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Christian Concern: Families would be unstable if straight couples could enter civil partnerships

  • Rovex

    Well they would say that wouldn’t they, it would hurt their bottom line if less people married in churches (which is all they really care about).

    I suppose they aren’t aware that its just as hard to divorce in a civil partnership as it is a marriage. So this talk of less commitment is BS.

    • Harry Underwood

      How much is it like the PACS in France? I know that PACs are widely seen as an alternative to the strictures of marriage, meaning that PACs (which still remain after same-sex marriage was passed) are far more popular among straight couples than among gay couples.

      So I wonder if the same would be the case in an equal civil partnership regime in the UK.

      • de Villiers

        42% of straight couples who seek a union choose a PACS instead of a marriage – and France has not collapsed

  • Halou

    They can never quite get their story straight, can they?

    Where once it was the couples sexual orientation that made them inclined to promiscuity and their relationships default to instability, now it is the term by which they want to refer to their union that makes that happen. Are we now being told that gay people are capable of long-term and committed relationships?

    One does feel the need to ask, why do they want to condemn gay couples to the unstable-by-nature-of-the-name civil partnerships while heterosexual couples get special privilege and the stability-in-eight-letters that is marriage?

    • ian123

      They don’t mind gay couples being “unstable”! is the implication I think.

      Back of the bus isn’t suitable for non gays even if that’s what they want?

  • David Greensmith

    Here, in a nutshell is why the “consultation” business was invalid. Same sex marriage is about marriage equality. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. One word – equality. To have people’s right to be treated equally up for the popular vote is not only ridiculous, it’s disgraceful. It is irrelevant whether 76% or 99.6% of the respondents to the consultation opposed heterosexual civil partnerships. Basic rights such as equality cannot be up for the popular vote. Even if no one ever wanted to get into a heterosexual civil partnership it leaves us with inequality embedded in our legal system. It is unacceptable.

    • That’s the thing, consultation is supposed to be as much about weighing arguments as polling people. It’s to enable good decision making, not to make the decision for you.

    • Binary_Sleuth

      But equality could also have meant abolishing Civil Partnerships for gay people too – they didn’t just ask one question. And it seems that people didn’t think they should be abolished either. Perhaps a wait and see approach is best?

  • Rehan

    The divorce statistics at present suggest most heterosexual people, without any encouragement, already don’t see marriage as a lifelong commitment. How come these ‘concerned Christians’ aren’t out there agitating against no-fault divorce then?

  • Cal

    They say that CPs are equal so why bother with same sex marriage. Now CPs “would lead to instability in families”. Typical headless Christian chickens in random motion.

  • Except that civil partnerships also represent a (potentially) lifelong commitment.

    • Rumbelow

      In UK only for same sex couples, it is some kind of special reverse privilege retained just for same sex couples and as such it is pointless and against the principle of equality, I think it is almost shameful and certainly perverse of same sex couples to insist on keeping their CP’s rather than converting to marriage now that we have marriage equality and opposite sex couples are to remain barred from CP’s.

      If you go to France does your CP get downgraded to a PACS Tom?

  • Craig Young

    That’s odd. New Zealand civil unions were open to straight and LGBT couples alike from their inception in 2005, but there was no reduction in the number of straight marriages as a result. Where did Christian Concern get their information from?

    • Rumbelow

      Andrea pulled an unqualified opinion out of her ass as she usually does.

  • robert d

    Just another bunch of god botherers trying to impose their will on others based on the interpretation of very selective writings claimed to be from a non existent entity.

  • StealthGaytheist

    So they’re finally admitting civil partnerships are not equal to marriage?

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