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Archbishop of Canterbury once joked that evangelicals are ‘homophobic versions of the Taliban’

  • Rovex

    How is that a joke? Seems pretty accurate.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    A bit rich coming from the current leader of the Anglican church which was responsible for much of the institutionalised homophobia at home and in the commonwealth countries. Some of the rhetoric we heard from Lord Carey and others in the hierarchy such as Archbigot of York, Sentamu wasn’t exactly about love was it? How can these loons prove what their God said in the bible about homosexuality as it it were true? Their bible says all kinds of crazy things such as condoning the stoning of women to death for adultery and other aberrations. Yet, they reject that of course, how convenient. There was no mention of same-sex marriage and certainly no such thing as civil marriage, an artificial secular construct of the state. The red herring about procreation is just that, a convenient tool to justify discrimination against gay couple marrying.

    • Guest

      Today’s Christianity preach love for sinner but does condemn the sin e.g women committing adultery and man on man action, so where is this hypocrisy you talk about?

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Really? Since when have we heard one CofE cleric denounce hetero adulterers, even some of our MPs while ranting about traditional marriage and vilifying equal marriage and in turn, demeaning LGBTI people in the process? Some of the most vile, hateful rhetoric has come from Archbigot Sentamu of York and former cleric, Lord Carey, among others. Hetero orientation is never held up to the same scrutiny and denigrated as ours often is.

  • Jones

    That’s a fact.

  • While true, no other organized religion is free from blame for the immeasurable suffering, insult and attack against anyone who doesn’t conform to their personal voodoo belief system.

    I would love to express support for these opinions, but anyone who is deliberately a member of any organization that chooses to attack others and try to subjugate them under their will needs to be told to F right off and shove their beliefs and opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • PaulBrownsey

      …shove them in that place where quite a lot of gay men engage in sex.

      Bit of self-hatred here, I wonder?

    • Harry

      Well said. We are far too tolerant of those who consort with our enemies.

  • Cal

    Well doesn’t that just go to prove that you can’t rely on anything these religious morons say no matter how appeasing some statements may seem. To compare evangelicals to the Taliban is nice but then go on to support the pointlessly absolutist Biblical ‘penis and vagina’ position is sad and stupid.

    • Perpetua

      sad and stupid, despite his sunny smile

  • doug

    Is he bragging or complaining? I wonder.

  • Craig Young

    Not all evangelicals. Some have grown up and are inclusive. And in any case, they tend to do a conga line with conservative Catholics who are just as rabid when it comes to homophobia and their other obsessions.

  • Sparkyu1

    Hark at the pot calling the kettle black!

  • Rehan

    “God speaks through Scripture, and if we follow what Scripture says that is the best love that there is.

    If you believe the Old Testament is also ‘scripture’ then God appears to have been hopelessly confused about what love is, let alone what an ideal template for a marriage is.

    In this day and age it really is beyond belief that anyone intelligent could come out with unmitigated bollocks like this.

    • Perpetua

      it is mental self-mutilation

    • Russ T

      “Unmitigated bollocks” lol – love it. And that is exactly what the so-called scriptures are, just a collection of quotations and fairy stories. Unmitigated bollocks indeed.

  • Katie

    So I wonder where the Archbishop fits in with this in allegorical terms: is he like the 21st century equivalent of an appeaser of homophobic evangelicals in a not too dissimilar way that a 1930s Neville Chamberlain appeased the Nazis?

  • JackAlison

    Its ALL politics.
    He says 1 thing as a canon n another as n archie.
    That should tell you this has NOTHING 2 do with god .the bible and beleif and everything to do with a career move. These ppl. Will say ANYTHING if they can climb up the greasy poll(lubed of course!)

    • Perpetua

      he actually said recently that gay marriage is “great” — perhaps he is not terribly coherent

      • JackAlison

        oh hes VERY coherent
        hes having a bet both ways
        slippery snake that he is
        ppl. like him dont get to the top thru being nice

  • Brooks Austin

    This kind of statement is also kind of offensive to evangelical Christians. While certainly some evangelicals are just as bad as radical Muslims, not all evangelicals are bad people and some evangelicals do support LGBT rights. It’s a bit bigoted to lump in all evangelicals as the same when his own church is still committing bigotry against gays.

    • Perpetua

      in fairness he was saying that that is how evangelicals are perceived, not what they are

    • JackAlison

      define evangelical?
      i dont think by the nature of the definition they have anything resembling kindness fairness and empathy for others
      bible thumping
      mean spirited
      are some of the attributes i would think describe ur average evangelical
      since reagan and thatcher weve had almost 30 years of unending vitriol from their ilk and i would have to say we owe a great deal to them because they have kept gay rights left right and center in their cross hairs and now?
      its all backfired
      poll after poll describe most ppl. have evangelical fatigue

  • Rumbelow

    But of course we all know that Welby is lying when he says, “The Bible is actually clear that homosexual practice is not permitted, is against the will of God.”
    There is no clear reference to ordinary homosexual relationships anywhere in scripture, there are only references to same sex acts involving abuse and commerce or to ritualistic same sex acts as part of Pagan worship.

    • Perpetua

      the 6 anti-gay-sex texts have been dismantled time and time again to show that they cannot at all determine our attitude to gay marriage (which could claims some backing anyway in the romance of David and Jonathan)

  • Perpetua

    he is an insidious fundamentalist

  • Harry

    Another reason why we should not have a lot of time for LGBT people who choose to be members of inherently homophobic organisations like the C of E – they are blatant intellectual hypocrites.

    • PaulBrownsey

      No, they aren’t hypocrites. In the first place, I don’t know what you mean by “inherently homophobic.” Certainly, a lot of the top brass are, despite their attempts to be homophobic in a nice way, as Edna Everage would put it. But that does not mean the whole organization is. Second, a lot of people actually believe stuff about Jesus and so on that features in CofE teaching, stuff that by itself implies nothing derogatory about gay people, and for them the CofE is the vehicle for the worship they feel called to engage in. They are, in fact, fighting from the inside.

      • Harry

        You are far too soft on these people.

        As I think you well know, by “inherently homophobic” I mean that the organisation systematically campaigns again gay rights (how many bishops either voted against marriage equality or attempted to wreck the civil partnerships bill?) or treat gay couples institutionally in a discriminatory way by refusing to acknowledge or bless their relationships. Perhaps, with a nod to the MPS, “institutionally homophobic” would have been a better phrase.

        Secondly, if they positively must believe, contrary to all reason, on the sky fairy and the alleged teachings of a long dead Palestinian them there are plenty of churches which are genuinely inclusive for them to waste their time at.

        But by attending and supporting the Anglicans they are supporting an institution which treats them as second class citizens. One could call them traitors to the gay cause.

  • Paul

    A God of love and light creates gays why? to be victims, reviled or what? Cherry picking from an old book to legitimise flawed attitudes, as ever religion the cause and handbook of nearly all terrorist action and misery on this earth. Spirituality being a more personal and private view wins hands down every time;
    Faith; believing in some ones spiritual experience, Spirituality; having your own spiritual experience.

  • PaulBrownsey

    It is not clear from the story that Welby “joked that evangelicals are ‘homophobic versions of the Taliban’”

    From what was said, it looks more as if he was quoting liberal Christians’ views of evangelicals, without himself endorsing those views.

    This is bad journalism.

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