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Shadow Equalities Minister Gloria De Piero asks Government on cost of civil partnership conversion

  • Cal

    Yes, all that information would be extremely useful.

  • Dewey

    so do us expats still have to return to the uk for the upgrade or can we do it where we live? I know lots of us in Spain would like this info too!

    • Robert W. Pierce

      I tweeted Gloria de Piero and Sajid Javid about that. Waiting for a response.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    So what’s your bet? £50? £75 £100? Should it be just £25?

    • Dewey

      100 probably….

      • Atheist

        I’m guessing about £120.00.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Because of this long delay, it jolly well ought to be free.

  • Thomas

    What a fuss about nothing – the shadow minister suggests those of us in civil partnerships are enduing some form of agony or distress being unable to convert to the full marriage. A few months doesn’t make a whit of difference – we look forward to being able to upgrade to marriage after December and welcome the equal status but we are hardly being disadvantaged during the few months to come. Political point scoring for no good reason does not impress the electorate.

    • Dewey

      to some of us – especially those in countries where our cps aren’t recognised a few months can seem like an eternity.. we no longer want to be just friends in the eyes of the law..

    • Charles

      It was the last Government led by the Labour Party finally introduced legal recognition of gay partnerships. .

      Also if it wasn’t t Labour MPs standing up again by voting by a huge majority to get the gay marriage bill through, it would have been voted down by homophobic Tory MPs and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      I fail to see how this is point scoring. Why should gay people pay for something they were denied for so many years?

      And you may not be worried about a delay in getting something that is nearer to marriage equality, but I can see that there are many who are impatient for this change.

  • CHBrighton

    Before 10th December the measure has to go to Parliament for enabling legislation to be passed.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      Exactly. This is what happened just before the first marriages took place. Of course, the usual bigots threw in their crap, Sir Gerald Howarth who wasn’t even an official member of the committee.blabbing about how upset his fellow christian bigots were and that it would be the end of marriage as we know it.

  • Jean Ihenry

    The charge to convert a civil partnership to an actual marriage should be whatever the difference is between what was charged for the civil partnership and what it would have cost for a marriage at the time. If there was no difference in cost between civil partnership and marriage, then there shouldn’t be any charge.

  • John-UK

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me- After the 10th. of December-will gay couples still be able to opt for Civil Partnerships-and how long will they be able to do this based on the massive unfairness of denying this right to gay couples?

    • Robert W. Pierce

      From what I’m reading, I believe they will still be available to gay couples only We need further clarification from Sajid Javid MP about that. He could have done a better job by covering all the other relevant issues relating to this for such an important piece of legislation. It’s going to be interesting to see if some of the opposition take umbrage that heteros have been denied access to CPs just to stir up homophobia and claiming we’re getting more equality than they are. Faux outrage I would think.

  • RJB

    Considering it was her party whilst in Government that put us in this predicament in the first place, me thinks she should simply shut up and keep out of anything ‘equality’ based.

    • kane

      oh dont be so ridicules, ten years ago this country was lucky to get even cps

  • catalyst

    Already, before this announcement was made, my (and my civil partner’s) solicitor wrote to remind us that marriage invalidates any existing wills, which was irritating because our wills are less than a year old. It is not just the cost of an upgrade from civil partnership to marriage but the cost of new wills. I have yet to discover anyt.hing official about the advantages/disadvantages of either option. Frankly I think the whole way this is being handled is a mess and as welcome as gay marriage may be, it may also prove expensive and complicated in its knock-on effects. These need clear articulation by government

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