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Nick Clegg supports Pride in London campaign by saying: ‘#FreedomTo love who you choose’

  • gutaitas

    The Canadians are floodlighting the Niagara Falls in the colours of the rainbow flag for World Pride. Why can’t we floodlight the London embassies of all the homophobic countries?

  • Pet

    I appreciate how outspoken he is on LGBT people’ rights. We need every single one of our straight allies to balance the hatred being thrown to us by the State religions around the world.

    • Stephen

      Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed)
      Gordon Birtwistle (Burnley)
      John Pugh (Southport)
      Sarah Teather (Brent Central)

      Learn these name – they are the LibDem MPs who are neo-fascist homophobic scum who believe that gay people are subhuman, undeserving of equal civil rights and who voted to keep us as 2nd class citizens.
      I expect NONE of these evil extremists to be LibDem candidates at the next election.
      Surely Clegg does not believe that our equal civil rights are a conscience matter.

  • Steve

    Yeah, thanks Nick, but since tuition fees, nobody believes you won’t change your mind the moment it suits you.

  • Stephen

    Good for him.
    Now waiting for his confirmation that homophobic, extremist scum like Sarah Teather (along with the 3 other neo-fascist LibDem homophobes who voted to keep the gay community as 2nd class citizens) are to be deselected by the party tat the next election.
    Evil, extremist scum like Sarah Teather belong in the BNP or Tory Party.

    • Sarah Teather is not standing in the next election.

      • Stephen

        I wish her a life of poverty and misery – she is a neo-Nazi pigf***er thanks to her homophobic extremism.

        What about the other 3 neo-fascist LibDem extremist MPs who voted in favour of apartheid against our community?

        Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed)
        Gordon Birtwistle (Burnley)
        John Pugh (Southport)
        Are these evil bigots to be deselected as LibDem candidates at the next election?
        If not then why not?
        If Nick Clegg is serious about his commitment to equality he needs to let these evil bigots – join their true home – the BNP or Tory Party (who are almost identical in their opinion of our community.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Like him or not,Nick Clegg is always the first of the three party leaders to come to our support in everything regarding LGBTI equality.

  • “Freedom to Be” was the slogan for the Lib Dems’ 2001 LGBT+ election campaign. Nice to see Pride London recycling it ;)

  • Mikeylano

    Please do not use the word “choose”. It makes the uninformed believe that sexuality is a choice.

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