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US: Anti-gay Archbishop investigated over new allegations he ‘sexually touched’ men

  • You have to wonder if he thinks being gay is evil because he has only his own misconduct to go on

  • tobyg1

    Well, well! Of course, what else could we expect from a man who wears a dress and a lace apron to work?

    • Mark Y

      I don’t know any gay guys who wear a dress and lace apron to work.

      • tobyg1

        It was a joke. I’m gay and that allows me to make jokes like that! And actually, I know a number of gays who wear dresses and lace to work. They are drag performers.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Let’s see him try to wriggle out of this one. I’ve no doubt the hierarchy will do all it can to get the charges dropped, swept under the carpet. Further proof though that the loudest are the most suspect when ranting against and obsessing about gay people and their sex lives.

    • Perpetua

      you don’t seem to grasp that it is the bishop himself who called for the investigation. you are thinking in stereotypes.

  • As is invariably the case, those that shout loudest have the most to hide

    • Mark Y

      Does that mean that neo-nazis who hate Jews are actually or want to be Jewish? Or that racists actually are or want to be a different race? Or transphobic people want to change their gender? Or does this theory only apply to being gay?

      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Only apply being gay.

      • Mijacmad

        Pedantic much?
        I didn’t see a mention of Jews or Nazi’s in this story …. am I missing something????

        • Mark Y

          Pedantic? I don’t think suggesting homophobes are invariably gay is a minor issue. I find it insulting.

          Why do some people think that those who hate gay men and women are always secretly gay, when this theory of hate doesn’t apply to any other minority.

          • Isa Kocher

            well actually you’ve hit it right on its head. it is not about wanting to be gay secretly: it is self loathing and irrational fear of others. homophobes who are gay are driven by an irrational fear of gay people and inadequate self assurance. they feel inside they cannot tolerate somethıng inside themselves that will overwhelm who they think they are. exactly like racists who fear their own weakness and powerlessness and transphobes who fear their own sexual identity. ıt ıs not by any means ıdentıfıcatıon wıth others but fear of and dısgust wıth self. inability to be comfortable with hidden forces ın oneself. it ıs exactly precısely the same motivation. projection and fear. so the fact that, actually proven by good research, homophobia reflects fear of being gay is based on the same psychologıcal mechanism that produce racısm, sectarıanism, and othr forms of irrational hate. deep seated feelings of and fear of personal inadequacy and repressed feelings of self loathing. bullyıng.

          • ian123

            I don’t believe that all homophobes are gay, but the fact that some of the most outspoken are is a matter or record not opinion or wishful thinking.

          • ian123

            Matter *of* record I mean. typo.

          • Mark Y

            I don’t think that some of the most outspoken homophobes are gay. There are some second rate evangelical pastors and loony tune fruitcake republican politicians who get reported on pink news – and that no one else listens to – that turn out to be gay. But the most outspoken homophobes are those who make, and have made, anti-gay laws in their countries – none of which are gay – they’re usually religiously bigoted imbeciles, nothing to do with them being secretly gay.

    • Isa Kocher

      as was the case with Hitler a dismal failure socially. or a milisevic. or a george wallace. or the KKK: a failed social class. as the GOP, whose only consistency since RR is its dismal polıitical failure.

      • Mark Y

        Right yeah. So with this theory, Hitler was secretly gay, KKK members are secretly gay. I guess you think Putin is gay, and the Saudi royal family Osama Bin Laden, all the homophobic African leaders who are enforcing anti-gay legislation, and the Sultan of Brunei, he must be gay too. In fact why don’t we just say all genocidal maniacs (who usually hate gay people) are gay.

        Or maybe not. This idea that all homophobes, or even the majority of them, are gay is completely homophobic.

        • Isa Kocher

          you are ı guess not delıberately mısreadıng what was actually said and replacing it with something else to raıl aganst i suppose, but no, that does not follow from what actually was said.

          • Mark Y

            Homophobia is born from education – human beings can be taught anything and they will do it – and the majority of homophobic kids have been taught at school, in church/mosque/synagogue, or by their parents that being gay is bad, it has nothing to do with being insecure about their masculinity.

          • Isa Kocher

            ın fact research shows that openly homophobic individuals are drıven by self doubt about their own masculinity and fear of attractıon to the same sex. saying it ain’t so does not change that research. plenty of people get educated in homophobia but don’t feel homophobic and don’t engage ın homophobic abuse. plenty of people live in so-called homophobic cultures where the dogma is homophobic but are totally comfortable with the gay people they know. so yes hate racism sectarıanism is driven by inadequate self. and fear. saying it ain’t so does not change the extensive science.

