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Kentucky Family Foundation: Judge has declared martial law by striking down marriage ban

  • Rovex

    These judges are not pro-gay, they are simply applying the US constitution, something the fundies often like to hide behind themselves.

    Seems like some of them need an education about what a constitution actually is.

  • StealthGaytheist

    It’s sad when people are so bigoted that they think it is an act of aggression for others to have equal rights.

    • David H

      100% agree. That’s very well said.

  • DTNorth

    Funny how they only make these comments when the Judge does not do things “their way”.

    No doubt if they had won, the judges would be the best thing since sliced bread.

    Bad losers….

  • Guest

    The rule of the majority shouldn’t automatically be respected when dealing with a minority. Women, biracial couples, children and animals wouldn’t have had their rights respected had that been the case.
    For instance, women getting the right to vote was opposed by the majority of men. Interracial marriage was too, etc.

  • Ian

    “This just underscores the fact that we have become a nation of judges rather than a nation of laws. It’s no longer ‘we the people, of the people, by the people and for the people.’ It’s all about the judges and their opinions.”

    we the people………….etc, is SO simplistic. Followed through, it would lead to an elected dictatorship of the majority, with no necessary protections for any minorities

    • Bobbleobble

      Of course the speech was meant to include all the people, not just the majority. They’ve also forgotten about context since the speech was given during the Civil War at a time when the USA went to war against itself over, amongst other things, the rights of minorities.

  • Bobbleobble

    This judge wasn’t a liberal judge despite what these loons might think. He was pointed by Bush senior and backed by Mitch McConnell the current republican number 1 in the Senate.

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