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US: Republican candidate compares same-sex marriage to polygamy

  • Mark Y

    Religious politicians should be quizzed about how much of their precious 2000 year old book they believe. We’d quickly see how loony tunes and hypocritical they all are.

    It would be a quick interview…..

    Q1 – do you think that Women should be subordinate to Men, that they shouldn’t ever try and gain authority over Men, they should be quiet, and not have equal rights to Men?

    His answer would obviously be no.

    Q2 – If you do not believe that, which is one of gods wishes as stated in the bible. Why do you use the homophobic parts of the bible to stop gay rights?

    He can’t answer, interview over. He looks like a bigoted uneducated imbecile. Simple.

    • JonParker

      Maybe, but then again, how often have you seen politicians answer the given question instead of going off on a tangeant and talking about whatever they want to talk about?

    • Truth

      The reason they are obsessed with the homosexual bits is that ….. they are obsessed with homosexuality. They are self-loathing closet cases who use ANY means to reinforce their internalised homophobia. Hence, some religious people are rabid homophobes while others couldn’t give a monkeys. The bigger the homophobe, the bigger the closet case.

      • Steven Gregory

        I agree 100%. I have straight guy friends who don’t think about what I do sexually at all. And most of my gay friends don’t think about what straight guys do in bed with women, they IMAGINE what they would do with those guys.

        My pal Nathan is quiet, but not reserved. He overheard a conversation and one new acquaintance (who hasn’t been seen since) was talking about gays. Nate spoke up and observed, “You think about gays and gay sex a lot, don’t you?” One would have thought Nate had backhanded him. It was priceless.

  • JackAlison

    yes its a remarkable thing how the hispanics and cubans run to the united states screaming blue murder AND CLAIMING REFUGEE ASYLUM from heinous STH AMERICAN right wing dictatorships and persecution and yet they line up first and are major contributors to right wing tea party republican politics and ARE TYHE FIRST TO TAKE AWAY OTHER PPL.S RIGHTS IN THE US

    • Truth

      The oppressed often become the oppressor. Just look at what much of Africa is now doing …. TO ITS OWN PEOPLE …. simply for being who they are. Such breathtaking hypocrisy after they suffered slavery for centuries ….

      • Anon

        Slavery? You DO realise that Africa is a continent don’t you? They don’t all have the exact same history as African Americans LOL….dear oh dear. *smh*

  • Truth

    I think you will find that the old novel they use to condemn homosexuality is also perfectly accepting of polygamy. I’m afraid you cannot have it both ways ….. as it were!

    • Anon

      Hmmmm, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, Jacob + numerous others I can’t recall were all Polygamists. Polygamy is not condemned at all. That is not to say that condemning Homosexuality makes sense (since they are all pork eating, isolators) but your comment is patently untrue.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Polygamy is a str8 man’s game. No woman can have multiple husbands (according to their rules)…

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