have a significant degree of influence over your sexual orientation. On the other hand, it’s also hard to deny that some people have a sexual orientation that is fluid and changes over time. Sexual orientation is complicated, and there is never going to be a simple explanation like “it’s a choice” or “it’s predetermined by your DNA”.

    Anyway, Bindel doesn’t even seem to have a consistent view of what “choice” actually means in this context. Her viewpoint sounds more like some kind of spiritual philosophy than a statement about the real world.

    • A different James

      “All I know is I’ve never […]
      seen any evidence that is compelling that there is something innate
      about our sexuality.”

      I’m not convinced she’s ever seen any scientific evidence in her life. Why is that suddenly science’s fault?

  • David Greensmith

    Bindel is a truly awful human being. I’m not sure whether that is a choice or she was just born that way. Bindel’s “feminism” is shaped by her hatred of men. That hatred is focused particularly on trans women, who she regards as male imposters pretending to be “real” women. She is a bitter, twisted person with no empathy or understanding of anyone other than those who share her misdandry. It baffles me why anyone sane listens to her. She is VIZ magazine’s Millie Tant made flesh.

  • Bikerman

    Quite clearly Julie can talk only about her own experience in life – that of a bisexual. Caving in to religious and societal pressures, I ‘chose’ to be straight and married at 22. It was a disaster for me and for my poor wife, who was utterly bewildered.
    Julie knows nothing about the experiences of gay men as opposed to lesbians and should make that clear or better still, do us all a favour Julie and STF up.

  • GothBoyUK

    I wonder if she supports corrective rape too. After all, it just helps a confused woman choose. (Yes, I’m being facetious. I could never approve of rape.)

  • Andrew

    Anyone more desperately and transparently clutching for attention is hard to imagine – sad and rather stupid

  • Rumbelow

    Julie Bindel is outdated and confused, mostly she thinks sexuality and sexual orientation is a political stance and a choice which it might be in her case but not for most of us gays and lesbians.
    What I have read of hers is not very coherent, I think she is best ignored.

  • brethmas

    She is wrong: assuming is a choice.
    Is she a writer, who confuses meaning of the words?

  • So despite being only attracted to males, she goes with females? Logic just flew out the window.

    • Jen

      You have to remember Julie is a five year old child in the body of an adult. “She” will say anything if it gets the grownups to pay attention to her.

  • Simon M

    Probably THE single most unhelpful thing she could have said. BEING gay isn’t a choice, although I suppose you could argue that she chooses to live her life as a lesbian. She could have chosen to live her life as a closeted woman, marrying a man. But your do not choose to be gay or a lesbian. And her argument that there is no biological evidence for people being born gay is just, well, wrong.

  • Daniel

    This may be her own experience; but she doesn’t have the right to assume that others feel the same. I didn’t choose to be attracted to other humans of the same gender, it was built in.

  • Pablo

    She’s obviously not a lesbian, she’s bisexual and is involved in bisexual erasure. PinkNews is becoming pathetic with these stories.

    • KG

      she is only able to see the world from her own point of view. lack of empathy on a grand scale. But I do enjoy the debate around this issue

      • CHBrighton

        Lack of empathy on a grand scale may indicate some degree of sociopathy.

  • KG

    sounds like julie is bisexual if she feels she can choose. I’m bisexual but can understand that many people aren’t and therefore can’t choose. Some of my female family members are feminists with views similar to Julie bindel and they believe everyone is bisexual. The science does not support this argument.

  • Dewey

    I went to Darlington and ended up marrying a man from there – nothing wrong with that path!!

    • Dewey

      oops I should say Cp’d a man as we still arnt able to marry…

  • Roku

    On the one hand she says she chose to be gay (rather than stay in Darlington & marry a man), then she says she didnt choose to be attracted to women. So which is it? JB is an oldschool radical & actively promotes the idea of homosexuality as a choice because it fits the radical queer narrative. Thankfully most of us have moved past that ideology & accept our own feelings that we were born gay. Clearly Julie doesnt bother with any of the scientific evidence coming forwards such as epigenetics, the link between high fertility & higher probability of having gay children etc. She’s written so many times in the Guardian about this its become a bit of a yawn.

    • David H

      I thought the same Roku. I guess she’s done what so many others have done in reverse – i.e. living as a heterosexual when they are really gay or lesbian. I’m suspecting that bit’s not actually occurred to her though.

    • Rehan

      On the one hand she says she chose to be gay (rather than stay in Darlington & marry a man), then she says she didnt choose to be attracted to women.