          • Mark Y

            Extensive science, don’t make me laugh. Just because a couple of psychiatrists have done a bit of research into self doubt and masculinity and it might have been published in New Scientist doesn’t mean it’s a fact, it doesn’t make it so. Not so long ago, psychiatrists used to think homosexuality was a disorder that should be treated with ECT, so I wouldn’t take too much comfort from their research. And I’m sure they’ll change their minds again with their next line of research, paid for by a government bureau.

            btw, why do lesbians experience homophobia from Men? The Men have self doubt about their femininity? Don’t answer, I’m sure you’ll come up with some other nonsense that means nothing. Maybe they fear some Freudian castration complex, afraid that they will no longer be needed in the cycle of humanity??????

            Basically, you’re just spouting psychological mumbo jumbo that means nothing unless you’re a vulnerable fkcked up person paying a therapist loads of money to talk absolute nonsense.

            If every kid was taught that homosexuality was okay, that it was normal, that there was nothing wrong with it – there would be next to no homophobia. Like I said, homophobia is born from education, it has nothing to do with issues of masculinity, which is such a vapid statement, it means nothing.

        • Avalon666

          Mark Y. Well said, so often the first thing a lot of people say is “he must be gay” or “in the closet” when the truth is simply these people are generally just plain old bigots who just hate anyone who doesn’t look or think like them, they don’t just hate gays, but we are easier targets because they can just bleat on about god and religious freedom.

        • Cal

          I agree. I find it annoying that all our enemies are called Gay. Many straight people really do hate us.

  • Rehan

    The only thing that slightly reduces the pleasure of Schadenfreude in this instance is the sheer predictability of this situation.

    • Perpetua

      yes, but a few weeks ago people were expressing the same schadenfreude about an allegation that was proven to be false — just hold your prejudice in check

      • Rehan

        Oh I don’t know – why don’t I strive to match the dear archbishop’s prejudices? It might be fun, though I suspect I will tire of it far sooner than he will.

  • Tom Cotner

    This yo-yo, like so many other such characters, is as gay as a box of birds. He ought to just climb into his corner and shut up.

    • Perpetua

      and what’s wrong with being gay

  • gerryrdublin

    idiot is investigating himself – irrespective of whether this is all true or not, this man holds views that merit he being put out of action, he should not be allowed serve in a public role – any decent vetting system out to screen him out for the potential harm he can cause

    • Perpetua

      which is really why people are so gleefully jumping on the flimsy allegations

  • Rumbelow

    Another phony closeted hypocrite exactly like Cardinal Keith O’Brien, total pond scum who abuse their position to take advantage of those in their charge.
    The shameless cheek of them setting themselves up as moral arbiters.

    • Perpetua

      too quick on the draw — a few weeks ago you’d have been going on about him touching a boy’s buttocks — which proved baseless

  • Rumbelow

    noun: phoney
    a fraudulent person or thing.
    synonyms:impostor, sham, fake, fraud, mountebank, quack,cheat, swindler, fraudster, confidence trickster,defrauder, hoaxer, bluffer, pretender, masquerader,charlatan, rogue, scoundrel;informalcon man, con artist;
    datedconfidence man
    “the Archbishop’s a phoney”

  • Ed Woody

    “I am stunned. Just… stunned. Stunned is the only way to described how… stunned I am.”

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      C’mon Blanch….

      • john lyttle

        It’s Blanche. Probably not the first time you’ve dropped an e, right?

        • Jon (Malaysia)

          Oops… too right.

  • JD

    Hahahahahahahahah oohh i am laughing out loud …. these predatory self loathers give Gays a bad name – and to hide such behaviour behind the single greastest ‘evil’ on earth, Religion, is just so predictably prophetic!

    Religion – the last refuge of a fool

    • David H

      It constantly amazes me though, how the various churches are rocked by one sex scandal after another BUT the religious fruitcakes still attempt to demonise us and not the churches.

      I know they lack even the most basic concepts of logic but it’s as if they blind themselves to the constant problem within their own CHOSEN societies.

      • Isa Kocher

        these are the people who have declared scıence a liberal scheme to get rich without working and made critical thinking illegal in texas schools. who demand myth replace science in government. who lie about the hşistory of marriage in the church, ın the “judeo-christian” tradition, ın the cultures of the world, who deny human rights to women. corporations and fetuses are human beings but women (especially nuns) workers LGTB and undocumented immigrants and spanish speaking First Nations Americans aren’t.

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Its a case of “do as I say, not what I do” mentality”.

