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Vatican report says Catholic Church should be less judgemental of gays

  • lee

    who gives a toss -this coming from people that hide and protect sex abusers

    • Steven Gregory

      I read a comment in which the Catholic Church was cogently summed up as “a coven of child molesters.”

  • Cal

    Interesting. Like it or not, the RC church wields a Hell of a lot of influence worldwide so this is good news. They are moving in the right direction under this pope but oh so slowly.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    Why should they be judgmental about gay people at all? Judge a person for their actions, not for their sexuality. It’s who you are as a person and how you treat others that is important, not your consensual relationship

    • Steven Gregory

      It’s like someone blowing explosive diarrhea in his robe, then accusing someone else of farting. I know that is extremely gross, but so is Catholicism.

  • Daniel Spence

    Baby steps.

    • Steven Gregory

      I see it more as baby blather. Steps indicate progress or direction. These utterances could be nothing more than flatulence or a full diaper.

  • Neil Rhodes

    Couldn’t give a crap what they have to say. I place no value whatsoever in the deranged mutterings of those who believe in pixies, fairy-dust, winged messengers and other such bollocks.

  • Mark Y

    I never understand how any gay Man or Woman can be so stupid as to still want to be a part of this homophobic bigoted religion. But why would a gay couple want their child baptising by them – that is just simply abuse. It would like be a Jewish couple sending their kid to a neo-nazi school.

    • Truth

      It is because religious ‘conditioning’ is SO powerful. If you are brainwashed FROM BIRTH to believe that ‘god is watching your every move and that you will be sent to purgatory for stepping out of line’, it is VERY difficult ever to shake-off that mental corruption. Accepting that you are gay does not negate in any way the hugely powerful psychological influence of your early life. You become a self-loather DESPERATE for ‘god’s love’. It’s all such a disgusting con designed SOLELY to perpetuate the church’s power and wealth.

      • Carl

        Absolutely agree. I watched yesterday the program “Meet the Mormons” and you could see clearly the brainwashing going on – mental abuse in its pure form. Institutionalised religion should be banned.

        • Truth

          When this type of indoctrination and brainwashing is done in the name of Islam, it’s called ‘radicalisation’. No-one seems to care about the insidious, damaging effect it has on the childrn of Christians …..

          • Psychologist

            Yes truth – If religions were made to WAIT till people were adult before they were allowed to indoctrinate, then they would probably have dies out years ago. Children have a “blank canvas” on which to paint whatever picture you want, which is WHY children need to be protected from religions using this form of brain-washing (Operant Conditioning).
            It’s abusive !

      • Steven Gregory

        You nailed it.
        Catholicism used to dictate that only priests could read and interpret the word of god, and throngs of Catholics still uphold that tradition by not seeking or exploring for themselves.

        They regurgitate what they’ve been told. If you ask questions they become furious because they don’t have answers.

      • Psychologist

        Yes, truth – Religious conditioning (or ANY clever conditioning for that matter) especially if administered when we’re still very young, is VERY difficult to undo. It becomes ingrained in our psyche, and once we have “internalised it” (ie bought it as the “truth”) those “conditioned beliefs” become our frame of reference, on which everything is then judged.
        Religious indoctrination (conditioning) is therefore to me, a form of psychological child abuse !

  • de Villiers

    This can only be good news.

    • Mark Y

      “Vatican officials have stressed that Church teachings against same-sex activity would not change”

      It said that bishops remained opposed to governments “redefining” marriage by permitting same-sex union

      the Vatican refers to homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered” and part of “an intrinsic moral evil”

      – yeah brilliant news. Get real. Empty words.

      • de Villiers

        I did not say that it was brilliant news. But it is good news. Big changes do not happen instantly. It is an evolution. And that evolution is, I hope, taking place.

        • Mark Y

          You can but hope, and dream. Problem is, when you wake up, the reality is still there; the catholic church think you’re “intrinsically disordered” and part of “an intrinsic moral evil”.

          But seriously, do you really think you’ll ever see the catholic church think of you as equal to a heterosexual – in your lifetime? Time to wake up.

        • Harry

          it might move faster if there were not a treasonous rump of gay people who loathe themselves so much that they continue to members of the backward institution.Wake up and get out.

    • Steven Gregory

      Saying is not doing.
      Saying that you should be “less judgmental” is not acceptance in any form, it’s just appeasement, and not very convincing at that.

  • white aquirrel

    two words shorter would have been even better

  • Ullrich Braun

    And this from a group of men who have little boys for desert.

  • JackAlison

    oh if theres an movement its a big fat bowl movement.
    read into it doublespeak
    every poll theyve commissioned in every country where thyeve been accused of kiddie fiddling has returned the same verdict
    trust me
    this is not any sign of softening of attitude
    they have far too much tax exmeption and material assets to lose tied up with litigation and claims toward child abuse
    in a telling rejoiner to their selfish intransigence from the Irish CLOYNE inquiry the president of Ireland suggested there be a dissolution of church property to pay for all the damage theyd done to the many lives of irish citizens

    • doug

      But it seems to be all talk and no action in ROI. They even reopened the Vatican embassy recently….. and now they’ve found possibly the remains of up to 800 children in a cesspit at Catholic run home. Sheeeeesh!

  • W Jam

    Catholics denying science yet again they preach from ignorance and dogma learning nothing from history. You would think they would now better after the Galileo Galilei incident. When will they lead and stop playing to the peanut gallery?

    • Steven Gregory

      They play whatever hand is most LUCRATIVE.

  • Truth

    As their leader (self-titled ‘pope’) said himself not too long ago, ‘Who am I to judge?’. The truest words spoken by a religious leader, EVER. Yes! WHO are they to judge ANYONE? They are self-appointed busybodies who possess no more skills at direct communication with sky fairies that any number of phoney mediums who take your money and feed you sh*t. At last, the world is begining to see through the disgusting con of it all. For anyone still psychologically damaged by the terrible childhood brainwashing these evil con artists and molesters inflicted, I would say, ‘get help’.

    • Psychologist

      Indeed truth – correct on all counts. The sooner people wake up to this con, the better !

  • gingerlycolors

    While a lot of progress still has to be made in the Catholic Church, and nearly every other denomination and religion for that matter, at least Pope Francis does not share his predecessor’s obsession with the supposed evils of homosexuality.

    • Harry

      We should treat him and his followers with the intellectual contempt that they deserve

  • Carl

    Why should they judge AT ALL? Don’t they read their own Bible?

  • Steven Gregory

    The Vatican has explosive diarrhea dripping down the back of its robe and has the nerve to accuse someone else of farting. That’s what I think of their judgement of ANYONE.

  • Jasesd

    I am sorry but why does it matter? I am Catholic and I don’t agree with your lifestyle that’s my view but you guys can do what you want at the end of the day it’s your life. If you don’t like the Catholic Church views than fine good for you. You live how you want and we can think what we want. And I don’t judge others if they are gay I have gay friends.

  • mike

    Well as an ex catholic I am pleased to hear it although its hardly a glowing reference for the likes of us eh! AT LEAST this new Pope doesn’t slag us off like old Rattzinger!

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