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US: Family Research Council accidentally cites poll proving people are in favour of gay rights

  • Even if you take their statement at face value, 50% in support implies the percentage opposed is no more than 50% itself; when did 50% become “most”?

  • Philip Marks’s so hard to find good help these days… as FRC have demonstrated with this post…

  • Riondo

    Not just as mad as hatters – thick as pigshit as well.

  • Carl

    Cherry picking, typical of religious fundamentalists.
    And how exactly is this law giving preference to lgbt people? It is ensuring same treatment as everybody else. But what can you expect from religionists?

  • mercury613

    They’ve never been the brightest bulbs in the box.

  • Truth

    Religious belief (self-delusion) is a mental illness. Can you really expect sense from these people? Ever ….?

  • Theo McKinney

    I think NoM should boycott something over this. Anything,

    • Jon (Malaysia)

      Perhaps they should boycott comparisons to dim light bulbs.

    • grannieannie2

      How about boycotting religion and all church going?

  • Chris in LA

    I wonder when these people will realize that society does not need them.

    • Truth

      Indeed – society is improved without them. Look around the world. Wherever secularism dominates, so does peace as it is religion which forever causes division and hatred.

      • grannieannie2

        And wars!

  • Ed Woody

    They probably already realised this themselves, but this was the best they could do, because there ARE no studies that support their claims, so they have to fake it.

  • tom_beauchamparnold

    The Family Research Council demonstrates once again that it has no problem with outright lying.

    Apparently, they think everyone is simply going to take their word for it. Because of their singular reputation for integrity.

    Sorry, no.

    • Steven Gregory

      I’m sure they think they’re helping “GOD” by lying.

  • Steven Gregory

    Sad stupid bigots, there is simply no data in their favor anymore except that bu||sh!t they make up.

  • Jim

    This is typical of the FRC. They’ve got a long history of twisting polls to fit their narrow minded views and just pulling statistics out of thin air. They’ve been discredited for a long time now. I don’t know why the media even reports on their garbage anymore.

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