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Iranian lesbian: Authorities tried to ‘fix’ my sexuality by forcing me to have gender reassignment surgery

  • Ben

    To me this is sick that a country is allowed to do this.
    Also what annoys me more is that a country seems to make its laws based around a religion. Their religion says its a sin, but only in their religion. Why should this be law. Just because their religion says its a sin doesn’t mean everyone else follows that same religion. At the end of the day it is a “belief”, at least your personal feelings are real and true.

  • Mark Y

    Another islamic cesspit of uneducated bigotry.

  • anon

    “repeat offenders” – Wow Islam. Just wow.

  • Arawra

    EXTREME Islam. Do you seriously think most people are like that?
    Replace Islam with Christianity and there aren’t too many differences. Let me put it that way.

    • Bikerman

      Nice thought but not really.

      • Arawra

        Islam and Christianity follow the same doctrine up to the point Muhammed was declared a prophet. Everything before that point is included in both religions. This is a political, not a religious, debacle.

        • Mark Y

          This is a religious debacle. Just so you know, 95% of the countries where being gay means the death penalty are islamic states. I’m not defending christianity, that’s nearly as stupid as islam, but to claim this has nothing to do with religion is both ignorant and dangerous.

          • Arawra

            You say you’re not defending Christianity, yet the doctrine is the same for both Christianity AND Islam. Its clearly a policy issue in so far as what people are choosing to adhere to, irregardless of the source.

          • Mark Y

            I’m certainly not defending christianity, but you are defending islam by suggesting what is happening in the islamic state of iran has nothing to with religion. That’s just stupid.

        • Porko Halal

          This is the kind of drivel apologists for the cult of submission would have us believe to gain some respectability for their cult. Mohammed was not “declared a prophet”, he declared himself a prophet. Christ and the New Testament explicitly condemned stoning, polygamy, divorce, and preached tolerance, forgiveness and division between temporal and spiritual authorities (which is why most Christian countries have developed into secular democracies). Mohammed and his cult did none of the sort, but rather amplified the violence of the Old Testament to horrific levels. When Christians are violent and intolerant, this is in spite of, not because of, their faith. The same cannot be said of Muslims.

          • Arawra

            So you’re saying the Old Testament should be thrown out and not adhered to?

          • Porko Halal

            You can do what you like with it darling (as long as you don’t stone people,…etc …it’s against the law you know – unless you live in some Muslim country).

          • Arawra

            So, two religions with the same doctrine. One that strictly adheres to it, and one that doesn’t. That is POLICY.

            Before the Taliban took hold in those countries, they were rather liberal and much like the U.S. People like to forget these things.

            Oh, then you had the Cold War which completely skewed things because COMMUNISM BAD! Please, take a history lesson.

          • Mark Y

            just so you know, christiniaty and islam do not have the same ‘doctrine’, they are very different. I think it is you who needs to take a history lesson, and learn a few facts about the religion you are defending.

            As for ANY islamic state being liberal – perhaps you should learn what the word liberal means as well.

          • Arawra

            Even though they stem from the same Abrahamic religions, worship the same God, and share several of the most popular prophets including Moses and Jesus? No sir, perhaps it is you that needs to read a book.

            Iran was a VERY liberal nation until the U.S. and USSR started messing with it. Look to history.

          • Mark Y

            I’m aware that they are both monotheistic religions. islam, christianity and judaism are stupid belief systems, for stupid people to believe. I don’t defend any of them. Whereas you seem to think islam is without fault. Idiot.

            ps. if you think iran was a very liberal nation until the US and Russia interfered, you’re insane. You need to accept that islam is the reason that the people of iran live in a totalitarian regime, and the reason why LGBT people are persecuted. It’s just stupid to think otherwise.

          • Porko Halal

            Same doctrine? Did you get my first comment or are you a moron? Let me spell it out to you: for Christians the New Testament supersedes the Old Testament in the examples listed above, among many others. On the other hand, the Koran amplifies the violence of the Old Testament – this is a natural consequence of the fact that Islam’s founder was a warlord. So, not the same doctrine. Geddit now?

          • Arawra

            And yet theres still Christians that follow it, regardless of what is in the New Testament. Islam also INCLUDES the New Testament in the Koran.

            Christian expansion and the wars that took place on behalf of Christianity wouldn’t separate it far from Islam if you want to look at it from a warlord’s perspective. The crusades, the expansion of America (Manifest Destiny), and the rapid spread from missionaries were all under Christian influence.