      Yes, that seemed a striking inconsistency (at the very least) to me too.

  • nathanm

    I think we can choose how we respond to common social pressure, but I think that there takes a strong innate proclivity to make one even mildly susceptible to the idea that they could, should, or would live their lives as gay.

    Gay, if a choice, is not an easy one. I think when you bundle all of the factors, together, gay is as much about emotional needs as it is about biologically sexual needs.

    I mean, I’ve very rarely met straight people who say that they wish they could prefer to live their lives as gay or lesbian. For some people it is a curse, but for some, it is, indeed, a spiritual avant-garde.

  • This proves how unscientific and dangerous anecdotal evidence is.

  • Danny

    She’s after FREE publicity; IGNORE the silly woman.

  • Mark Y

    Poor Woman. She’s so fcked up I almost feel sorry for her.

  • Bindel is a particularly spiteful individual.

    From what she has said previously she hates men. I’m guesssing that is a socio-political position; resentment of male privilege both historic and current.

    So if sexual attraction for her is for mostly male; she is saying that it is not d**k that she dislikes so much as the d**k that it’s attached to.

    It’s kind of political position or posturing. Many rad fems seem to believe that you can’t be true to the cause without being a gay woman.

    For Bindel then the choice may be real in her mind. She goes with women or has nothing.

    Please don’t make the mistake that I am somehow defending her, just trying to make some sense of what she says. However, I accept I might be looking for something that just isn’t there.

  • Dan Walker

    This is very typical from a man hating
    lesbian. She has chosen to try and take control of her sexuality. For some
    reason, I have found this is more common in the lesbian community, they feel
    they do have a choice. Let’s be honest, on a night out, most straight drunk
    girls will kiss to draw attention. So because this woman seeks and expects
    control, she has now taken it upon herself to discredit all known science fact
    and stick a lovely feminist bow on the box.

    It’s a shame, this woman has a platform to shout hatred and create more arguments
    in favour of the homo haters. Just tie a bra round her face to shut her up, that’s
    if she hasn’t already burnt it. :)

  • BettePorter

    Is everyone persecuting this woman? I think she has a point. I am an out and proud lesbian, came out at 22 (I am now 48 and in a civil partnership) but up until that point had relationships with men, which were fine but I always thought there was something missing. When I finally fell for a girl, I knew what the “something” was – and from that moment on I chose to be a lesbian because I knew I’d never be happy in a relationship with a man. Still love men but have no inclination to have a relationship with one.

    • Ty Kendall

      “I chose to be a lesbian because I knew I’d never be happy in a relationship with a man”
      If you knew you’d never be happy in a relationship with a man then I fail to see this as a ‘choice’. The fact that you were a lesbian was the REASON you would never be happy with a man so your volition to choose equally goes out the window. At that point the only ‘choice’ you are faced with is whether to lie to yourself and everyone else and be miserable or be what you were intended to be.

    • Jay

      Another silly twit who doesn’t understand “bisexuality.” Suggest you read Kinsey. Yes, sexuality is a continuum, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is on the same place or can move from one point to the other.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      It’s called bisexuality. You didn’t choose your sexuality or orientation dear, it chooses YOU.

    • Brian-E

      Julie Bindel’s experience and yours are both clearly valid in their own terms. A couple of the replies which you have already received to your comment are out of order in their dismissive tone, and in at least one case offensively sexist.

      My problem with Julie Bindel is that she projects her own experience onto other people and thinks she can speak for them. She thinks she knows better and assumes that those of us who feel we have no choice in our sexual orientation are simply going with the flow of conventional opinion. She should realise that her experiences and those of the women she has spoken to cannot be freely applied to other people who are attracted to their own gender.

  • Ben

    Julie Bindel, you are what is commonly called ‘bi-sexual’. One does not choose to be gay. You obviously can’t be a very good writer as you don’t know your terminology.

    • Jay

      She isn’t a good writer in any case.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    Bindel is a feminist apparatchik, and chose the lesbian life to avoid romantic interaction with men.

    Now, I don’t know if female sexuality is different from men, but I do know that men don’t choose their sexuality, but can “pass” (going all the way if necessary) for safety etc.

    I can’t comment about bisexual people

  • Jestlick

    All I can go by is my experience- and I didn’t CHOOSE

  • jordy

    What a silly twit!

  • Jay

    She’s obviously a thoroughly stupid woman who seeks attention. Why give it to her?

