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Government to make no changes to civil partnerships following consultation

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Of the 75% against opening up CPs for straight couples, you can bet the anti equal marriage foes were the majority in that one because they’ve always believed it waters down marrriage and encourages others not to marry.

  • john

    75% were against opening up civil partnerships to straight couples….
    I find that unblievable! Haven’t looked at the results link in the article but would be fascinated to know why people think gays should have CPs but not straights…I do get a sense of it not being good enought for straights but perfectly fine for gays feeling!

  • kane

    ‘…more than 75% were against opening up civil partnerships to straight couples…’

    so now statistics dictate government stance on equality?

    • According to the consultation report, 70% of the people who responded to this consultation said they were religious – that’s a far bigger proportion than the population as a whole. Only 12% said they were LGB, and more than half of all respondents were married (so presumably would not themselves be interested in a CP anyway).
      This consultation was for England and Wales only, and the UK Government’s chosen way forward is to do nothing – it could have been worse; they could have abolished CPs. The Scottish Government will be consulting next year on the future for civil partnership in Scotland, and the Equality Network will be campaigning for civil partnership to be opened up to couples regardless of their gender.

      • And incidentally I was being conservative with the percentages there, assuming that the “did not answer” respondents were not religious or married. Based on those who answered the question, 61% of respondents were married and 82% were of religious faith.

  • Thomas Cromwell

    With all respect to the Equality Network, it looks to me as if 82% of respondents were religious (page 25). The age breakdown is also revealing (page 24): 37% were over 65, 36% in the 45-64 bracket, and only 27% in the age group where most people do actually pair up. The government quite rightly ignored some earlier consultation outcomes where no rational grounds were given for the positions taken and there appeared to have been a religious hierarchy campaign to fix the results: unfortunately, this time the outcome was the one they wanted, so they seem quite happy to accept it.

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