          • Moohamed

            Nope jebus said clearly the rules apply in the old as well, christians just cherry pick to no end and only follow their religion when it suites them, westbro being a prime example, we need to stone them all to death for wearing mixed fibres! if they where tru to their convictions, but no, just cherry picking, so they ignore this lil fact, and adhearing strictly to biblicle terms even going to church is worthy of a stoning as you are not to do any thing on a sunday other then brown nosing sky daddy or he’ll spank you. Islam is a rip off of christianity, christianity is a rip off of a mix of egypsian and pegan sun worship.

          • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

            throw the entire book out. it’s past it’s time, and not relevant to today

          • Moohamed

            Indeed all religions need to be dumped in the trash and get with relity, the univers is far more wonderous when you choose reality to boot! and it all makes way more sense while at it!

      • Moohamed

        No really, christians have murdered plenty of people for simply not buying the load of bs they spew, and then even more for being homo sexual, in the past and in the pressent, just to toss a random one mathew sheperd, and there are a great number more.

  • Naefeartie

    How come when someone in Iran says “Look, that girl is wearing boys clothes an is playing with a gun – she must really be a boy”, everyone can see the ridiculousness and danger in that, yet this kind of statement is perfectly acceptable as evidence of a child *really* being the opposite of their *actual* sex in the West? Little girls are being told they are boys and boys being told they are girls (with no more “evidence” than a liking for things normally associated with the opposite sex )with increasing frequency all over the world. Misogyny and homophobia is not confined to Iran. The upsurge of parents presenting their children to doctors sayng these kids are “transgender” is evidenceof this. Expect a tsunami of law suits in 15 or so years as these kids wake up to the abuse that was enacted upon them by the medical profession, enablwd by a gullible public informed by dangerous rhetoric expoused from within the queer community itself. Shame on anyone who supports this form of child abuse.

    • danah gaz


      Trans people exist.

      • Not just that, but anyone who believes that transition is super easy for trans children is completely wrong. Indeed, transitioning at any age up to and including 18 is harder to get through the bureaucracy than doing it at 21 or 30.

    • Nice attempt at conflating consensual youthful transition in the West with a coercive case in Iran. You transphobes don’t really have the facts on your side, so I realize you have to invent facts to fit your theories. Sad but expected behavior from a group of bigots.

    • LadySappho

      Nobody in the west is claiming that one picture of a girl dressed in traditionally male clothes holding a traditionally male toy is evidence of anything. These trans kids we’re seeing are expressing firm views about their gender from a very early age, they’re refusing to wear clothes traditionally associated with the other gender, they’re threatening suicide and other self-harm.

  • Jules

    “Transition” treatments were developed to “cure” lesbians and gay men who could not be coerced into heterosexuality as their birth sex, and were developed by experimenting on lesbian and gay bodies. We have just managed to cover that up in the west, mostly thanks to the cohort of heterosexual men who get a kick out of growing oestrogen-moobs and wearing ugly wigs.

  • lohs

    Well, from what I’ve read here, it seems like no one forced or tried to force her, merely suggested.

  • lohs

    Anyway – it’s their country and their laws. If you dislike it – just gtfo.

    Imagine having a party in your house, you define a set of rules, and one of your guests breaks them. Solution? Change rules or ask him to leave?

  • Alexander Kelso Shiels

    Would you all stop going on about Religion, and just condem them all, for none of them are true!

  • Barbara Barrett

    Extreme homophobia forcing transition onto gay women is nothing new, nor is it exclusively “Islamic”. Back in the days of the Eastern Block of the USSR and its allies (countries which were nominally atheist) transgender groups and those responsible for transgender healthcare were baffled that in those countries FTM transsexuals outnumbered MTF many times over – the reverse of the situation in the West. After the fall of the Iron Curtain the true horror story emerged that they’d been “curing” Lesbians by convincing them they needed a “sex-change” and making them undergo it; inducing life long Gender Dysphoria, the very condition that medical intervention is supposed to relieve! Here in the UK, even as recently as the 1990s NHS Gender Identity Clinics would not refer for Gender Reassignment Surgery anyone who they deemed a “Transhomosexual”, IE; a Transman who was attracted to men or a transwoman who was attracted to women! With straight faces they declared it was not their job to “make homosexuals”! So please folks, stop blaming Islam or religion for conflating sexual orientation with gender; Homophobia is homophobia – not the rationalisation cisgender heteronormativity uses to justify it.

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