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Current Affairs

US court upholds ruling that gay jurors should not be excluded from service

  • Rob

    Always thought that a jury was supposed to be made up of your peers – not based on a persons sexuality! However this is the US where I believe that ‘attorneys’ can select a jury and i’m hoping that a judge will/would not allow an attorney to enquire about a jurors sexuality unless it has a significant bearing on a case!

  • Luis Del

    Even though none of the other courts were buying it already, this ruling giving LGBT heightened scrutiny makes it impossible to defend any marriage ban in the western US.
    Nevada’s case will likely bring down the whole region. Can’t wait for Autumn :)

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Damn! That really sux. I’ve been using that excuse to get out of jury duty for decades.

  • Ed Woody

    Hard to believe this is even still a question in 2014.

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