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Mayor of London Boris Johnson won’t be attending Pride Parade

  • JD

    GOOD RIDDANCE! No one will miss the Buffoon…

  • Cal

    That’s a shame. He really ought to show his face. I trust he has a very good reason!

    • Stephen

      He doesn’t – he’s a Tory.
      He’s probablly a homophobe like the majority of the Tory party.

      • Shorny

        I suspect Cal is being a sarky Queen. I am shocked. I’d love Johnson to appear. My eggs are ready to fly.

        • Cal

          Neither sarky nor queeny, my comment should be taken at face value. As holder of the office of Mayor of London, Boris should show his face. An event such as Pride is not something he can skive off to watch footy on TV.

          • Shorny

            Oh Cal. I was joking. I am a sarcastic Queen that has got me thus far,. x

          • Shorny

            Oh Cal. I was joking. I am a sarcastic Queen that has got me thus far,

  • pointlesswasteoftime

    Quelle Surprise! If he’s not running for Mayor in 2016, because he wants to be Tory leader, he won’t need our votes. Therefore why would he bother supporting us at Pride as that would only be a publicity stunt as far as he is concerned.

    • NT

      Exactly. He only showed his face before he stood for re-election and then it was only for a quick phot op in a pink cowboy hat someone handed him.

      The man is repellent.

  • Stephen

    Boris Johnson is a Tory.
    The Tory Party is the party of homophobic hatred and bigotry, where a majority of Tory MPs are extremist, homophobic scum who believe that LGBT people are subhuman, undeserving of equal civil rights, and who voted to deny us our civil rights.
    Why would anyone be surprised by Johnson’s non-participation.
    The really puzzling thing is why this website is such a mouthpiece for a party that openly hates us.

  • Avalon666

    Will he be sending water cannons , the nasty little man !

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