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US imposes sanctions against Uganda for anti-gay law

  • Truth

    This is a truly significant move and we should all be grateful to the US Administration for taking the lead and for their backing over this issue. It sends out a VERY clear message to other imbecilic homophobic countries that anti-gay legislation is simply no longer acceptable or that it will be tolerated. It’s a pity the UN – now presided over by one of Uganda’s most outspoken homophobes – isn’t as proactive over LGBT human rights. I wonder what action the US will take against the Sultan of Brunei …?

  • Raymond G. Whitham

    Uganda’s foreign minister Sam Kutesa should be included in the list banned from entering the US.

  • Only a few months too late, but at least it’s something.
    It is, however, very depressing that no other country, nor the UN, has actually done anything other than make pandering statements designed to fob off the LGBT community.

  • Jon (Malaysia)

    Way too little, and way way late.

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  • Chris in LA

    Now let’s see if Westminster and Brussels will follow the US lead.

  • Rob de Nazar

    Good move by USA. Wake up across Europe and speak out again and again or Uganda will use the point to say no-one is actually bothered about their homophobia. AND PERHAPS THEY ARE RIGHT AND EUROPE IS NAVEL GAZING AS USUAL

  • Stephen Mead

    Links to a few places helping LGBT folks internationally:
    IGLHRC: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
    Peter Tatchell Foundation | Speaking out for Human Rights
    Truth Wins Out announced today the launch of its new Center Against Religious Extremism (, which aims to hold America’s Religious Right accountable for promoting theocracy at home and shipping its dangerous brand of hate

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