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Report: Portia de Rossi enters rehab for drugs and alcohol use

  • Stephen

    Truly despicable article but what else can you expect from an amateur, rightwing tabloid-website like this one?
    Why is this news? It’s celebrity gossip.
    If it is true then why is it anyone’s business apart from Portia and Ellen’s.
    Remember last week Pink News gave a platform to a man who supports the torture and abuse of gay people,
    No wonder no-one has signed their name to this disgusting piece – it really is appalling.

    • David H

      Couldn’t agree more, Stephen. Every couple has marital problems – having them plastered all over the internet is never going to help. The News of the World is (thankfully) dead – let the trashy invasive stories of celebrities’ personal lives die with it.

  • Daniel Spence

    Funny how this story gets a higher billing than stories that concern genuine gay rights issues. Disappointing to say the least.

  • Paula

    Just leave them be!!!! It’s has nothing to do with news. Tell me one couple who at times has no issues in life… People who write this rubbish need to get a life!!! Poor choice of story in a world with real gay issues in it …. Paula

  • Stephen

    “PinkNews covers religion, politics, entertainment, finance, and community news for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community in the UK and worldwide. Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community, we cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner.”
    It’s time for Pink News to remove this byline from its website.
    Pink News is a thrashy, exploitative, right-wing tabloid-style website which has utterly debased its reputation with disgusting stories like this one and that awful article from last week which promoted homophobic torture.

    • Person who likes celeb news

      Some ppl are interested in celeb news, so GET OVER IT

      • Stephen

        It’s not news – it’s unsubstantiated gossip.

    • Hesham Mashhour

      To be honest being a student journalist I can proudly say that one article does not set the tone for an entire newspaper so if you’re willing to use that one piece as evidence that PinkNews is right-wing, fascist and what have you you’re being delusional.

      Moreover, any publication is obliged to give platform to a man (though he may promote therapy for homosexuality) once they publish an article about him. It makes PinkNews a quality publication ready for debate.

      Now – I’ll wait for you to call me a right wing tabloid journalist.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        No, Hesham. This article intrudes on people’s private life. The information provided in this article is of no relevance to the the perpetual struggle for equality for LGBTs.

        • Hesham Mashhour

          Yes, but when Ellen DeGeneres makes herself a public figure – in other words a celebrity she technically is allowing any news media outlet to intrude on her life…

  • Daniel

    *blinks* When did Pinknews become a red-top gossip rag?

  • Avalon666

    I thought hearsay had split up ?

  • Hesham Mashhour

    I’m not entirely sure but I think the reason why the other comments on this article are so negative is because it’s Ellen Degeneres – if say, it was Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity odds are you guys would have been ecstatic to have the news on here and gossip about it.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      So you theorise, Hesham, but I suggest you are wrong. We are not interested in the trite or private doings of Kardashian or any other celebrity.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I wish this story is not true. I wish Ellen happy marriage.

  • Sean

    I don’t get all of the attacking going on in the comments. Really? It’s a news story, whether that be news worthy or not, if you don’t like it don’t read it and move on. Why do so many people feed off the negative?

  • Jay

    Gee, look, another tabloid that knows EXACTLY what was said and done in the vicinity of someome’s private house. Wow they must have them bugged! Whatever’s going on with Portia and Ellen, sure as eggs is eggs the tabs are just trolling cluelessly. I really doubt whatever issues they have are as fits-on-page simplistic as these scummy rags try and imply.

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