  • vee

    Julie Bindell’s suggestion that being gay is a choice is downright offensive to me! Maybe for her it is a choice and that she’s actually bisexual. I never chose to be gay. I knew my same-sex attraction when I was 4 or 5 years old. Explain that Bindell? On second thoughts, I don’t really care what goes on in your screwed up head!

    • Kit Ingoldby

      In what way is calling something ‘offensive’ an argument? Either her suggestion is true or false, whether you find it offensive or not is irrelevant.

  • Cal

    She is contradicting herself when she says “there are [some] people who could go one way or the other”. But she’s right in that there are some women who may be biologically attracted to men but get sex from women because they are fat and ugly man-haters. Just as there are men in prison who have sex with other men because that’s what’s available.

  • Ignatz

    I don’t think you choose ANY attraction.

  • sami

    There are so many of these people who gain publicity by denying reality. Shame on the media. By the way gravity is a lie perpetrated by a vast conspiracy. I want my moment of idiot fame

  • Ad Lib

    You can’t choose you orientation, but you can choose to love and live honestly about it. I do not believe she is being honest with herself. If she’s “chosen” to be a lesbian, then I’d say she is Bi. She is not doing homosexuality, bisexuality or feminism any favours with publicly supporting this opinion.

    • St Martyr

      She doesn’t CARE. Read the article.

  • Trevor

    She’s just trying to seem important. Gets off on people talking about her. Sad, really. (And harmful: think of the young people struggling with their sexuality, who hearing this wil will think that maybe if they try harder or pray louder they can become “straight.” This women is pathetic.)

  • Stevie

    That woman is in dire need of a colonic!!!

  • Michael Furniss

    I was gay at aged seven or eight, a long time before I knew what it was all about!

  • JGC

    I’m afraid she is staggeringly ignorant woman. I think she desperately wants to be a counter-cultural voice but does just end up spouting some nonsense. Her diatribes are unreadable at best and outright offensive at worst. Her lack of scientific awareness is hardly suprising but given that she is making obviously factual statements one would have thought it best to at least check the latest research. Even a cursory glance through the literature points to complex biological mechanisms underpinning sexual attraction which are then played out through a cultural and social prism. However, I think the only voice Julie Bindel is interested in belongs to Julie Bindel.

  • jonathan

    if women want to know why men dont accept feminism they only need to read anything JB writes. Everyone has a different personal experience of being LGB. Some guys only sleep with men, some women only sleep with women and some do both then “go straight” or “go gay”.There are very few who only ever sleep witht heir own sex,. I’m bi and have had a number of partners of both sexes, Being gay may or may not be a choice. what is a choice is the decisions we make about who we sleep with and with who we pursue a relationship.

  • Ryan McShane

    bullshit !! for 99% of gay and lesbian persons were born to be gay !! its in their genes and genetic make up !! Julie must be the very few that choose to be lesbian !!!! like come on !!! its in a person to be who they are !! and theres nothing wrong with it??

  • Shan Taylor

    Nobody chooses to be gay. You have the choice to be strait

  • Leonard Woodrow

    People who think that you can choose which sex to be attracted to are kidding themselves. You can be attracted to one sex or both, but it is not a choice.

  • victor lancaster

    ¿why the bisexual people say “we are part of the LGBT community” if they can choose their sexual orientation?

  • RobVancouver

    “All I know is I’ve never been convinced by a scientific argument, or seen any evidence that is compelling that there is something innate about our sexuality.” – If she has never seen any scientific evidence she clearly has not done any research into this subject. Her opinion is as informative as someone who claims the earth is flat because he hasn’t seen any evidence to the contrary.

  • Paul

    Possibly she isn’t even gay but just experimenting as some straights do going through a faze as with some adolescents, in which case she’s not qualified to have an opinion here and also a bit old to be experimenting like this but hey ho! it takes all sorts. A pity the attention junkie has to open her mouth and remove all doubt how sad and flawed she is instead of keeping quiet and having the possibility of just being dim.

  • victor lancaster

    when a straight person say ” homosexuality is a choice and you can change your sexual orientation” everybody says that is homophobic, but if that person is bisexual, they say ” is a poor person fighting against the bisexual erasure”.

    ¿now the gay and lesbian people back the ex-gay theory?

  • BalderdashandPiffle

    Has she got a new book to publicise? Or are the sales of her existing work declining and she needs some publicity at any expence.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Has she ever asked her parents when they chose to be hetero?