    • Perpetua

      except all that seems to be alleged is some ambiguous gestures

  • Rovex

    A bishop ‘touching’ boys? Ive never heard of such a thing…

    • Perpetua

      the case does not concern boys but adults

      • Rovex

        And that makes it OK does it? ‘Boys’ can be just a general term for males. You seem to be making excuses for him throughout this comments section.

        • Perpetua

          nothing wrong with touching men — and the bishop, given his apparent devotion to celibacy, may not even have touched them in a really sexual way

  • Riondo

    ‘Don’t you understand, my son? Your vocation to combat sin must be tested by experiencing its horrors for yourself. Lift your cassock and drop your pants, that’s right….oooooohhhh, uuuuuuurrrr, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh……Now wasn’t that just awful?’

    • Perpetua

      stupid sex fantasy which has nothing to do with these flimsy allegations of inappropriate touching of adults

      • Riondo

        Lighten up and switch on your irony chip.

  • doug

    But the they only act if the complaints come from or include priests/seminarians otherwise they deny everything.

    • Perpetua

      ridiculously false

  • Keith in SALFORD


    “Also in 2012, he warned a mother seeking acceptance for her gay son that her own “eternal salvation” was at stake if she did not encourage her son to accept Catholic teachings on homosexuality.”

    Same old guff from the RCC; threats; if you don’t do xyz then abc will be the result;
    people control; rule by fear.

    What appalling nonsense.

    Ain’t no such place as heaven; ain’t no such place as hell; ain’t no such thing as Original Sin ‘cos there was no such couple as Adam and Eve and hence no such thing as a Redeemer…

    All so 9th C.

    It is dreadful that people still -in 2014- collapse in a heap when these silk-and-lace-clad dolls speak.

    WHO do they think they ARE…?

    If I were a mother and he had said that to me about a son of mine, I would have told him to go pee in his silly hat.


  • john lyttle

    Pardon me while I clutch my pearls and swoon.

  • Psychologist

    Yet more religious hypocrisy ! keep it coming …. the more this is revealed, the less followers they have.

  • Ullrich Braun

    Henk Heithuis died in 1958 in his early twenties, tormented for years by the sexual abuse of Catholic priests. After he tried to expose his abusers, he was castrated in a Catholic hospital by a Catholic doctor under the advice of a Catholic psychiatrist to”cure him of his perverse sexuality.” Der Spiegel,May 4th, 2012

    Since 1945, it is estimated that between 10,000 and 20,000 children in the Netherlands alone have been sexual abused by Catholic priests and prelates. Der Spiegel, Dec 17, 2011

  • Truly heterosexual people are far too busy chasing the opposite sex to care what gays get up to. They don’t show 1/10 of the obsession with homosexuality that homophobic commenters do when they cruise gay topic forums, commenting obsessively. As Shakespeare observed through Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

    Homophobes are often closet homosexuals who display an irrational obsession with homosexuality. Their inversion is brought about usually by having been raised in anti-gay households, perhaps surrounded by the same at school and at work, and so have to repress their homosexuality. Who would ever suspect a gay basher is actually gay themselves the whole time?

    Famous examples include George ‘Rent Boy’ Rekers, Rev. Ted Haggard, Bishop Eddie Long, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Senator Roy Ashburn…

    Homophobes are gay studies:

    • Perpetua

      nearly all the people obsessing about the allegations, presumably including yourself, are themselves gay and are themselves guilty of much more blatant behavior than is alleged

      • Keep in perspective who was the first one “obsessing” here, it was the Archbishop obsessing about gays and our relationships.

        The problem therefore is hypocrisy, not that he sexually touched a male which if it was consensual, and the male was of legal age, was not an unlawful act.

        Your suggestion I am guilty of “blatant behaviour” is unsubstantiated by evidence.

        • Perpetua

          The problem WOULD BE hypocrisy is any substantial allegation were substantiated, but such is not the case. ANOTHER problem is his aggressive defense of mistaken church policies, but let us not get our wires crossed.

          • If the allegations are substantiated, then his “aggressive defence of mistaken church policies” would be hypocrisy. If you condemn gay people for forming relationships with other gay people, and then try to do the same yourself, that is hypocritical.

            Let’s wait and see what the “inquiry” reveals. I don’t have a great deal of confidence in the procedure however, since they’re not required to be transparent and the Church will place its own interests and public image first.

  • Perpetua

    he touched a man on the neck — the nape is an erogenous zone — shocking!

  • sJames6621

    Expect more outrageous comments from religious people as they find they are losing the battle for equal marriage etc.

    It’s there waterloo

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