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London: Queer Social Centre to open despite ‘unlawful police harassment’

  • CRW

    It sounds sh*t

  • PDC

    sounds awesome, I might check it out

  • Transglossia

    What’s the bet that this place is mostly str8 ‘intersectionality’ nuts, who have called themselves ‘queer’ this week because that’s the new cool way to describe yourself

    • Zoltána


  • Brixtonite

    Harassing these people and cutting off their water and electiricity seems extraordinarily heavy handed. It’s not like they’re doing anything anti-social, they’re just trying to do something constructive with an abandoned building. They haven’t committed any crimes have they???

    • Homo Demon

      Are they paying for the water and electricity or just helping themelves (i.e. stealing it)? If the latter is the case, then it just puts the bills up for everyone else.

      Unlawfully occupying a building IS antisocial. Would you like a load of squatters to move into an adjourning property to you? I have vivid childhood memories of this happening to my family and witnessing the impact that it had on my parents. I also remember the sleepless nights that I had where music was being blasted through the walls of bedrooms.

      Squatting is not acceptable behaviour. And cutting off their supplies of electricity and water is a perfectly reasonable response.

      • pppwhynot

        Not if they’ve opened new account with the electricity and water companies (which they have). Also if you check the programme it’s a social centre putting on two weeks of free food, films, workshops, resistance and parties, including ‘dry’ parties. The squat is on a main street in Brixton – very loud, even at the best of times – and they have occupied legally, that is, it was a defunct commercial property and they gained access through open first floor windows. Unused space to combat disempowerment creatively might not assimilate with your childhood experience so I say take a proper look before you judge.

        • Homo Demon

          What planet do you live on?

          Squatting is unlawful behaviour, even though squatting in commercial premises is not a specific criminal offence. It’s selfish, antisocial and parasitic.

          “Unused space to combat disempowerment creatively” … what a load of utter bollox.

          Read the comments made by BrixBK above. Perhaps you should try responding to his post and canvass his views?

  • A. Cab

    @transglossia. why don’t you go visit their squat and tell a group of homeless/poor/working class queer & transgender activists that they’re actually straight and see how that goes down for you.

  • jupes

    Am I the only gay man that hates being described as queer?

  • F. TP

    @jupes : you shouldn’t have to be described as queer if you don’t like it. queer is a reclamation and has a particular political meaning/background. only the individual can decide how to name and express their sexual or gender identity, anyone calling you queer despite your assertion you’d rather be described as gay or anything else is being an arse.

  • Homo Demon

    How can they complain about ‘unlawful police harassment’ when they are unlawfully occupying a building? This just smacks of a sense of entitlement.

    This ‘centre’ will not have public liability insurance and will be operating without any consideration to its neighbours.

    Squatting is a selfish act that costs other people money and has a detrimental impact on neighbourhood and, in this case, high streets.

    Whilst what they are proposing is noble, the way that they have gone about it is wrong.

    I hope that the council sticks them on with an enforcement notice, as they could be in breach of planning regulations for using the premises ‘commercially’ without appropriate insurance.

  • BrixBK

    As a born and bred gay Brixton resident who is heavily involved in the local community can I point out that this group are not welcome. They have unlawfully broken into a building that is about to be developed into a hotel that will provide much needed jobs for local people and help to boost the local economy. Their selfish actions will no doubt delay this becoming a reality. They form the minority voice of the people on the street. The place isn’t exactly crammed to the rafters with people supporting them. If anyone dares speak up against them they respond with vile and hateful comments. Sooner they’re off the streets of Brixton the better.

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