  • Alex

    Yeah she chooses to be a lesbian because she detests men.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    She was born bisexua and she can choose to be with a women.

  • KayleeK

    Welcome to another edition of “Feminism poisons everything”!

  • RedDevil9

    Off she goes again spouting the usual drivel. She sees herself as the ‘definitive model’ and measures everyone else by that. Homophobic groups cling to stuff like this and will use it against the LGBT community. I can’t put into words how much I despise Julie Bindel.

  • Grace Ryan

    Okay. I am fine with being a 34 year old lesbian (mostly because I can’t imagine not being me:) I am very short in imagination :).

    However, I have to say, hand on heart, that it was not a choice and that I was so 1950s about it when I realised that I was that gay that it was by the grace of a hypothetical god that I did not throw myself off the nearest roof.

    I understand that Ms Bindle feels that she choose her life – and a very nice life the lesbian one is.

    But come on! I grew up in a place where people couldn’t even talk about these things, never mind accept them! It is terribly difficult for a lot of people and making out it is some kind of lifestyle option is transferring your own unique experince onto a majority who – while proud and committed to their lives – are not daft enough to have thrown themselves headlong into a situation which meant that they will spend the majority of their life being rejected, knocked about and spat on!

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    You can choose to be gay or straight but choosing isn’t the same as being what you choose. Years ago, many gay men chose to live straight lives, some thinking that they actually were straight. Many of them ruined their own and their spouse’s life while trying.

  • fortuner_eu

    I spent and wasted years trying to be straight, didn’t work for me!

  • Ger

    Our dear bisexual (excuse me, I mean fluid-sexuals) friends always trying to illumine us. ;)
    It’s supposed that a bisexual person feels sexual attraction to both sexes. Besides, it is generally accepted that we should choose partner mainly on the basis of our feelings (sexual feelings, sexual attraction) and that should not be exclusively a rational election (mere convenience) or only because of “pure” love (affection, caring, fondness…).
    Therefore, a person (no matter if it is gay, hetero or bi-pan-fluid) would not choose consciously who/what he or she likes. That would be mere convenience.

  • Keith Folger

    There is a mountain of evidence that suggests that we are born this way. She has no idea what she is talking about

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    When this fake lesbian moron produces a straight man who made a concious
    choice to be straight then OK. The vast majority of Gay people have not
    had a choice. I knew at six year old there was something going on,
    long long before I ever lost my innocence and knew for definite what
    that was by the time I was twelve….There was NO decision or choice. I
    did date a couple or so girls just be sure and found even touching
    their hand yeukky. that was merely confirmation of what I already knew, i
    was queer and had to just get on with it…. Perhaps she should stick
    to what she knows. i have always thought that a woman could be a switch
    hitter, gay or not as all she has to do is what I believe most women do
    anyway, just lie on her back and moan in all the right places. For a man
    it is obviously different, and no straight dude could ever fake it with
    another man, for the very obvious reason, and if you don’t know what that
    is you should not be reading this in the first place but reading your

  • Brian Apple

    The thing about women is that it is easy for them to fake their sexuality or, indeed, their interest in sex. It’s because they don’t need to be aroused to have sex.

    Men, on the other hand, cannot escape evidence of their arousal or lack of it. It is out there for the world to see, and cannot be hidden as is the case for women.

    Following on from a woman’s ability to hide it is the well-known female tendency to use sex as a marketing ploy. She is a seller by nature, and will do everything in her power to ensure that she can sell for an advantage, not just in relation to other women but also in relation to other men.

    The female fashion industry is filled with clothing that is designed to show a woman’s cleavage, thus enabling men to compare one woman with another. Women wear shorts that are much shorter than men’s, thus enabling women to say that they have sexier legs than men.

    Take-home message: we have to be think carefully about letting women into the gay rights movement. They are not genuine.

    • Brian-E

      Great parody. Outrageous and ludicrous generalisations leading up to a splendidly crafted non-sequitur. But who or what are you lampooning?

  • Just because it was a choice to a bisexual woman doesn’t mean it was a choice for anyone else. I don’t mind here thinking out loud, but she can only speak for herself.

  • Chris in LA

    Who exactly is this Bindle bundle. I’d never heard of the baggage before this article.

  • Vatnos

    I thought it was a choice for a long time as well, until I realized that I was bisexual. I couldn’t imagine removing one gender from my life completely though. That’s like thinking about which arm I would rather cut off. She must hate the opposite sex an awful lot to do that…

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